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Tips & Tricks — 1176 Classic Limiter Collection Plug-Ins

In this short demonstration video, you'll see and hear a controls overview, plus four great tips for incorporating the UAD-2 1176 Classic Limiter Collection plug-ins into your mixes. Tips covered include: The "SLO" attack setting of the 1176AE, crushing drums with "All-Buttons" mode, getting grit with compression distortion, and adding 1176 amplifier "color" without compression.

CurveZer0 said
Love this plugin!
Johnny Mac said
Danny Kane said
Dichenes Carlos Torres Anselmi said
Massa demais
Тарас Ващишин Тарас said
1176 its cool!
Тарас Ващишин Тарас said
UAD-2 Quad!
Elihat Asbel Caceres said
Exelente trabajo de los poderosos Dsp UAD.
Rafal Bien said
1176 Classic Limiter - Best! ( drums)

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