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Apollo & Apollo 16 Interfaces w/ UAD Processing Trailer

Building upon decades of UA's analog design heritage, the Apollo and Apollo 16 offer extremely high-resolution sound — with the lowest THD and highest dynamic range in their class on Mac and Windows 7. While Apollo's "natural" sound is open and transparent, it can quickly deliver a range of classic analog tones from Ampex, Lexicon, Manley, Neve, and more — thanks to its onboard UAD-2 plug-in processing. Both Apollo's offer compatibility with Intel's breakthrough Thunderbolt technology, as found on the newest iMacs, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

Roberto Gonzalez said
the best interface audio.
Rick Regalado said
This is simply the best Audio Interface gear I have used or heard.
Mikael Körner said
Groovey! Would it be possible to use the Apollo 16 as a 16 channel insert rack on an analogue foh console using the ultra low latency mode?
Pesiatcki-f Stanislav said
Przemyslaw Goc said
David Sheller said
I absolutely love my Apollo. Sounds incredible and has amazing plugin power. I will definitely be looking to get the Apollo 16 to go right along with my current Apollo. I hope the two can work together. Thanks so much UAD!
Elliot Mazer said
Apollo is amazing. It sounds great, works great and is wonderfully versatile.
Brendan Gallagher said
It's a great box!
Jerry Flynn Dale said
I simple love the Apollo, I can not wait until I have 6 satellites with EVERY plugin!

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