Harmony Central Tests Apollo in Ongoing Pro Review

June 18, 2012 5:48:09 PM PDT

Harmony Central editor-in-chief Craig Anderton is putting the Apollo High Resolution Audio Interface to the test in his current pro review, complete with under-the-hood images of its components and build quality, as well as expert analysis on its hardware and software design.

With its unique forum-style format, Craig's pro reviews are in-depth and interactive, giving you a chance to ask questions about the Apollo as the review progresses. Over the course of several weeks, Craig will be posting sound samples, test results, and moderating this larger discussion with followers of the review. UA's own Director of Product Management, Lev Perrey, will be chiming in on occasion as well.

Have questions about Apollo or just want to learn more? Get interactive with the Apollo pro review here.

— Amanda Whiting