Artist Interviews

Niko Bolas and his Vintage 610 Console on the Wall

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on March 25, 2009 4:16:11 AM PDT

There was so much interest in the vintage 610 console that we featured in December that I thought I would track down some others. This month’s featured artist, Vance Powell, clued me in to the 610 that Niko Bolas keeps at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. Niko is an extremely accomplished engineer and producer who is best known for his work with Melissa Etheridge, Warren Zevon, and Neil Young.

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Vance Powell, GRAMMY® Winner for Best Engineered Album

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on March 25, 2009 4:12:11 AM PDT

The GRAMMY® nominees in this year's Best Engineered Album category are not strangers to Universal Audio, Jimmy Douglass, Joe Chiccarelli, and Al Schmitt have all been interviewed in the Universal Audio webzine. Vance Powell accepted the award for The Raconteurs album, Consolers of the Lonely. Vance shared the award with Joe Chiccarelli and Jack White.

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"Gramination" With Bruce Swedien

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on January 21, 2009 3:14:11 AM PST

I recently had the pleasure of telling Bruce Swedien that UA is the recipient of the 2009 Technical GRAMMY® Award. “Isn't that great? Wouldn't Bill Sr, be happy?” he exclaimed. As you may recall, Bruce worked with Bill Putnam, Sr., in the early Chicago days, and is a close friend of Universal Audio. We recently modeled his classic Harrison console for the Harrison 32C plug-in.

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Producer Rik Simpson on Recording Coldplay

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on January 21, 2009 3:12:11 AM PST

It was a great treat to interview UK producer/engineer Rik Simpson on his use of UA gear with the band Coldplay. Coldplay’s latest album, Viva La Vida was one of the biggest records of 2008 and is nominated for seven GRAMMY® Awards, including one for Album of the Year. Rik is an extremely nice and generous guy and filled us in on how to get that incredible sound.

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John Nowland — Neil Young’s Longtime Engineer

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on December 24, 2008 3:15:11 AM PST

This month I spoke to John Nowland, Neil Young’s longtime engineer and big Universal Audio fan. John brought Neil’s vintage green 610 console over to Universal Audio recently, and we enjoyed hearing about working for Neil out at The Ranch.

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Cian Ciarán of Super Furry Animals Muses on the Moog Multimode Filter from Across the Pond

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on December 24, 2008 3:12:11 AM PST

This month I interviewed Cian Ciarán [kee-AHN kir-ON], keyboard player and sound sculptor for the Welsh band Super Furry Animals, about his use of the UAD-1 and UAD-2. Super Furry Animals was formed in the mid-nineties and has released eight major studio albums and numerous singles and remixes. The “Furries'” sound is often described as psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation.

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George Petersen on the TECnology Hall of Fame

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on November 19, 2008 3:23:11 AM PST

This month I got to interview one of my favorite people in the audio industry: George Petersen, Executive Editor of Mix Magazine. I spoke to George about one of his pet projects, the TECnology Hall of Fame. I recently had the honor of attending with Bill Putnam, Jr., the ceremony at which the 1176 was inducted. The TECnology Hall of Fame honors significant innovations that have changed the audio industry. TheLA-2A was honored in 2005

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Nathaniel Kunkel - His Studio Without Walls Does Have the UAD-1 and UAD-2

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on November 19, 2008 3:21:11 AM PST

I met Nathaniel Kunkel several years ago at an audio conference and was impressed by how self assured and outspoken he was for his young age.  He’s been depending on UAD-1 for years, so he couldn’t wait to try UAD-2 with his Pro Tools rig. In fact, he couldn’t even wait for the official Pro Tools support offered in the forthcoming UAD 5.2 software release, due in mid-December.

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Matt Knobel Rocks the UAD-2 at Miami’s Setai Recording Studio

Posted by Marsha Vdovin on October 22, 2008 4:11:11 AM PDT

Matt Knobel has a great job. A job that many of us covet. He is the head engineer at South Beach's Setai Recording Studio. Besides being a super-gorgeous, high-end studio, it is located in the glamorous Setai Hotel in Miami Beach. Together with Kravitz Design, Matt set out to create a world-class recording studio with an intimate setting that combines the best of digital technology and vintage analog sound.

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