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Harrison 32C/SE Channel EQ Plug-In Demo

Partnering with Harrison Consoles Ltd. and Bruce Swedien, Universal Audio recreates the Harrison four-band 32C channel EQ from Bruce’s own Harrison 32 Series console. Countless hit records have been made with Harrison consoles with artists from Abba to Sade. Most notably, the 32 Series is the desk with which many Michael Jackson records were made, including Thriller—the best-selling album recording of all time.


Using the 3232C almost exclusively for 25 years since he made Thriller, Grammy-winning producer/engineer Bruce Swedien continues his love affair with the desk he calls “marvelous sounding”, shaping hits with artists such as Jennifer Lopez. Bruce Swedien lends his enthusiastic endorsement to Universal Audio’s meticulous model of 32C EQ, straight from Bruce’s own Harrison 3232 which includes presets made up of Mr. Swedien’s favorite EQ settings. “I never dreamed Universal Audio’s design team could come so unbelievably close to capturing the sound of my beloved desk; the additional Harrison EQs within Pro Tools are becoming a Godsend.”


This video demonstrates the Harrison 32C EQ working its magic on drums.


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