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NAMM 2013 Apollo High-Resolution Interface Multi-Unit Demo

See and hear the Apollo High-Resolution Interface operating in multi-unit cascading mode with the new LA-2A Collection and Softube Amp Room plug-ins, as Producer/Engineer Fab Dupont demonstrates with help from Banda Magda. This video takes you right back to the UA booth to witness Fab, Magda and Nacho's engaging Apollo multi-unit recording session.

Robert Jason said
My goodness, Fab. Another MOST MUSICAL presentation. You are a fortunate man to work with gifted artists. For the sheer joy of the music, these UA gigs are spectacular, and in doing so showcase the Apollo in the very best light. Well done.
Terry Patterson said
Only if the converters were a bit more stellar like the Avids or Symphony..I would buy 2 of these today! Although they are decent..I feel they need tweaked and clocking? Fix those
Jerry Lipkins said
what a junk song for a product like that...unfornatly
Bruno Migliari said
Great gear, great music. Perfect match.

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