Joel Hamilton on Mixing Pretty Lights’ "A Color Map of the Sun" with UAD Plug-Ins

Posted by Jason Scott Alexander on March 25, 2014 8:56:00 PM PDT

By any measure, 2013 was a banner year for Derek Vincent Smith, better known by his stage moniker as Pretty Lights. A Color Map of the Sun, Pretty Lights’ fourth release, was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance/Electronica Album category and grabbed listeners’ attention with its ambitious textural grooves and soundscapes.

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Tips & Tricks - The UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

Posted by John Paterno on February 27, 2014 9:23:21 PM PST

The 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection gives your tracks all of the classic warmth and detail of the legendary hardware units with out ever leaving the box. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Using Unison Technology with Apollo Interfaces

Posted by Darrin Fox on February 27, 2014 9:21:02 PM PST

Unison™ technology is an audio processing breakthrough that starts right at the source — the input stage — allowing Apollo’s mic preamps to sound and behave like the world’s most sought-after tube and solid state preamps. Watch this video to learn how to set up Unison with your Apollo.

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Producing Baby Queens' "Red Light" as Heard in the Apollo Twin Commercial

Posted by Cian Ciarán on February 25, 2014 12:00:00 PM PST
Songwriter, keyboardist, vocalist, and producer Cian Ciarán is one fifth and founding member of the legendary alternative rock/pop band Super Furry Animals. For 20 groundbreaking years, Super Furry Animals have been credited with re-establishing not just Welsh, but British music’s credibility.  Read More

Apollo Recording w/ Unison™-enabled UAD Powered Plug-Ins

Posted by Mason Hicks on February 20, 2014 8:04:12 PM PST
In this short video, UA's Gannon Kashiwa demonstrates how to setup and use Universal Audio's groundbreaking Unison™ Technology features with the UA 610-B Tube Preamp & EQ plug-in for the Apollo and Apollo Twin mic preamps. 

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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection Trailer

Posted by Mason Hicks on February 20, 2014 5:28:39 PM PST

When Universal Audio founder Bill Putnam Sr. introduced the 610 Modular Amplifier preamp in 1958, it was a milestone in audio recording history. Today, you can add the same tube presence, warmth, and body to your in-the-box tracks with the UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces. 

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Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-in Collection Trailer

Posted by Mason Hicks on February 20, 2014 5:19:54 PM PST

The Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection is a powerful tool for shaping and enhancing the tonality and character of your music. Designed as a “finishing EQ,” the BAX EQ Collection is the first and only authentic plug-in emulation of this studio staple, available exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo hardware.

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Introducing the Apollo Twin High-Resolution Interface

Posted by Mason Hicks on January 24, 2014 5:48:32 PM PST

Check out Universal Audio's breakthrough Apollo Twin High-Resolution Audio Interface, featuring superior 24-bit/192 kHz sound, Realtime UAD Processing, and Unison mic preamp technology — all in an elegant 2x6 Mac Thunderbolt desktop interface.

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Apollo Twin Getting Started Video

Posted by Mason Hicks on January 23, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST

This short video covers everything found inside the Apollo Twin box. In addition, it demonstrates how to connect to your computer, downloading & installing the UAD software, updating the Firmware, and registering and authorizing your Apollo Twin.

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