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Roland RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay - Tape Flange Demo

In 1973, Roland created the Space Echo system that utilized multiple play heads to create warm, highly adjustable echo effects, which added wonderful tape character and chaos to performances and recordings. The Space Echo can be heard on numerous recordings, from 70’s space rock like Pink Floyd and David Bowie, to countless Reggae and Dub albums, to more recent bands like Portishead and Radiohead. Universal Audio has been entrusted by Roland to re-create the highly beloved RE-201 unit, considered the best of the Space Echo line. Our team spent over a year developing our RE-201 Space Echo, which truly captures the physical behavior of this complex device “warts and all”, down to the distortion, wow and flutter, pitch shifting, and warmth that tape based delays are famous for; but our plug-in goes even further, capturing the complex self-oscillation that makes the Space Echo more than an effect, but a unique instrument unto itself.

In this video, we demonstrate techniques for the Tape Flange function on the Roland RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay Powered Plug-in.


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