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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Plug-In Trailer

There are few pieces of audio hardware that inspire the awe and reverence of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor. Created by Shadow Hills Industries’ enigmatic mastermind Peter Reardon, this prized five-rackspace studio behemoth expertly tempers dynamics and tames transients like no other mastering compressor in history. Working in partnership with Brainworx, Shadow Hills Industries is proud to introduce its hallmark Mastering Compressor as an exclusive UAD Powered Plug-In.

JR Taylor said
I'm kinda shocked at how bad the plugin sounds compared to the hardware unit. It seems like they're trying to sell more hardware versions to me!
Oliver W. Wells said
Interesting... What do you think?
Dan Gareh said
@ Sergey: download the iSwifter app from the app store - it's a flash-enabled browser that works on the ipad.
Bogolyubsky Sergey said
Oh! Remove flash please! Can't see on my iPad

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