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UAD Devices — Transfer of Ownership

In this short video we’ll cover the process of transferring ownership of UAD and Apollo devices.

Matt Busch said
I may get rid of my card, but that's only because I'm using an Apollo now.
Rubs Troll said
To find the device id is a pain.the sticker on the card is not the would be great if uad made a specific entry on the faq about this issue.
Erric Gilbert said
I have a quad PCIe on craigslist no one is biting on...
Zach Thostesen said
i'm only selling mine to get a different one, chances are i'll be a ua guy for quite some time
Joseph M Mahoney said
if you buy a second card do you get credit for the Analogue Bundle you all ready have?
Mark Ptak said
I can only assume by the lack of posts here that no one wants to get rid of their systems, lol. I know I sure don't. :)
Terry Marsden said
just bought a second card.

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