710 Twin-Finity Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

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Get tube and solid-state sonics and everything in-between with this unique mic pre/DI.

The award-winning 710 Twin-Finity™ is a radical UA mic preamp design that combines both the classic retro warmth of tubes with the transient bite of solid-state, all in a 2U, half-rack unit. The 710 was created specifically to add the tonal versatility and sonic inspiration missing from generic audio interface preamps.

Tone blending is continually variable between 100% tube and 100% solid-state, offering a practically infinite range of unique preamp tones, plus the ability to easily dial-in your own signature sound. There are lots of sensibly priced solid-state and tube preamplifiers out there, but the 710 Twin-Finity is the only one that offers the best of both worlds — as well as everything in-between — all in one box, and within reach of any serious project studio’s budget. Includes a 19" rack-kit for mounting one or two units.

Now You Can:

Harness the distinct sonic properties of tubes and solid-state in one unique preamp/DI

Blend between tube and solid-state sounds for myriad textures and tones

Unlock the potential of your mic locker with a powerfully versatile preamp

Easily track guitar, bass, or keyboards with the front panel 1/4“ Hi-Z instrument input

The Ultimate in Mic Pre Flexibility

The Ultimate in Mic Pre Flexibility

The key to the 710 Twin-Finity’s sonic flexibility lies in its innovative circuit design, featuring a solid-state transimpedance input amp simultaneously driving separate, phase-aligned tube and solid-state gain stages, which are then summed to a single output. The mix between the 310 volt single-ended class-A triode tube stage and solid-state transimpedance stage is controlled via the "Blend Knob" labeled "∞". Blending is continually variable between 100% tube and 100% solid-state offering a practically infinite range of unique pre-amp tones and the ability to easily dial-in your own signature sound.

Drive for Days

Like all our other preamp designs, the 710 features dual gain-stage controls (Gain/Level) which can radically vary the amount of coloration and distortion by allowing you to crank up the input gain like a guitar amp. The VU meter features a unique "Drive" mode allowing you to see how hard you are driving the input stage.

Customer Reviews

Key Features

Twin-Finity™ Tone-Blending Mic/Line Preamp & Hi-Z Instrument DI
Dual-Path 310 volt Class-A Tube and Transimpedance Solid State Preamp
Phase-Aligned "Tone-Blending" of Tube and Solid State
Dual Gain Stages: Wire with Gain to Creamy to Crunchy
Discrete JFET DI with 2.2M ohm Ultra Hi-Z impedance
Monolithic Balanced Output Stage
70dB+ of gain, +48V Phantom, Pad(-15dB), Phase Invert, and Low Cut Filter(75Hz)
Output and "Drive" backlit VU metering
Portable, Rack-Mountable design for Studio, Desktop or Stage
19” Rack Kit Included
Front Panel Hi-Z Input (switched from Mic/Line automatically via Jack Detect)
Rear Panel XLR Mic Input, XLR Line Input and XLR Line Output
Universal Internal Power Supply
Heavy-Duty Metal Construction


Microphone (Female XLR)
Balanced Line (Female XLR)
Unbalanced Instrument (1/4" jack) (D.I.)
Balanced Line (Male XLR)
Tube Complement
High Pass Filter
Maximum Power Consumption
160mA @120VAC, 20W
Power Requirements
8.45W x 3.5H x 10.25D
5.25 lb
Mic Input Impedance
2K ohms
Line Input Impedance
10K ohms
Hi-Z Input Impedance
2.2M ohms
Internal Output Impedance
600 ohms
Gain Range for Unit
-Infinity to 70dBu
Mic Range Gain Pot
10 ~ 60 dBu
Line Range Gain Pot
-10 ~ 40 dBu
Hi-Z Range Gain Pot
-10 ~ 40 dBu
Frequency Response
Mic Frequency Response
20Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.2 dBu
Line Frequency Response
20Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.2 dBu
Hi-Z Frequency Response
20Hz to 100kHz +/- 0.2 dBu
Min THD+Noise @ +4dBU
0.1% tube 0.005% solid-state

Customer Reviews

710 Twin-Finity™


(73 reviews)

J. J.

January 22, 2013



L. Manosalvas

December 3, 2012

love this little Big guy!!!

love the blending option on this pre-amp I've used it on acoustic guitar and vocals the sound is warm its just outstanding....than again its a "UA"

K. Davis

November 27, 2012

Loved it so much, I had to have the 4-710d

I bought one of these to have a good tube preamp around the studio, and liked the idea of the Twin-Finity's versatility...clean to saturated, thanks to the Blend knob.

What I didn't know at the time was how important it would become in all my tracking...I started running an awful lot of gear through it, and found that tracks recorded through it had such a presence, and sat well in the mix, too.

So when UA released the 4-710d...well, it'd be an understatement to say that I was intrigued. The same functions as the 710, but with FOUR channels, limiting and 8-channel ADC? Greatest. Idea. Ever.

After explaining the importance of this product to my lovely wife, I ordered the 4-710d through Sweetwater. Cannot wait to have FIVE 710 channels!

M. Wangerin

July 28, 2012

LOVE! I'm a Voice Over performer and this little unit retrofitted with a 1960 long black plate tube from RCA makes this baby FAT AND WARM! The solid sate side gives me a clean and relatively uncolored sound for industrial reads. But when you roll it over to the tube side it's magic coupled with My Rode NT2A set copletely flat.
For the money, nothing touches this unit for it's sound and capability.

S. Hammond

June 10, 2012

Never in my entire recording life have I heard the words "The Vocals are so pristine, they're almost too clean!"

K. Christmas

June 4, 2012

Made an instant impact on my acoustic guitar sound - great piece of kit!

S. Brown

May 28, 2012

I'll admit I've only used this as a DI for guitar... BUT I LOVE IT!!!

and this is really what I purchased it for (well, OK, the UAD2-solo card was attractive)

I already had a card, but as you can run multiples, why not. he UAD plugs are becoming my go-to choices, as well as what's being added to my "wish list"

as to the 710, I immensely appreciate the fact that is has an actual power cord and no external power supply of some form, and it actually has a power switch ON THE FRONT!!! Why some manufacturers (noted ones at that) put it on the back of something that may very be racked is beyond me... really?!? how hard is it to find room for even a mini toggle so I turn it on and off without having to unplug it?

thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K. Delgado

May 20, 2012

Wow got it about 3 days ago and i havent looked back. Worth every dime and affordable to most.Good quality with just about any Mic, and vocals are clean very very clean .....buy it :)

D. Odom

May 13, 2012

I like. Its just a good way to color your sound. Whatever application. Rowdy and nice in the crunchy highs.

M. Wangerin

May 1, 2012

It's a fabulous product for it's price class. In this world of budget conscious production, the 710 Twinfinity really shines with my Rode NT2A mic for voice over work. Only a few years ago one could have only achieved this sound with an Avalon M5!
It's tube coloration is spot on for my taste.

Mark Wangerin

J. Garcia

March 23, 2012

Sounds great on everything. I've been using this girl on vocals, bass, and guitars for the most part. I should've bought the 4 channel version of this baby because i am limited.. She's subtle, but that's exactly what I needed...

R. Ellis

November 19, 2011



November 12, 2011

Amazing! Very versatile & great on any mic and source. Such a wonderful Pre.

M. Daniele

July 5, 2011

It wasn't love at first bite with this unit for me. The tube sound definitely isn't the same you can expect from a 610 preamp, and I found the solid-state sound not deep and "3D" as other solid state units I use. The construction doesn't give the same "rock solid" and well refined impression you get form other UA units handbuilt in the USA.
By the way, time after time I learnt to explore in deep and to make the most of this preamp's peculiarities, and I started to appreciate what you can get from it. It makes well its job in the studio routine on almost every source, you are always able to get the right sound you need, it isn't a strong personality like other preamps, but a reliable and discrete companion for your daily work. Today, I'm convinced at least one of these units is a must in every studio: reliable, discrete, versatile and well sounding. Definitely, another hit from Universal Audio.

C. Lambert

June 29, 2011

A great pre-amp with a pristine sound. Very transparent when you want it to be but the drive circuit gives a a thickness that is hard to overdo even at strong settings. Lots of headroom in a small package. I record vocals and instruments through this unit and am very glad of my purchase. In my role as an audio lecturer I get to test lots of units and this pre is a giant-killer.

L. Bates

June 22, 2011

Great to add subtle edge to 'in the box' sounds... :)

M. Welgemoed

June 19, 2011

The 710-Twinfinity has changed my life as far as guitar recordings are concerned. The tone-blending capability provides a tone to my guitar sounds which I have not experienced before with any other product. The guitar sounds in my productions now sounds so much richer and crisper than ever before. I have also used the Twinfinity on vocals and the results were stellar! I can recommend the Twinfinity to anyone - and it comes at a very nice price too!

M. Lundin

June 19, 2011

Having the option to several characteristics in one unit is the most flexible solution for me, blending the character with different microphones getting the job done in no time letting me dial the exact tone in a matter of seconds is what made me choose this unit instead of other brands.

I haven't yet explored all possible ways of using the unit's like having some pieces of candy left in the box when the day is over.

A. Hisham

June 19, 2011

It is a really good Mic Preamp, I love the way it sounds when I hit the tubes harder, did it on hard vocal, clarity of "attitude" start to pumps in, the aggressiveness, it is a good start for the 1st source coming in before applying compressor, EQ for clarity/colour. Btw it works great on everything haha.

Good Job UA Team! do more products!!! we want more _3

Sham Stalin,
Stalin Studio.

A. Geisler

June 18, 2011

This pre-amp is one of the most universal tools in my studio. It gives superb balance of precision and tonal character. The 710 is good addition for the pro and a perfect start for the beginner.

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