Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Astonishingly accurate recreations
of the “must-have” classic EQs.

Building on a decade of the world’s most intensive modeling research, UA has recreated the famed Pultec EQ experience as plug-ins – ones that are nearly indistinguishable from the original analog hardware.

The Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo hardware includes the ultimate plug-in emulations of Pulse Techniques’ original passive EQs. With painstakingly modeled amplifier sections now onboard, the Pultec EQ Collection "breathes" like the original hardware.

now you can:

Use Pultec's three most popular studio EQs on individual tracks or busses

Provide the same Pultec analog “magic” for your tracks, making them sound better just by passing through

Push the Pultec's fully modeled transformer and tube-based amplifier sections

Make difficult-to-isolate instruments and vocals breathtakingly clear without affecting neighboring frequencies

Dial up extreme levels of EQ boost while staying natural and musical

Give that signature airy, smooth-as-silk vintage tone to your master channel

take a listen

take a listen
Artist Testimonials

Artist Testimonials

Featuring the UAD Pultec EQ Collection

The Pultec Story

The Pultec Story

When Ollie Summerland and Gene Shenk hand-crafted the first Pulse Techniques passive program equalizer in 1951, they had no idea they were transforming an industry. But like a Stradivarius, their little garage-built, made-to-order designs have been copied by nearly every EQ-maker for decades, and their early EQP-1A's still bring thousands on the used market — if you’re lucky enough to find one.

Legendary Pultec Depth and Clarity

Legendary Pultec Depth and Clarity

Going far beyond UA’s original standard-defining Pultec plug-ins, the EQP-1A faithfully models the overbuilt transformers and complex tube amplifiers of the original hardware. Simply running a full mix or single instrument through it imbues the track with the legendary Pultec analog magic. And, with these new plug-ins, you can actually hear the Pultec's amplifier overload effects — just as you would with the hardware — unleashing a bounty of sublime results.

The Signature Effect on Low End

The Signature Effect on Low End

The Pultec EQP-1A’s signature effect, unintended by its designers, is its ability to seemingly boost and cut the same frequency simultaneously. In reality, the filters actually alter adjacent frequencies, but the naturally interactive resonant dip has an amazing boosting and tightening effect — especially on bass guitar and kick drums.

Shaping Your Mids: The MEQ-5

Shaping Your Mids: The MEQ-5

The MEQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer is the richly colorful tube-amplified companion to the EQP-1A. With two bands of midrange boost and one band of midrange dip, the MEQ-5 gets the very best out of the ”power region” where guitars and vocals can make or break a mix. The unique band overlap and filter interaction unleash the vibrancy of these instruments in the track – without fighting your overall mix.

Tame The Highs: The HLF-3C

Tame The Highs: The HLF-3C

The never-before-available HLF-3C completes the Pultec Passive EQ Collection. This new plug-in adds 12 dB per octave low and high cut filters, for broad retro-tonal sculpting or bygone-era special effects. You can easily subtract the unnecessary frequencies in any instrument and sub-group so they stay wonderfully musical in the mix.

Customer Reviews

Key Features

Painstaking circuit reproduction of the most popular outboard studio equalizers ever made
Must-have studio staple Pultec Equalizers: EQP-1A Program EQ, MEQ-5 Mid-Range EQ, HLF-3C Filters
Models entire electronic path, including tube amplifiers and transformers, for musical distortion
Silky, vintage highs and tight, focused lows using combined boost/cut resonant shelf dip with EQP-1A
Broad, overlapping frequency selections for fine peak and dip midrange filter control with the MEQ-5
12 dB cut filter tonal sculpting or special effects with the HLF-3C
Includes Artist Presets from Neal Cappellino, Jacknife Lee, and John Paterno

Customer Reviews

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


A. Chas

October 11, 2016

Great Sounding Equalizer BUT....

For me (EQP-1A) there are many frequencies missing, It could be very flexible EQ for sound design.
Specifically low frequencies 20, 30, 60, 100 isn't really much. It could be expanded in digital domain especially...would be nice if UAD makes an update and add some more flexibility. There could be more frequency ranges to choose from what would make it very attractive product ;)

Other then that...Sounds great on anything!
Many thx :)

N. Nolan

October 6, 2016

Yummy EQ

I've never worked with a real Pultec. I have used the UA Legacy and the Waves. Both of those are nice and give you a special experience but this update takes it into total realism. The best way I can describe it: when you add or cut a frequency, it never sounds bad. Even if you've chosen the wrong frequency. It just sounds like you've added that frequency. Especially 3k-5k range, with other EQs, you can ruin a vocal but this just gives you more presence. The highs are sweet and creamy and the lows are big. 'Nuff said - buy it.

D. Williams

September 28, 2016

Fantastic EQ

I didn't do A/B comparisons with the Legacy bundle but I didn't pay much for the Pultec Passive EQ collection and felt I needed it. Whether it is necessary or not you'll have to decide. For me this is a fantastic EQ. I have lots of great EQs, some quite flexible and powerful. I love the DMG Audio stuff. However, the Pultec EQs are magical. I use them all over my projects including the mix buss. They can add a wonderful high end lift to anything without being harsh and can pump up the low end in a meaty way. It is hard to explain really but you start turning the knobs and you're like, wow, that sounds like a record. My only complaint is you don't get a plug with all the modules like legacy. Fix that and this gets an A+.

m. matatquin

September 27, 2016

Depth and vibe!

I noticed a huge difference as soon as I replaced the Pultec Legacy (that I have used for years) for the new versions on my mix bus. It's night and day. So much better sounding and a 3d quality to my mixes. And it's just passing audio thru it. Should've got this sooner

A. Schaefer

September 20, 2016

Great EQ you have to listen to!!!

This EQ make your records sound unique by only putting it on the channel. But when you want to shape your sound, so you're able to do it just without concentrating on any graphs and parameters. All you should do is listen to it and this is the beauty of this plug-in.

R. Cox

September 3, 2016


I put this in the shopping cart a few times but never pulled the trigger, thinking there are a ton of other eqs I have purchased that could get done what I need to get done and not spend even more money on another plugin, but this just does something to my kick drum that no other eqs or other pultec plugins do. It sounds so warm and fat and so analog like. Its just amazing and worth every penny! One of my favorites from the uad plugin lineup!

A. Brits

August 18, 2016

Dreamy, Creamy and Easy.

The EQP-1A always gets the most Spotlight out of these three plugins, and although its definitely one of the most flattering EQ's I have used. I feel that the MEQ needs to get special mention in this review. Most of the mixing difficulty comes from the Midrange. Terms like Boxy, Nasal, Muddy, Thick and strident all relate to a part of the mid range of the audio spectrum. So when it comes to these three EQ's, the EQP 1A sits on my master buss most of the time, but the MEQ tends to be one of the first options to deal with problematic midrange issues. Specifically with guitars and backing vocals.
The learning curve of the EQP1A took me a little while for it to become second nature, but once there all three of these became indispensable tools.

K. Shimon

August 12, 2016

Pultec Eq

Nothing like it. If U need a boost or cut in frequency. Any instrument. From vocals, guitars, punch in your bass, murder death kill lo end. This is your UA PLUG. Very accurate response. Beast mode EQ. U gotta purchase this plugin. I promise U will not regret it.

K. Shimon

August 12, 2016

Pultec Eq

Nothing like it. If U need a boost or cut in frequency. Any instrument. From vocals, guitars, punch in your bass, murder death kill lo end. This is your UA PLUG. Very accurate response. Beast mode EQ. U gotta purchase this plugin. I promise U will not regret it.

UAD User

August 10, 2016

The tool that converts good to awesome!

After playing around with the legacy version of the EQP-1A a bit I decided to buy the entire collection. Now, I literally use them on every signal in my mixes. These plug-ins sound amazingly musical regardless of how hard you crank up the knobs. Its interface is simple (as is the original hardware's interface) and self-explanatory. Note that this EQ is not designed to surgically remove individual frequency responses but rather emphasize/cut back on certain frequency bands in a rather broad and musical manner. Bottom line: these are - alongside the 1176 compressors - my lonely-island, all-time favorite UAD plug-ins which I really use a lot.

M. Molling

July 14, 2016

Very nice plugin!

Tighter bottom end end much smoother highs than any other pultec emulation I know. Big recommendation!

F. Mingrino

July 10, 2016


Simply amazing, the solution to your middle range, exelent filters

A. Alhassanain

July 6, 2016

Just Plug it

Without doing anything, just plug it & you will hear the difference.

UAD User

July 2, 2016


I won't bother with the whole UA plugins rock, cause we've all come to that conclusion. When I read these reviews, I want comparisons to other UA plugins. I a/b'ed all the eq's on a few different tracks/ songs and the pultec sounded the best for individual track use. I didn't even know my acoustic guitar was that lacking before. Absolutely lush and beautiful with the pultec. If you want a surgical or clean eq, try the Oxford or something else. If you want that oozing tone coloration, this is the eq. Easy to use and every combination of settings sound great. Helios is great for a similar coloration effect, and the Manley Massive Passive rocks on the master channel for adding clarity. I want the Harrison too, but this is your first buy!

UAD User

June 26, 2016

Like voodoo magic this one.

Awesome colour and warmth without even turning a knob! Use it on almost everything..

R. Stoev

June 14, 2016

Pultec EQ

Pultec is Amazing! I love it

V. Azevedo

June 3, 2016

Fast and precise

It seems to be a military airplane control surface. But not.
Pultec is a vintage Eq to use on almost everything, from the Drums to the Vocals.
Really easy to use, Pultec is a good choice to equilibrate the sound guitar walls, increase the brightness of acoustics and brass.
Fast and precise.

C. Allrich

June 1, 2016

Yep, Worth The Upgrade

While it's on sale, I couldn't think of a better reason to finally upgrade my old legacy Pultec. Wasn't expected to be floored by the difference, but was pleasantly surprised! If UAD has sent you a coupon, and you haven't upgraded yet, just do it! Your mixes will thank you for it.

A. Marlowe

May 28, 2016

My New Go-to EQ

The Pultec EQ plug-in collection has become my go-to EQ for many uses, love how musical it is, and how easy it is to dial in the right tones on a lot of different sources. Nice work again UAD!

U. Schwab

May 17, 2016

Pultec passive is massive!

Certainly a huge step forward from the Pultec Legacy Collection! I used to put the Pultec Pro Legacy on the drum channel in every track, now I exchanged it for the new Pultec Passive EQ Plug-Ins and you can really hear the difference! Simply put: It sounds more professional! Even if you leave it in neutral position it adds something to your sound! (just be careful to adjust the output-gain accordingly as the EQP-1A adds approx. 1db of gain to your signal!)

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