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Realtime Analog Classics Bundle


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W. Karadjian 

July 5, 2016

Parfait pour les voix

J'ai acheté la LA-2A collection peu après avoir testé la version "legacy", qui m'a apporté un bel aperçu de ce que pourrait donner la version "collection". Je n'ai pas été déçu!
J'utilise principalement le LA-2A sur des prises de voix, mais il fonctionne également très bien pour des guitares ou des basses.
Le gros avantage est de pouvoir choisir entre les 3 modèles proposés, qui ont chacun leurs spécificités (vitesse d'attaque, possibilité de passer en mode limiter, emphasis...).
C'est d'une simplicité enfantine, et parfois, seul la couleur qu'apporte le plug, sans activer la compression, suffit à donner un résultat satisfaisant.
Ce plug est un must have.

J. Johnson II 

June 30, 2016

Classic Compressor! Studio Champ!

I love the LA-2A! It is great for vocals. My personal favorite way to record vocals is throught the API Vision Channel Strip going to the UA 1176LN then finally coming to an end through the LA - 2A. Killer Vocals! try it out if you have these plugins.

T. Camp 

December 28, 2015


I am extremely upset with UAD for this plugin. Since I purchased it, my relationship is ruined. My girlfriend is upset that I don't spend time with her anymore. But who could blame me when you put this on a vocal?! Boost 8k a bit and bring le that vocal cut through the mix. God damn, this thing is sweet!

M. Reid 

December 23, 2015


Thought I would win by trying a less expensive Pultec emulation from another plugin supplier...wrong. Even though the "other brand" claimed to be "an exact emulation" it was so much easier and realistic with the UAD plugin. And, what I think is the strongest selling point, I was able to choose from a large number of pro pre-sets to "get me in the ball park" of where I wanted to be. The rest was a snap. Thanks UA for another great plugin!!

G. Hadfield 

July 28, 2015

Fantastically satisifying character

A little puzzled by some of the negative reviews. I have found these three distortion plugins to be fantatsic at giving really satisfying character.

While they can all totally blitz a sound, they also have a less tiring and more satsifyinglt natural chaos about their sound than pretty much all other stomp box emulations I've tried.

Why four stars instead of five..? Two resaons. They are quite pricey given their limited scope of use. Though I'm sure that the last 20% of the sound quality took up 80% of the effort - where other developers might have stopped. And I bought it anyway - so how can I argue it was too much! Second (bigger) reason: no mix knob! I know it's not on the originals but it's really annoying not having mix on an insert


June 3, 2015


I have used many distortion plugins, but none come close to these. This is insane!

A. Glass 

May 7, 2015

Compares to the hardware but...

This is a great little collection from UA. The TS808 is beautiful however a little intense. I find that it almost muddies the tone a bit when slapped on pre-amp. You definitely need to tweak the settings alot and scale them down to get usable overdrive. However - when you do - you get AMAZING tone. This is way better than all of the other non-DSP ones I've tried. This SOUNDS analog, it sounds real - however intense it may be.

M. Herrmannstorfer 

May 7, 2015

Versatile Collection of Stomp boxes

There's everything from slightly Crunchy to heavily distorted. Especially nice when used as unison plugins in combination with the clean sound of Softube Vintage Amp Room in "Brown" mode!

M. Petrillo 

April 13, 2015

Mind Blowing!

These pedal plugins are exceptional and worth every penny, especially the Raw or The Tube Screamer into the Engl Classic amp or the Friedman Dirty Shirley amp plug gives the screaming metal tone of a hardware TS 808 into a Marshall-style master volume amp. I'll never mic another amp in the studio!

R. Ivanov 

April 9, 2015

Just extended version of my favourite pultec

Must have plugin, Useful for all - drums, vocals, synths, buses, mix... everything!

A. Weiss 

April 8, 2015


This plugin is by far the most authentic digital substitute to the real thing!
I doubt even an experienced guitarist could hear the difference.


April 6, 2015

Finally happy with DI guitar recording!!

As a songwriter I've always been searching for ways to simplify the process of capturing an idea and shaping a song. I've never been happy with DI guitar until discovering these plugins. All 3 of these sound fantastic, and I'm getting better sounding distortion on these than mic'ing my amp. Plus, it's so convenient to be able to quickly dial in a tone in Console 2.0 and not have to deal with setting up my amp. I still prefer the sound of my own Tube Screamer in my Fender DeVille, but it's nice to be able to record guitars at anytime of the day and actually end up with useable tracks without having to re-amp/mess with the amp later.

S. McNulty 

March 30, 2015

Virtual Stomp Boxes

I've been using these on the demo for a few days, now.
There is no way that I can't buy them.
The Big Muff is such a dirty little beast.
I love it.

D. Young 

March 25, 2015

I Am A Believer!

I've used quite a few LA-2A's in my day and I was super skeptical when purchasing this plugin.... It didn't take long before i saw its core power! This compressor became my permanent compressor for my vocal chain when tracking/mixing in the box. Male, Female, low voice, a high nasally voice, it doesn't matter! UA made the compressors like virtual tanks!( And not a DSP hog like other units are.) *thumbs up* , Cheers!

B. Bulmer  

January 16, 2015

Musical and smooth.

Many of the UA emulations I can test against the real deal. But when it comes to Pultec and Fairchild gear I can't say the same thing. Having said that I love the combination of either of the Fairchild compressors followed by Pultec EQ. I use an Apollo quad and recently my go to single chain is the UA 610 Pre, Fairchild 670 Comp then into a Pultec EQ. So Musical and smooth.

R. Mercier  

December 26, 2014


Works really well to get a punchy kick and cracking snare

R. Trias  

December 17, 2014

Smooth without the Hassle of Tubes

UAD has done it again - I assume that MK. III of this plug-in collection will simply be them shipping the hardware straight to your door.

L. Schaller  

December 3, 2014


This units are absolutely amazing. Each one has its own character and takes your tracks to a new level. Very rich and detailed sound! Thanks UAD-Team!

D. Miller  

December 2, 2014

Lots of great presets

I think this plug-in is awesome, plenty of knobs to tinker with, and comes with a lot of good and interesting presets. I found the two drum presets a great starting point on a bus or directly on the track.

C. Garges  

November 20, 2014

Teletronix La-2A Classic Collection

I'm particular about optical compressors. I love the original LA2A and the LA3A, but I have yet to be excited about any of the "clones" or other types of optical compressors that I've used. I've found the Legacy version of the LA2A to be surprisingly useful. When I finally got around to demoing the Classic Collection, I was REALLY blown away. All three of the units have unique characteristics that make each one useful, but the sound of the silverface LA2A makes the package worth the purchase price. This version of the LA2A is so much closer to the sound of the original units that I've used than any of the hardware clones I've heard. This was an easy purchase for me and I've used the Classic LA2As on every mix I've done since I bought it.

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