RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler

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RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler


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J. Chilcott

October 14, 2014

Don't be fooled by free!

I decided to give RealVerb Pro a go on a drum track, as I wanted a "wooden" drum room for a track with some carpeting for dampening. When I applied it to the drum track, my first reaction was "WHOA!". It sounded expensive to me, and it was very easy to add some heft into the kick with it. I highly recommend giving it a shot in a few tracks. This will probably be my main room/hall verb from now on.

A. Eriksmoen

October 12, 2013

totally solid

I've used this a lot. It came free with my apollo quad. Sounds great.

O. Mellat

August 1, 2013

add preset

This plugin is good please add presets such as for drums guitars percussion,

J. Hawkins

July 10, 2013

UnReal Reverb

I have seen many reverbs in my day but never had one that let me select textures as well as shapes like this one does...even the presets are awesome but the tweaking is infinite. Great plug in ... love it !!

Y. Kawahara

February 13, 2013

RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler Plug-In

RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler Plug-In is a plug-in but is good quality that can be used free of charge from the beginning.

J. Barry

February 7, 2013

Amazing upgrade from verbs that come with my DAW's!

I use two well known and renowned DAW's both purchased this year. I favor one and the other is the industry standard so use it to work with studios. Both contain nice plugins but none of this caliber. That's not to say there's not more authentic verbs out there. The EMT 140 and 250 are amazing and the vibe I prefer but this verb is OUTSTANDING!

J. Schneberk

September 30, 2012

Reverb Delight!

When I first tried this plug -in I was blown away! Simply put I found the skin to be pleasing to the eye & of course it's full on capabilities. I will be definately using this plug-in again & again I'm sure!! This is NOT your average reverb plug-in to say the least. I love the ability to not only "add a little" but the option to completely bend & shape my sounds! Great work guys!
Thank you

M. Wangerin

July 28, 2012

I love the intuitive nature of the design of this plug-in. To be able to so easily manipulate the ratio of sufaces and shapes of the virtual room puts a lot of power into the hands of the creative whom might otherwise be at a disadvantage if they don't happen to be experienced engineers. AND it sounds amazing!

R. Rodriguez

July 19, 2012

I didn't know that I had this reverb until i was checking out my Uaudio profile. I'm really glad it was there too because I can't afford the Digital Lexicon I want yet, someday. Anyways this Realverb Pro has an awesome selection of Shape's and Materials to choose from for emulation plus i really like the ability to solo the wet and the dry signal. Thank you UA for including this Reverb for me.

A. Bews

June 16, 2011

Nice reverb, i prefer the dream verb, but no complaint on this plug in

S. Krasny

March 17, 2012

I love this plug-in. It is my go to reverb for all vocal and snare tracks.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Not my favorite plugin, hardly ever used it, usually put it in and the replace it with anything else.
What's the point of this thing?
I really can't hear the surfaces too well, dunno.
I just put it on presets. It's a really bad interface, totally non-intuitive, old school VST.
It'd be great if it defaulted to WET when it instantiates.
I know it's free, what about a tiny bit of care with the thing? A bit of makeup and a nice dress?
Does anyone really like this thing?
Regretfully yours

P. Latapi

May 27, 2014

It works but I don't love it

First of all I prefer convolution reverb. From all the plug ins that came with the apollo this is the one I like the least. I would've preferred any other plug in but I guess they have to give away a reverb and they can't give their best one for free. The Ocean Ways one is spectacular!

C. Laurent

November 7, 2013

J'adore !!! I love

Cette réverbe est fantastique, je la trouve fine dans les réglages, pas trop imposante dans les mix...
Juste dosé comme il faut elle donne une sensation de naturel...
Merci UAD.
Prochaine achat la EMT 140 mais celle offerte avec le bundel est vraiment top...

B. Rapacz

November 13, 2012


I am not really satisfied with this Reverb but this is I think more of personal choice as I am more interested in a Reverb that is easy to use and gets results fast, kind of like rest of the plug ins that came with the package. The rest of plug ins are great, Right awat I noticed better results in my mixes at home, much more cleaner and all sitting together well in the mix. thanks.

D. Dipietro

October 31, 2012

Can't really tell...

Crashes every time I try to pull up a preset or change a parameter. My system is up to date and every other UAD plugin works....... It was free and since I have a 224 and an EMT140 I guess it doesn't really matter. If I can't dial up a verb with the ones I bought then a freebee ain't gonna help me either.


September 14, 2012

For me not for Mixing usable

You have many possibilities for the timbre, that is unique. I dont know any other Reverb which has that many ays to chance the timbre. But the sounds are not really "classic" like a standard reverb. Sounds for Mixing as example. But I use it sometimes for creative sound design, where it works ok.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

This is a real miss, but at least it's free. The sound is no more than "okay", and it can't compete at all with premium UAD reverbs such as the jawdroppingly good UAD EMT 250 and EMT 140, or the Lexicon PCM Native reverbs.

B. Raonic

June 17, 2011

i don^t get decent results with this plug in.
good side : modern look , easy to use.

T. Sunmo

June 17, 2011

After I purchased the EMT 140 and 250 I really do not use this one anymore. Sorry......

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