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UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop DSP Accelerator Package


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B. Lindvall  

January 8, 2014

Card broke within a month... for the third time

This is not a new purchase for me, it is the third UAD card that I've received as a result of the last two breaking.

The plugins are great, but the hardware (uad solo 2) is terribly unreliable. My experience over the last few years has been as bad as it could be, having spent money shipping two UAD cards back to the headquarters... time sitting at the post office, and more time away from the plugins I spent a lot of money on!!!

I'm awaiting a helpful solution.

Ben Lindvall

R. Hofmann  

January 3, 2014

Best option for \"on the road\"

This accelerator is the best way to work with UAD's plugins while on the road...
I'd give it 5 stars for sure, BUT:

Apple doesn't manufacture MacBooks with PCI Card slot anymore... my MacBook 2008 is getting kind of old and with a new MacBook I will no longer be able to carry my UAD plugins around with me.

Please UAD, invent something similar that works "on the road" without having to buy and carry around 3 or 4 new adaptors and stuff... like for example a "Thunderbolt DSP stick" or "USB3 DSP stick" or something like that... Or convince Apple to build in PCI Card slots again... That's my only wish for this year...

H. Makela  

February 12, 2013

UAD Plugs on the Road

I have been spoiled with quad processing power and the live tracking features with my Apollo. But even then I felt that I wanted a mobile option to do some quick edits on the road. I also work on voice over projects and this Solo Laptop card is perfect for those projects. For these projects I normally add only channel strip and reverb when I am using my Solo card standalone.

Its also worth noting that running Solo card together with Apollo, Satellite or other UAD-2 processing allows you to add one more processor to the total processor count. As an example with my Quad Apollo, Solo Laptop card increased the available processor count to 5!
Love it!

J. Bullard 

August 18, 2015

Great for New UAD customers just starting out!!!

I'm finally getting around to writing a review, I purchased this card off the "Reverb" iPhone app for about 250...considering they discontinued these, you're still able to find them on eBay and other 2nd hand seller sites...the card came with the analogue classics bundle and that in itself will get you started with great sounds...I have a 2008 macbook which I recently installed a SSD, making it run almost as fast as the newer ones...UAD runs promos practically every other month so just a keep an eye out for the best deals...even though this card has only one shark chip, I'm impressed with the plugin load it handles (even then, I use Logic, so don't be afraid to bounce in place if you are running out of DSP)...bottom line, great developer!!!

C. Chastain  

December 15, 2014

Still a great tool for your travel rig.

This is my second SOLO Laptop - and all I can say is that has been a great asset to working in remote locations!

C. Nestola  

June 4, 2014

UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop DSP Accelerator

I believe that we are good plugin, even though i did not have the opportunity to try them all. However by news and information from me collections i confirm that the product is of excellent quality.

S. Masoner  

July 11, 2013

Love this thing

Have been using the Solo/Laptop for 2+ years now. Never any problems and always exceeds my expectations. I will truly be sad when I have to upgrade my 17" MacBook Pro and lose the Express Card Slot.
Great product, worry and hassle free.

Thanks UA!!

P. Korkman  

April 16, 2013

sturdier than I thought

I bought my UAD-2 laptop card several years back, and thus got access to some of the bext plugs I've used. What's really surprised me, though, is that this thingie, which I've had with me to the summer cottage, on the train, on trips back to Paris where I bought is etc - that this fragile-looking thing is still with me and works like a charm. A very nice surprise - my laptop looks a bit worse for the years it's seen but the uad card looks new. Great stuff!

J. Jäntti  

February 15, 2013

UAD Expresscard + Sonnet Echo (not pro) = great

UAD Expresscard + Sonnet Echo (not pro) = great

What can i say? Laptop with a bus powered UAD card. Perfect mobile system.

Expresscard could have some extra prosessing power, but having Ampex in master chain, EMTs running, couple of channel strips and the new la2 - compressor. That is really cool !!! Looking forward: maybe having bigger bus powered mobile system in future?


A. Warrick  

November 13, 2012

Great Gear


the UAD-2 Solo Laptop really does add a lot of oomph to your sound of your projects. While there is some limitations to the number of instances you can use in your mix you always have the option to bounce down other projects to use in your main project. There are so many plugins to use to soup up your mix besides the basic ones.

I tried out three plugins - the Studder, the Ampex and the SSL - E Channel Strip for lead female vocals - something I call tpcs and they came out sounding really fat. The Moog is irreplaceable, meaning this only exists with UA.

UA has an original signature that no other company providing a well needed edition you can't get anywhere else.

L. Baumann  

September 21, 2012

Great tool

In a few words. Perfect travel companion in a mobile studio. Sterling tool. Ten stars out of five! :)

P. Hermann  

August 16, 2012


and thanks for the gratis-plugin Pultec-Pro.
I am very pleased with the UAD card. Without them I can no longer work.
My favorite plugins are: 1176, Pultec, Cambridge, Precisious limiters, multiband Precisious and Lexicon 224 reverb.
Your customers work is very clever. What strikes me is negative, the high price of the plugins (for example, the Oxford EQ, SPL, Lexicon at the original manufacturers cheaper than UAD). 30-40% less would be better. I'm still a couple of plug-ins to buy, but the price is too high.

D. Jones  

July 28, 2012

Love it...very convenient for my portable set-up with my late 2008 Macbook Pro - with the 3/4 Express slot port. I was able to do live session on the fly, then take what I had back to my home studio to mix down.

R. Muir  

July 15, 2012

A quick impression as I haven't used it on anything major yet; I got a great deal on this dis-continued product, was looking at a Satellite but really wanted the simplicity and portability that the Laptop Solo affords so am very happy on that count.

I love it for the access to the LA 2A alone, the sound and feel of compression I've been looking for and which is much better than any software comps that come with my DAW programs (PT and Studio One)
Also, so far, the EMT-250 works very well in context hence I'm excited by the possibilities of the UAD software I have yet to try.

As a portable option, the amount of power is just fine and if I do require more when back in the studio then a Satellite will be the next option.

J. Trammell  

July 14, 2012

These are the best plugins on the market today in my opinion. UA keep up the good work!!! 5 STARS*****

R. Fischer  

June 30, 2012

Great product. I was surprised that the UAD still beats every other vst-plugin that I have. I can load enough plugins on a single UAD-2 Solo DSP to make a mix sound great and at the same time my computer runs faster and more stable. It's a must-have.

M. Schmidt  

June 22, 2012

I exchanged my old UAD-1 expander for the UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop - and it's awesome! Now finally I can take my UAD plug-ins with me, wherever I go, without additional power supply. So even working on long train rides is possible now + the improvement of DSP lets me use much more plug-ins at the same time. Really rocks!

B. Boykin  

June 6, 2012

Love the UAD2 Solo Card I don't know why you all discontinued it!! Grade A work!!

M. Wardenier  

June 5, 2012

I keep asking myself why I didn't buy this dsp years earlier...

My MBPro is so much more efficient in cpu-load, I can do en create more and best of all: it sounds better, sturdier than whichever standalone plugin I use/bought.
Guys at UA, many thanks for keeping history truly alive & kicking!!

Marcel Wardenier
Music Technologist, Composer & Sound Designer

C. Sully  

May 13, 2012

Je suis très heureux d'utiliser vos machine et plugins ils correspondent à se que j'attends d'outils professionnels précis et musicale.

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