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4.07 out of 5 stars

by R. Ivanov (4/9/2015):

this plug-in is awesome, I don't trust to strip, but this plugin just great Read more

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Precision Mix Rack Collection
An elegant addition to the Precision Series
mixing tool set.

Featuring four modern, high-fidelity plug-ins for recording and mixing, the Precision Mix Rack Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you powerful and intuitive tools for creative tone shaping.

Included in all versions of the Analog Classics and Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundles, the Precision Channel Strip, Precision Reflection Engine, and Precision Delay Modulation plug-ins offer an impressive tool set — perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Now You Can:
  • Get started right out of the box with included plug-ins from UA's premier Precision Mix and Mastering Series
  • Track or mix with the Precision Channel Strip's powerful five-band EQ and dynamics modules
  • Add shimmer and movement with Precision Delay Modulation’s chorus, flanger and delay effects
  • Create small space atmosphere and depth using Precision Reflection Engine on buses or individual sources

Precision Channel Strip
Sculpt EQ and Tame Dynamics with
Precision Channel Strip

The Precision Channel Strip's EQ section offers up to five bands of powerful tone shaping capabilities, with filter switching among cut, shelf, and fully parametric EQ. Each band is capable of frequency overlap with a full 20 Hz to 20 kHz range, and the EQ can be easily routed before or after the dynamics section, giving you more sonic flexibility.

A versatile and easy to use design, Precision Channel Strip’s dynamics section offers a continuously adjustable ratio with a broad range of attack and release options from slow and transparent, to snappy, over-the-top smack and aggression. Use the Auto Gain feature for quick, on-the-fly adjustments, or bypass it for fine-tuned manual control of your sources.

Precision Delay and Modulation Unit
Filter, Sweep, and Sync with
Precision Delay Modulation

With five modes available for chorus, flanger, and three distinct delay types, the Precision Delay Modulation and Delay Modulation L (Long) give you a huge palette of colors to give your tracks texture, movement, and shimmer. Use Precision Delay Mod's dual delay lines and broad LFO options to warp beats and synths, then use internal tempo synchronization for perfectly timed effects.

Precision Reflection Engine
Add Room Depth and Atmosphere with
Precision Reflection Engine

Whether employed on individual sources or on a bus, the Precision Reflection Engine adds the perfect amount of depth to simulate small spaces and instrument positioning in your mix. The Reflection Engine is also a creative effect, capable of funky lo-fi textures and trippy sci-fi sounds.

Precision Mix Rack Collection.
Basics and FAQ.
What is the Precision Mix Rack Collection?

Precision Mix Rack Collection gives Apollo and UAD users an intuitive and impressive sounding tool set right out of the box. The Precision Mix Rack Collection includes the Precision Channel Strip, Precision Delay Modulation/Delay Modulation Long, and Precision Reflection Engine plug-ins.

How does the Precision Mix Rack Collection differ from its CS-1 predecessors?

The new plug-ins in the Precision Mix Rack Collection replace the old EX-1, DM-1, DM-1L, and RS-1 plug-ins derived from the CS-1. The original CS-1 is still included.

In addition to graphic updates, the Precision Mix Rack Collection has many new features, intuitive workflow improvements, and some sonic enhancements too.

What improvements are in Precision Channel Strip?

Precision Channel Strip has better sounding EQ filters, the ability to swap EQ/dynamics routing, auto makeup gain bypass, as well as easy to read Precision metering, for both signal I/O levels and gain reduction.

What improvements are in Precision Delay Mod and Precision Reflection Engine?

The Precision Delay Mod plug-ins include expanded delay times, dub-style delay input mutes, a sweepable 12 dB per octave high pass filter, wet/solo, linking of delay/mute/pan controls, plus a new, true ping pong delay mode (the previous Ping Pong mode is now correctly named "Crossover Delay").

Why is there only one Chorus and one Flanger in the Precision Delay Mod's Mode menu? There used to be more in the DM-1.

The original DM-1's three Chorus modes were of all the same underlying topology, as were the two Flanger modes. Previously, changing the chorus/flanger modes simply updated the parameters but not the topology. With Precision Delay Mod, the Mode menu changes the topology only. Presets are provided for a variety of chorus and flanging effects.

Does the Precision Mix Rack Collection replace all of the CS-1 plug-ins?

No. The Precision Mix Rack Collection replaces the discontinued EX-1, DM-1, DM-1L, and RS-1 plug-ins, but not the CS-1 plug-in itself. The CS-1 is still available for those who want an exact sonic match for older sessions containing the EX-1/DM-1/DM-1L/RS-1.

For compatibility with older sessions, EX-1/DM-1/DM-1L/RS-1 presets can be loaded into CS-1.

Does the Precision Mix Rack Collection support compatibility with older sessions containing EX-1/DM-1/DM-1L/RS-1?

Yes. When sessions containing the discontinued EX-1, DM-1, DM-1L, and RS-1 plug-ins are loaded in UAD v8.2 (and higher), the discontinued plug-ins, and their settings and presets, are automatically migrated to their newer Precision Mix Rack Collection replacements.

Besides the sonic improvements, in what other ways are sessions and/or presets saved with UAD v8.1 (and lower) impacted when loaded in v8.2 (and higher)?

For complete details about automatic migration of older sessions containing EX-1, DM-1, DM-1L, and RS-1 plug-ins to Precision Mix Rack Collection plug-ins, including instructions for retaining exact prior sonics (if desired), see the “CS-1 Compatibility with Prior Sessions” section at the back of the “CS-1 Channel Strip” chapter in the UAD Plug-Ins Manual. The UAD Plug-Ins Manual can be downloaded here.



  • Adam Fuest

    (Future Music)

    "The [EX-1] compressor has a very manageable, ‘classic’ sound and leaves every generic plug-in... in the dust"

    Bill Stunt

    (Recording Magazine)

    "The [EX-1] EQ has a particularly nice high end that is effective at introducing the much sought-after 'air' effect"

    Jason Blum

    (Remix Magazine)

    "The CS-1 is one of the most comprehensive channel-strip plug-ins available."

    Jeff Rona

    "It [CS-1] just did what I needed it to do. The EQ and Dynamics are generally the best ones we've ever worked with.”

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Average Rating (58 Reviews)
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    best strip
    by R. Ivanov(Thursday 9 April, 2015)

    this plug-in is awesome, I don't trust to strip, but this plugin just great Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    by K. Pels(Tuesday 31 March, 2015)

    I'm a huge fan of channelstrips and this is much much better then the Waves version and the standard in Logic. Love every function of it. Read More

    • 1 Star
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    Very good strip
    by R. Ivanov(Sunday 29 March, 2015)

    Great plugins with low CPU louder! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    great go to strip
    by M. Lewis(Saturday 21 March, 2015)

    aww man I love this plugin,its my creative go 2 plugin. Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    CS 1 has a great sound !!!!
    by C. Morais(Thursday 12 March, 2015)

    Very warm analog sound ! Read More

Features & Specs
Precision Mix Rack Collection
Features and Specifications.
Key Features
  • UA's award-winning algorithmic craftsmanship from UAD Precision Mix and Mastering Series' designs
  • Four tools included: Precision Channel Strip, Precision Delay Mod, Delay Mod L (Long), and Precision Reflection Engine
  • Musical and flexible overlapping five band EQ, including assignable cut, peak, or shelf filtering
  • Natural to aggressive dynamics control from soft compression to hard limiting, plus auto gain and Dynamics/EQ swap
  • A wide range of delay and modulation effects including stereo/ping-pong/crossover delays, plus chorus and flanging
  • Precision Reflection Engine provides unique small space ambience design and more
  • Included free with all UAD and Apollo purchases
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide
See the UAD Instance Chart here


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Apollo Software Manual (FireWire)

UAD Plug-Ins Manual

UAD System Manual

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