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4.89 out of 5 stars

by D. Piredda (5/13/2014):

Excellent sound very deep and crystal clear treble always very musical in the tradition ... Read more

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API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In.
The Classic Color of API’s Flagship Analog
Console, featuring Unison™ Technology.

A longtime leader in analog console design, API desks have shaped hits from the Foo Fighters to Fleetwood Mac’s classic, Rumours. Introduced in 2003, API’s flagship Vision Console was crafted to uphold the company’s soulful sonic tradition while providing flexibility and features for modern

workflows. For the first time, you can have a complete channel strip of classic API punch, presence, and color with the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in — exclusively for UAD-2 DSP hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Now You Can:
  • Track and mix through a stunning emulation of API’s flagship analog console
  • Warm up signals through the API 212L preamp with famed 2520 API op-amp
  • Reshape envelopes and create dramatic dynamic effects with the 235L Gate/Expander
  • Tame transients and craft wild new textures with API’s legendary 225L compression circuit
  • Control Apollo interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the Vision plug-in with Unison™ technology

UA’s Most Colorful Channel Strip Plug-In

Comprised of five classic API modules, the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in transforms your DAW into a high-end analog mixing desk, injecting your tracks with the sonic color and personality that has made API legendary. Take a quick tour of the five modules below.

Unison Technology for
Apollo Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in gives you all of the API Vision’s important impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors that have made the Vision Channel Strip’s 212L preamp one of the most detailed and punchy preamps ever devised. The secret is Unison’s bi-directional control and communication from the API Vision Channel Strip plug-in to the physical mic preamps in the Apollo Twin, Apollo DUO, and Apollo QUAD.

Run Signals through the 212L Preamp
Widely praised for its detail and warmth, the 212L Preamp finds its roots in the legendary API 2488 console — best known for the famed “LA sound” of the ’70s and ’80s. UA’s API Vision plug-in expertly models this preamp, right down to its custom 2520 API op-amp and transformers, giving you the unmistakable tone of its esteemed hardware counterpart.
Sculpt Your Sounds with the 550L EQ
An evolution of the iconic API 550A, the 550L EQ offers vintage flavor and modern tone shaping via an additional filter band and several new frequencies. API's “Proportional Q” circuitry widens the filter bandwidth at minimal settings, and narrows it at higher settings, resulting in a simple EQ that sounds musical — even when cranked.
Tame Dynamics with the 225L Compressor/Limiter
A versatile compressor brimming with character, the 225L thrives on any instrument, in any genre — from a single track to an entire mix. With selectable “New” and “Old” functions, you’re afforded two delicious brands of compression, from mild to severe.
Explore the Creative Possibilities of the 235L Gate/Expander
One of the most expressive gates ever devised, the 235L Noise Gate/Expander is possibly the fastest noise gate available — anywhere. The 235L serves a creative function as well, letting you shape a kick drum’s attack and contour in a host of ways, ranging from subtle and sublime to sick and stuttered.
Make Broad-Stroke Cuts with the 215L Filters
A passive, sweepable filter, ideal for broad stroke EQ sculpting, the 215L Cut Filters are powerful tools designed to expertly craft your source material, while preserving its original tone.



API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In.
Basics and FAQ.
What is the API Vision Channel Strip?

The API Vision Channel Strip is part of Universal Audio’s groundbreaking entry into microphone preamplifier and channel strip plug-in emulation with Unison™ integrated mic preamp technology. Based on API’s flagship Vision console, the UAD API Vision Channel Strip plug-in is the easiest way to turn your DAW into a colorful analog console, as it features the same indispensable API modules available in the famed console — the 212L Preamp, 215L Cut Filters, 550L EQ, 225L Compressor/Limiter, and the 235L Gate/Expander.

How do Unison-enabled UAD plug-ins work with Apollo’s built-in mic preamps?

Apollo’s mic preamplifiers are digitally controlled and offer high-resolution, ultra-transparent translation from microphone to converter. While fantastic sounding on their own, these preamps are also designed as an ideal starting point to add processing color through Unison-enabled UAD plug-ins. Specifically, Unison plug-ins control the analog impedance and gain structure of the Apollo’s physical mic preamps — so hardware and software works in tandem to very convincingly emulate classic tube and solid state preamp designs.

How do I use the API Vision Console Channel Strip while recording with Apollo?

Simply load the Unison plug-in into the “PREAMP” insert in the Apollo Console software. This enables near-zero latency recording with Mic, Line or Hi-Z inputs through the target preamp model. In addition to physical gain and input impedance control of the Apollo’s hardware preamps, Unison technology allows tactile control of preamp parameters. See the Apollo Software Manual Unison technology chapter for more information.

I own UAD-2 hardware and/or Apollo 16. Can I still use the API Vision Channel Strip?

Yes. Unison-enabled UAD plug-ins can be used as standard UAD plug-ins inside your DAW of choice, or as realtime inserts in the Apollo Console. The Unison plug-ins are great for adding color and tone with any UAD-2 hardware, but the hardware preamp interaction is only possible on Apollo DUO, Apollo QUAD, and Apollo Twin (i.e., devices that have physical mic preamps).

Switchable analog impedance is not a feature found in Apollo’s original documentation. Why?

Apollo’s preamp operation does not feature input impedance switching, so no user access to the function was required. While the circuit has always been present in the unit, the feature is now operational to match the modeled input impedance of current and future preamp emulations, whether fixed or switchable (like the 610-B) providing physical, microphone to preamp resistive interaction.

How does the 212L Preamp model within the API Vision Channel Strip work in the Apollo Console or my DAW?

The API Vision Channel Strip's 212L module is internally padded to work at appropriate line level within the Apollo Console or your DAW environment. Use the API Vision Channel Strip as you would any other UAD plug-in, but with the benefit of modeled API input amplification as the first stage of the plug-in.

I already own the UAD API 500 Series EQ Collection. How does the 550L EQ in the API Vision Channel Strip compare to the 550A EQ?

UA’s 550A plug-in models an original 1970’s, 3-band 550A with the original frequency selections and amplifier behaviors. The 550L, on the other hand, is nearly identical to the modern API 550B 4-Band EQ (available in the API 500 series format), with the same expanded features and frequency selections. The API 550L on the Vision Channel Strip plug-in is exclusive to the UAD platform and is not available anywhere else except as part of the actual API Vision console or other modern API Consoles.




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  • The Glitch Mob

    “The [UAD] API Vision plug-in is another killer channel strip, it's a great all-in-one coloring box for giving synth leads some flavor.”

    Joe Chiccarelli

    (The White Stripes, The Shins, My Morning Jacket)

    "The API Vision is a great hybrid of that vintage API sound plus all the air and quick transient response you want in a modern console. [The UAD API Vision] captures its unique flavor and tone, I love having it all in one channel strip plug-in."

    Paul White

    Sound on Sound

    "Whether you want warm and subtle or punchy and attacking, this plug-in covers all the ground needed for a wide range of musical genres... I think you'll be surprised at just how well the combination of these API elements works."

    Nathaniel Kunkel

    (Lyle Lovett, Nirvana, Sting, James Taylor)

    "The EQ is just wonderful. It has that substantive but transparent top end boost that I have always loved from API. Along with a great compressor, it's easy to understand why I'm using the UAD API Vision [plug-in] so damn much."

    Neil Dorfsman

    (Dire Straits, Paul McCartney, Sting)

    "Through the UAD API Vision Channel Strip, I've finally become a convert to the "Classic API Sound". I'm very happy to have this great plug-in in my tool kit.”

  • David Isaac

    (Prince, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Marcus Miller)

    "API should stand for Amazing Punch Immediately. Dub, Complextro, and every other club genre is about to explode with the [UAD] API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In.”

    John Paterno

    (Robbie Williams, Badly Drawn Boy, Bonnie Raitt)

    “The [UAD] API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In has the most interesting and useful dynamics section of any channel strip plug-in I've used. The compressor is my new secret weapon.”

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Average Rating (219 Reviews)
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    beautiful not to be missed
    by D. Piredda (Tuesday 13 May, 2014)

    Excellent sound very deep and crystal clear treble always very musical in the tradition UAD.ottimo work! … Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    The go-to voiceover plugin.
    by S. Chapin (Friday 25 April, 2014)

    I do TV news voiceover, which has to cut through, and I also travel a lot, meaning I work in a lot of different environments. The combination of the compression, gating and EQ on this plug is fantastic. Have been a UA fan for years, and the API is the frosting on a very sweet cake! … Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    Great sound and feature packed
    by S. Cooley (Thursday 24 April, 2014)

    I dig it, good going in on Apollo, great going out of the Daw Covers a lot of territory … Read More

    • 1 Star
    • 2 Star
    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    a must have DAW foundation
    by W. Guy (Thursday 17 April, 2014)

    I have long sought a solution when using my DAW [Sonar X3] for having, at my fingertips, what I used to have with my old analog board from a prehistoric age; a trim control, parametric EQ with Texas Instruments 4147 op amps. The bonus for me was the hi and lo pass filters & sidechain patch, compress … Read More

    • 1 Star
    • 2 Star
    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    I swear this thing is passing audio!
    by R. Seals (Friday 7 February, 2014)

    Finally I don't have to make excuses for working in the box! I just got an apollo and I am blow away by all of the UA plugins I've purchased but this one in particular is just jaw dropping good. IT SOUNDS LIKE HARDWARE! Exactly like it. I was adjusting the threshold on the compressor and the way the … Read More


  • Salaam Remi

    From Amy Winehouse to Big Boi, Salaam Remi is one of the top producers in the world. Here, he shares how he uses Apollo and UAD-2 to craft his tracks. Read More

    Tom Salta

    Renowned video game composer Tom Salta details how he uses UAD plug-ins to craft award-winning scores. Read More


Features & Specs
API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In.
Key Features
  • Faithful channel strip emulation from API's flagship Vision analog console
  • Comprised of five distinct modules: 212L Mic Preamp, 215L High/Low Cut Filters, 235L Gate/Expander, 225L Compressor/Limiter, and 550L 4-Band Equalizer
  • Models custom 2520 API op-amp and transformers with circuit nonlinearities
  • Allows recording in real time via Apollo interface (sub-2 ms latency) and/or mixing workflows via UAD-2 hardware
  • Physical 1.5k Ω analog input impedance of API 212L with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
  • Tactile control of Gain staging and common preamp parameters with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
  • Offers more than 70 artist presets from Joe Chiccarelli, Neil Dorfsman, David Isaac, Nathaniel Kunkel and John Paterno
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

See the UAD Instance Chart here


212L Microphone Preamplifier
  • 212L Gain: Continuous knob, 30 to 65 dB
  • 212L Pad: Two-position button, Off/-20 dB
  • 212L Phase: Two-position button, Normal/Inverted
215L High/Low Sweep Filters
  • 215L Lo Pass: Continuous knob, 500 Hz to 20 kHz, 6 dB per octave
  • 215L Hi Pass: Continuous knob, 20 Hz to 600 Hz, 12 dB per octave
  • 215L Dyn SC: Two-position button; Moves the 215L filters into the dynamics side-chain signal path
  • 215L On: Two-position button, Disables/Enables 215L module
235L Gate/Expander
  • 235L Threshold: Continuous knob, 25 to -45 dB
  • 235L Depth: Continuous knob, 0 to 80 dB
  • 235L Attack: Two-position switch, Normal/Fast
  • 235L Release: Continuous knob, 50 milliseconds to 3 seconds
  • 235L Two-position switch, Release/Hold
  • 235L Two-position switch, Gate/Exp
  • 235L On: Two-position button, Off/On
225L Compressor/Limiter
  • 225L Threshold: Continuous knob, 10 to -20 dB
  • 225L Ratio: Continuous knob, 1:00:1 to ∞
  • 225L Attack: Three-position switch, Fast/Medium/Slow
  • 225L Release: Continuous knob, 0.50 seconds to 3 seconds
  • 225L Knee: Two-position switch, Soft/Hard
  • 225L Type: Two position switch, Old (Feedback)/New (Feed Forward)
  • 225L On: Two-position button, Off/On
550L Four-Band Equalizer
  • 550L HF Freq: Concentric rotary switch (kHz), 20, 15, 12.5, 10, 7, 5, 2.5; label is button for cycling frequency (shift+click to reverse)
  • 550L HF Gain: Concentric rotary switch (dB), -12, -9, -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12; labels are buttons for cycling gain, - for negative values, + for positive values
  • 550L HMF Freq: Concentric rotary switch (kHz/Hz), 12.5, 10, 8, 5, 3, 1.5, 800; label is button for cycling frequency (shift+click to reverse)
  • 550L HMF Gain: Concentric rotary switch (dB), -12, -9, -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12; labels are buttons for cycling gain, - for negative values, + for positive values
  • 550L LMF Freq: Concentric rotary switch (Hz), 1000, 700, 500, 240, 180, 150, 75; label is button for cycling frequency (shift+click to reverse)
  • 550L LMF Gain: Concentric rotary switch (dB), -12, -9, -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12; labels are buttons for cycling gain, - for negative values, + for positive values
  • 550L LF Freq: Concentric rotary switch (Hz), 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 40, 30; label is button for cycling frequency (shift+click to reverse)
  • 550L LF Gain: Concentric rotary switch (dB), -12, -9, -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12; labels are buttons for cycling gain, - for negative values, + for positive values
  • 550L HF Shelf: Two position Switch, Shelf/Peak; Switches HF band from Bell to Shelf
  • 550L LF Shelf: Two position Switch, Shelf/Peak; Switches LF band from Bell to Shelf
  • 550L Pre Dyn: Two position button, changes routing so the EQ is ahead of the dynamics modules
  • 550L Dyn SC: Two position button; moves the 550L filters into the dynamics side-chain signal path
  • 550L On: Two position button, Off/On
Global Parameters
  • SC Link: Unlink/Link; Two position button Unlinks/Links L/R sidechain for both 225L and 235L
  • Output: -24.0 to 12.0 dB; Continuous knob Controls final plug-in output providing clean uncolored gain
  • Power: Off/On; Two position button provides full bypass of all DSP processing

Additional Unison Preamp and Console Parameters:

  • +48V Phantom Power
  • Stereo Linking

Ed Cherney
(Bonnie Raitt, Rolling Stones, Jackson Browne)
  • 5k EGT Crunch
  • Smack That Kick
  • Snare Shiner
  • Thwack The Hat
Joe Chiccarelli
(The White Stripes, The Shins, Jason Mraz)
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Background Vocals
  • Bass Amp
  • Bass Direct
  • Electric Guitar
  • Female Vocal
  • Floor Tom - Jazz
  • Floor Tom
  • Hi Hat
  • Kick Drum - Jazz
  • Kick Drum
  • Male Vocal
  • Overheads
  • Rack Tom - Jazz
  • Rack Tom
  • Room Drums
  • Snare Bottom Mic
  • Snare Drum - Jazz
  • Snare Drum
Joel Hamilton
(Pretty Lights)
  • Aggressive Bass Synth
  • Aggressive Synth
  • Aggressive Vocal
  • Bass Synth
  • Copper Vocal
  • Vocal
Ryan Hewitt
(Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers)
  • Aggro Bass
  • Airy Female Vocal
  • Fuzzy Vocal
  • Punk GTR
  • Rock Vocal
  • Snappy Kick
  • Snappy Snare
  • Thumpy Kick
Steve Levine
(Culture Club, Beach Boys, Ziggy Marley)
  • Bass Thinner
  • Broken Fuzz Guitar
  • D12VR Kick
  • Dubby Hat
  • Kick Beater
  • Low Bass Amp Cab
  • Perfect Hat
  • Revolution Guitar
  • Slap a da Bass
  • Snare Bottom
  • Snare Room Mics Crisp
  • Snare Top
  • Sub Kick
David Isaac
(Prince, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Marcus Miller)
  • 70's Ballad Kick
  • 70's Bass Boost
  • 70's Bass
  • 70's Harpsichord
  • 70's Kick
  • 70's Rhythm Gtr
  • 70's Snare
  • 70's Strings
  • 70's Vocal Boost
Ivan Barias
(Musiq Soulchild, Ledisi, TGT)
  • Acoustic Guitar Brighten
  • Classic Soul 70's Snare
  • Clean Elec Gtr Presence
  • Driven 70's Rhodes
  • Male Pop Vocal Clarity
  • Male Rap Vocal Clarity
  • Muddy Electric Bass Fix
  • Synth Definition
Jacquire King
(Kings of Leon, Norah Jones, Cold War Kids)
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Background Vocal
  • Electric Guitar
  • Far Room
  • Hi Hat
  • Kick
  • Overhead
  • Piano
  • Snare
  • Synth
  • Vocal
Ryan West
(Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Kanye West)
  • Airy Background Vox
  • Fatty Snare
  • Hairy Lead Vox
  • Sad Kick Rescue
  • Thick Synth Bass
Trevor Lawrence Jr
(Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre)
  • 808 Kick Shrinker
  • 808 Snr Pusher
  • Acoustic HiHat Sharpener
  • Acoustic Kick Beefer
  • Acoustic Kick Sub Enforcer
  • Drumset Snare Up Crisper
  • Hip Hop & Pop Mp3 Enhancer
  • Modern Jazz Mp3 Enhancer
  • Overhead Saver
  • Tom Attacker



UAD Plug-Ins Manual

UAD System Manual

Apollo Software Manual

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