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About UAD Powered Plug-Ins

UAD Powered Plug-Ins are widely regarded as the world’s leading analog hardware emulation plug-ins for Mac and PC. These award-winning plug-ins require UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware or the Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface. To learn more about UAD/Apollo hardware, click here.

Note that all UAD plug-ins include a fully functional 14-day demo period. During or after the demo period, UAD plug-ins can be purchased individually in our online store. If you're looking for previous versions of UAD software, click here. You can visit our UAD Support pages here.

What's New in UAD v7.4 Software:

  • Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection 
  • Maag EQ4® EQ Plug-In
  • Mac driver enhancements to address -38 issues (Apollo, UAD-2 Satellite)

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Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection 

Get the same warm, iconic compression heard on Dark Side of the Moon and Sgt. Pepper's with the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo interfaces.

By modeling every last detail of these legendary tube limiters — down to their transformer behaviors and tube-driven gain control — the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection is the most sonically realized rendering of these classic tube limiters ever.


Maag EQ4® EQ Plug-In

Providing unparalleled transparency and presence while maintaining a true, natural sound, the Maag EQ4® plug-in for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo interfaces is an expertly modeled version of this classic EQ.

Featuring Maag’s legendary Air Band control — a five-position boost-only shelf that will breathe life into a single tracks or entire mixes — the Maag EQ4® plug-in is one of the most musical EQs ever devised. Developed by Brainworx.