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Windows Operating System Compatibility

Windows Operating System Tested UAD version
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003
v6.3.2 and lower
Windows 2000 v4.6.0 and lower
Windows DirectX v4.0.0 and lower
Windows 98SE/ME v3.9.0 and lower


Mac Operating System Compatibility

Mac Operating System Tested UAD version
10.7 Lion v7.4.0 and lower
10.6 Snow Leopard v7.3.0 and lower
10.5 Leopard v6.1.0 and lower
10.4 Tiger v5.7.0 and lower
10.3.9 Panther v4.2.0 and lower
10.2 Jaguar v4.1.0 and lower
Mac OS 9 (VST & MAS) v3.9.0 and lower


UAD Device Version Requirements

UAD Device Required UAD version
(Mac only) Apollo Expanded v8.0.1 and higher
(Mac only) UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt v7.10.1 and higher
(Mac only) Thunderbolt 2 Option Card v7.7.1 and higher
(Mac only) Soundcraft Realtime Rack v7.4.3 (only)
(Mac only) Apollo Twin v7.4.2 and higher
Apollo 16 v7.0.0 and higher
(Windows) Apollo & UAD-2 Satellite FireWire v6.4.0 and higher
(Mac only) Thunderbolt Option Card (original) v6.3.1 and higher
UAD-2 OCTO v6.3.1 and higher
(Mac) Apollo DUO/QUAD v6.1.1 and higher
(Mac) UAD-2 Satellite FireWire v5.8.1 and higher
UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop v5.3.1 and higher
UAD-2 PCIe cards (except OCTO) v5.0.0 and higher
UAD-1 Devices v6.1.0 and LOWER


Archived UAD Powered Plug-Ins Software

UAD Release FireWire Software Thunderbolt Software (Mac only)
UAD v8.0
(current release)
v8.0.0 (Mac)
v8.0.0 (Windows)
v8.0.1 (Apollo Expanded)
UAD v7.11 v7.11.0 (Mac)
v7.11.0 (Windows)
UAD v7.10 v7.10.0 (Mac)
v7.10.0 (Windows)
UAD v7.9 v7.9.0 (Mac)
v7.9.0 (Windows)
UAD v7.8 v7.8.0 (Mac)
v7.8.0 (Windows)
UAD v7.7 v7.7.0 (Mac)
v7.7.0 (Windows)
UAD v7.6 v7.6.0 (Mac)
v7.6.0 (Windows)
v7.6.1 (Apollo Twin only)
UAD v7.5 v7.5.0 (Mac)
v7.5.0 (Windows)
v7.5.1 (Apollo Twin only)
UAD v7.4 v7.4.0 (Mac)
v7.4.0 (Windows)
v7.4.2 (Apollo Twin only)
v7.4.3 (Soundcraft Realtime Rack only)

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