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This page is dedicated to Avid Pro Tools compatibility and support. The following information is subject to change and may not always be up to date due to OS updates, Pro Tools updates, or other factors beyond our control.

Last Updated: May 3, 2016

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About UAD Support for Pro Tools

Latest News

  • Important: Pro Tools 12 (released March 23, 2015) requires UAD v8 or higher. When using earlier versions of UAD software with Pro Tools 12, the UAD plug-in interfaces are not visible.
  • With Pro Tools 10.3.10 (or higher) and Pro Tools 11.2 (or higher), sessions are cross-platform compatible between Mac and Windows. See below for details.
  • UAD Powered Plug-Ins can be used with Pro Tools RTAS and AAX 64 on both Mac and Windows. For optimum results, the latest UAD software is recommended.
  • UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are available in UAD v7.7.0 and higher (Windows) and UAD v7.5.0 and higher (Mac OS X).


Initializing AAX 64 for Windows

Important: To use Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools 12 with UAD AAX 64 plug-ins under Windows and UAD v8 software, the following steps are required. The procedure must be performed each time an updated version of UAD software is installed (once for UAD v8.6, once for future UAD releases, etc):

1. Install the latest UAD v8 software. Be sure to restart the computer after installation.
2. Open the Pro Tools application. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are automatically scanned during launch.
3. Click "No" when Pro Tools displays a message indicating some UAD AAX plug-ins failed to load. This message can be safely dismissed.
4. After all plug-in scans are complete, QUIT Pro Tools. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are now properly initialized and ready for use the next time Pro Tools is opened.

If Pro Tools is not quit after the initial plug-in scan, Pro Tools AAE error -14018 and/or other anomalies may occur.


Pro Tools Cross-Platform Compatibility with UAD plug-ins

Pro Tools sessions containing UAD plug-ins are cross-platform compatible between Mac and Windows systems when using Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools 11.2, and Pro Tools 10.3.10. With these versions it is possible to:

  • Load any Mac or Windows Pro Tools session containing UAD plug-ins (RTAS or AAX 64 format) into Pro Tools 10.3.10, 11.2, or 12 on Mac or Windows
  • Load any Mac or Windows Pro Tools plug-in settings (.tfx preset files) via "Import Settings..." in Pro Tools' Preset menu
    Note: To keep a preset that is imported from a different platform, choose "Save Settings As..." from Pro Tools' Preset menu
  • Cross-platform compatibility is available only when using Pro Tools 10.3.10 and 11.2 (or higher).


New UAD AAX 64 Features with Pro Tools 11

  • AudioSuite support (offline processing for audio clips)
  • Offline bounce support (faster than realtime bounce to disk)
  • Multi-mono support (adjust independent settings for multi-channel tracks)


More Pro Tools Information

For additional Pro Tools, RTAS, and AAX 64 details including frequently asked questions, please visit the UA Pro Tools Blog.



General Pro Tools Usage Information

These general notes apply to all UAD versions higher than 5.2.0.

  • We recommend all UAD users upgrade to Pro Tools 9 or higher for automatic delay compensation ("ADC") functionality.
  • Follow Avid's guidelines when installing PCIe cards. Avid recommends installing Pro Tools cards in the first available
    (lowest-numbered) PCIe slots and other cards such as UAD-2 in next available (higher-numbered) slots.
    Consult Avid's documentation for details.
  • The Pro Tools 9 automatic delay compensation engine has a maximum compensation limit. Some UAD plug-ins (e.g., Precision Multiband, Ampex ATR-102) that have particularly high latencies due to internal upsampling and other design characteristics may contribute to exceeding the engine's maximum capacity.
    Workaround: To avoid exceeding ADC capacity, use these plug-ins on the master fader (their intended application) where delay compensation is not an issue.
  • An audio glitch may occur when using the Effect Bypass control in the Pro Tools plug-in toolbar with UAD plug-ins.
    Workaround: Use the bypass/power control in the UAD plug-in interface instead.
  • AudioSuite is compatible under AAX 64 only. AudioSuite is incompatible under RTAS.


Frequently Asked Questions

AAX 64: Please see our AAX 64 Blog for AAX 64 FAQs.

RTAS: Please see our Pro Tools Enhancements Blog for RTAS FAQs and a related video.

Got a question about using UAD with Pro Tools that is not answered on this page? Submit a request for techncial support.



UAD Powered Plug-Ins RTAS Change History

UAD v6.1.0:

  • UAD plug-in latency is preserved when using host bypass control
  • Fixed DAE errors with Pro Tools 9 and Pro Tools HD Native
  • Additional control surface/layout improvements

UAD v6.0.0:

Note: Pro Tools automation data for discrete (non-continuous) UAD plug-in parameters is lost when updating to v6. For details, please review the Session Compatibility Information below.

  • Removal of the FXpansion VST-to-RTAS adapter
  • Removal of the Mellowmuse ATA plug-in
  • UAD RTAS implementation is completely overhauled
  • UAD plug-in names and preset folder names are corrected and no longer prefixed
  • Preset menus display correctly for all UAD plug-ins
  • Installation is substantially faster
  • Plug-in name plates include clear short names for display in Mix and Edit windows
  • Plug-ins can be sorted and displayed by category type as well as manufacturer
  • Parameter values and ranges are now correctly defined and displayed in automation lanes (also improves control surface workflow)
  • Correct parameter values are now displayed after reactivating plug-in window
  • Pro Tools transport control (spacebar) now works properly under Windows operating systems
  • Sessions are properly saved when adjusting UAD plug-in parameters
  • “Compare” button works as expected for all UAD plug-ins
  • Improved display of parameter names and values
  • Surface support includes all layout types including EQ, Dynamics, Custom Fader Plug-in view and Channel strip view
  • Custom layouts for all Pro Tools-supported control surfaces
  • Includes ICON D-Control ES, ICON D-Command ES, Artist Series Controllers, C|24, Control 24, 002, 003, Command 8, Pro Control and HUI
  • The Pro Tools enhancements apply to all UAD-1 and UAD-2 devices.
  • UAD RTAS plug-ins are installed into subfolder named “Universal Audio”
  • The Mellowmuse Auto Time Adjuster (“ATA”) plug-in is no longer included.
  • Pro Tools session file compatibility between Mac OS and Windows platforms is currently not operational.
  • Please see our Pro Tools Enhancements Blog for FAQs and a related video.
  • UAD Powered Plug-Ins for Pro Tools requires the UAD DSP Accelerator. Although the UAD plug-ins are in “native RTAS” format, they do not run natively on the host computer’s processor.

UAD v5.8.0:

  • Mellowmuse ATA plug-in updated to version 1.9

UAD v5.7.0:

  • (Win) Manley Massive Passive and Precision Enhancer Hz are now installed on non-english language systems

UAD v5.6.0:

  • The displayed name of UAD Precision Enhancer kHz in the Pro Tools insert list has been shortened to differentiate it from the new UAD Precision Enhancer Hz. Existing sessions and presets are not affected. The displayed names for these plug-ins are now:
- UAD Precision Enh kHz
- UAD Precision Enh Hz
  • (Windows) Resolved an issue which prohibited the saving of custom RTAS presets from within the following plug-ins:
- UAD Cooper Time Cube
- UAD Helios 69
- UAD Little Labs IBP
- UAD Roland CE-1
- UAD Roland Dimension D
- UAD Roland RE-201

UAD v5.5.0:

  • Mellowmuse ATA plug-in and manual updated to version 1.4
  • (Vista only): The Mellowmuse ATA v1.4 plug-in for RTAS included in the UAD v5.5.0 installer will not load under Windows Vista, causing an "invalid authorization error" when Pro Tools scans the ATA plug-in. If you run RTAS under Vista, we recommend obtaining the currently available ATA plug-in version directly from the Mellowmuse ATA website. This issue will be resolved in a future release and we apologize for any inconvenience.

UAD v5.4.0:

  • Additional UAD RTAS presets
  • Fixed issue with enabling Tempo Sync in CS-1, DM-1, and DM-1L
  • Pasting 1176LN/SE or LA-2A settings via UAD preset menu no longer zeros parameter values
  • (UAD-2) Latency is now 1x the hardware I/O buffer size instead of 2x

UAD v5.3.0:

  • UAD buffer automatically configures to match audio hardware I/O setting
  • Mono instances generally use less DSP
  • Factory presets are available in RTAS format and are automatically installed during UAD RTAS installation

UAD v5.2.0:

  • RTAS is fully supported for UAD-1 and UAD-2
  • Includes Mellowmuse ATA automatic delay compensation plug-in



UAD v6 Session Compatibility Information

Important Notes About Session Compatibility Between UAD v6.0 and Prior Versions

Pro Tools sessions saved in UAD version 5.9.1 (and lower) will open in UAD v6.0 (and higher) with the following limitations:

  • Pro Tools automation data for discrete (non-continuous) UAD plug-in parameters will be lost by updating to v6. This also applies when sessions saved in UAD v6 (and higher) are loaded in earlier UAD versions. If the session is not saved in the newer version, it can be re-opened in the earlier version and the data will be intact. However, once the session is saved in the newer version, the data cannot be recovered.
    Workarounds: Either a) Finish the session in the prior UAD version, or b) print the automation data as an audio file before updating to UAD v6.
  • UAD user presets created in UAD versions earlier than v6 will load with the Pro Tools “Compare” button illuminated even though the preset is not modified.
    Workaround: Re-save the preset with UAD v6 to clear the anomaly.
  • Presets saved to the Pro Tools session folder will no longer be visible in the "Session's Settings Folder" list.
    Workarounds: Either a) Use the "Import Settings..." function in the RTAS Plug-In Settings drop menu, or b) rename the old settings folder to the new UAD plug-in name (without the "VW_" prefix).



Old RTAS Information (applies only to UAD v5.9.1 and earlier)

The information below is no longer relevant (or accurate) as of UAD v6.0.0. However, it is included for users that choose not to use UAD v6.0.0 (or higher).

UAD RTAS Plug-Ins for Pro Tools - General Information

  • The UAD VST to RTAS Adapter is software that enables Pro Tools LE, M-Powered, and TDM users to utilize the UAD DSP card and Powered Plug-Ins within Pro Tools. Universal Audio has teamed up with British adapter specialists FXpansion to create a version of their popular VST to RTAS Adapter which only works with the UAD.
  • Version 2 of the UAD VST to RTAS Adapter from FXpansion, for Pro Tools version 7.x and higher, is bundled in the UAD installer. It configures the UAD RTAS plug-ins automatically when the RTAS option is specified during installation. The prior version (v1.07ua) of the UAD VST to RTAS Adapter, for use with Pro Tools 6.x and lower, is still available for Windows and Macintosh by contacting customer support.
  • Universal Audio does not provide technical support for the full retail version of the adapter from FXpansion (which adapts all VST plugins, not just UAD Powered Plug-Ins). Contact FXpansion for information about the full adapter version.
  • features a support email address, their own Frequently Asked Questions list, and an online support forum for support and exchange of tips and information with other VST to RTAS Adapter users.

Important Configuration & Compatibility Information

  • Please visit for the latest technical information and system requirements for Pro Tools.
  • The adapted UAD RTAS plug-ins require the VST version of UAD Powered Plug-Ins to be installed. The VST plug-ins are installed as part of the RTAS option in the UAD v4.5.0 (and higher) installer. Pro Tools 6 (and lower) users of adapter v1.07ua must first download and install the UAD VST plug-ins BEFORE installing the adapter software.
  • (UAD-1/UAD-1e only) All Pro Tools users should set MIN_GNT to 64 (if it is not already). This setting is found in the Configuration window of the UAD Meter & Control Panel.
  • (Adapter v1.07ua only) Set the Adapter and Pro Tools buffer to the same size for the best performance at all buffer sizes. We recommend a buffer size of 1024 unless tracking.
  • (UAD-1) The UAD VST to RTAS Adapter v1.07ua, for use with Pro Tools 6 (and earlier), can be used with the latest version of UAD Powered Plug-Ins. Contact customer support if you need to obtain this adapter.
  • If you are using Mellowmuse ATA for delay compensation, see the section "Using UAD plug-ins with Mellowmuse ATA: Technical Notes" at bottom of this page.

Known RTAS Issues

  • Multi-mono mode is not supported.
  • Session compatibility between Windows and Mac OS is not supported (this is a limitation of the FXpansion software).
  • (Mac only) Adding a plug-in while the transport is playing may cause playback to stop with an error. Simply restart playback if this occurs.
  • There are known issues regarding noise and clicking when using Mbox that are documented by Digidesign. These issues are not related to the UAD. Please contact Avid for more information.
  • (Mac only) Settings in the UAD CS-1 family of plug-ins (CS-1, EX-1, DM-1, DM-1L) are not loaded on PowerPC Macintosh systems when moving from UAD versions before 3.9.0 to later versions. This issue occurs only when UAD plug-ins created with version 2.x of the UAD VST to RTAS Adapter (and also the full retail VST to RTAS Adapter) are active. We are actively working with FXpansion to resolve this issue.

Guides for UAD-2 and MellowMuse ATA integration within Pro Tools

Check out these helpful links offering tips, tricks, and suggested guidelines for using UAD-2 cards and the MellowMuse ATA plug-in within a Pro Tools system.
These articles appear courtesy of by Brian White, resident Pro Tools-expert and author of the Pro Tools Corner.

Additional Mellowmuse ATA Information

Latency and Delay Compensation with UAD Powered Plug-Ins - Overview

When UAD Powered Plug-Ins are used, audio data to be processed by a Powered Plug-In is sent by the host application to the UAD card. The audio is then processed by the UAD card and sent back to the host. This back-and-forth shuffling of audio data is called “buffering” and it produces a latency (delay) in the audio being processed. If this latency is not compensated, the processed audio will not be perfectly synchronized with unprocessed audio (many host-based plug-ins induce latency as well).

Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered do not offer automatic delay compensation. Fortunately, UAD Powered Plug-Ins includes the Mellowmuse ATA plug-in which automatically compensates for this lack of functionality in these host applications. For more details about latency and delay compensation, see Chapter 9 in the UAD user manual.

Mellowmuse ATA - Automatic Latency Compensation for Pro Tools LE & Pro Tools M-Powered

The Mellowmuse Auto Time Adjuster ("ATA") plug-in is bundled in the UAD installer v5.2.0 and higher. The ATA enables automatic plug-in delay compensation in Pro Tools LE & Pro Tools M-Powered for UAD (and non-UAD) plug-ins with just a few clicks. The plug-in is placed into the Digidesign Plug-Ins folder when the RTAS option is specified during UAD installation. Detailed product information:

Mellowmuse ATA System Requirements

  • Pro Tools: LE or M-Powered, version 7.3 or higher
  • Windows: Windows XP or Vista; Pentium 4 1GHz CPU or better
  • Macintosh: OS X v10.4 or higher; G4/G5 or Intel 1GHz CPU or better

Mellowmuse ATA User Manual

For complete instructions on how to operate the plug-in, please see the Mellowmuse ATA user manual that is placed on the hard drive during UAD RTAS installation:

  • Windows: Start Menu>All Programs>UAD Powered Plug-Ins>ATA_Manual.pdf
  • Macintosh: Startup Disk/Applications/Powered Plug-Ins Tools/ATA_Manual.pdf

Using UAD plug-ins with Mellowmuse ATA: Technical Notes

  • Use the "Disable Current" button in the UAD Meter & Control Panel application (the big blue button in the main UAD Meter window, aka “Global Bypass”) to disable UAD plug-ins when pinging with ATA. Using the Pro Tools plug-in bypass for UAD plug-ins when pinging will not work properly.
  • For best ATA results when pinging with UAD plug-ins, use an audio interface buffer size of 256 or higher when pinging.
  • The UAD installer always overwrites the currently installed ATA version with the version in the UAD installer. Therefore, install any different ATA version obtained directly from Mellowmuse AFTER running the UAD installer.


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