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Offline Authorization

  • This page provides quick instructions for how to authorize your UAD device when the host computer is not connected to the internet. You will need to manually transfer the registration URL into the browser of a web-enabled computer then transfer the authorization file back to the host computer.
  • See the online authorization instructions if the computer is internet-enabled.
  • Chapter 2 in the UAD System Manual contains a complete overview of the UAD authorization process.

To register and authorize your UAD device when the host computer is offline:

  1. Install the UAD Powered Plug-Ins software and the UAD hardware using the procedures detailed in Chapter 2 of the UAD System Manual (the system must be operating properly).
  2. Launch the UAD Meter & Control Panel application:

    Windows: Start Menu>All Programs>UAD Powered Plug-Ins>UAD Meter & Control Panel
    Macintosh: Startup Disk/Applications/Powered Plug-Ins Tools/UAD Meter & Control Panel

  3. Click the "Plug-Ins" tab button to view the Plug-Ins control panel.
  4. Click the “Authorize Plug-Ins” button. The default web browser opens with the registration URL in the address bar (and you may get an error that the computer is not connected to the internet).
  5. You must enter this URL into a web-connected computer, so either:
    1. Drag the URL icon to the Desktop to create a weblink shortcut then transfer the weblink shortcut to the internet computer (preferred), OR
    2. Carefully write down the URL, EXACTLY as it appears.
  6. Go to the URL using a web browser on an internet-connected computer. Double-click the transferred weblink shortcut, or enter the URL as noted.
    • If you don’t already have a account, you are directed to create one. Follow the instructions online.
    • If you already have a account, login with your email address and password. If your password is lost, the store can email it to you.
  7. Your card will be automatically registered and added to your “My Systems” Computer group, and your authorization file is generated.
  8. The authorization file should begin downloading automatically to the disk location specified in the browser preferences (click the “Download Authorization” link to download the auth file if not).
  9. Transfer the authorization file to the UAD computer (USB flash drive, network, etc).
  10. Double-click the authorization file. The authorization is loaded onto the UAD card(s) and after a few seconds the “Authorizations Updated Successfully” window appears.

The UAD device is now registered, authorized, and ready for use.

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