UAD Authorization (v8 software)


About Simplified UAD Authorization

Note: If using UAD v7 or earlier software, see the legacy authorization instructions.

  • To register a new UAD-2 or Apollo device, install the latest UAD software and connect your device. A web browser opens automatically to register the new device.
  • As of UAD v8 software, UAD authorization is automatic (Internet connection required). When the UAD software is updated, authorization happens in the background when the computer is started and/or when the UAD Meter & Control Panel application is opened.
  • It is no longer necessary to manually authorize after updating UAD software; you can begin working immediately.
  • After purchasing a UAD plug-in, the UAD software requires manual authorization. The web store guides you through the process (the procedure is also detailed below).
  • For offline authorization procedures, see this page.


Manual Authorization Procedure

Note: With UAD v8, this procedure is only needed after purchasing a UAD plug-in from the UA online store.

    1. Open the UAD Meter & Control Panel application

Mac: Click its application icon in the Mac OS X Dock

Launching the UAD Meter & Control Panel: Mac



Windows: Click through Windows Start Menu>All Programs>UAD Powered Plug-Ins>UAD Meter & Control Panel


Launching the UAD Meter & Control Panel: Windows



    1. Open the UAD Meter's "Plug-Ins" panel
      To access the panel, click the blue "UAD-2" button at the left side of the UAD Meter window as shown below.

UAD-2 Button


    1. Click the “Authorize Plug-Ins” button
      The button is located in the Plug-Ins panel within the UAD Meter & Control Panel application as shown below.


Authorize Button


    1. After a few moments the Authorization Status window appears and your new plug-in is ready for use!


Authorization Status


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