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Everything you need to know about returning merchandise to the manufacturer.

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Warranty Policy

Universal Audio warrants that its hardware will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year after it has been acquired by the original end-user purchaser or authorized transferee, subject to normal use, as more fully set forth below. More Info

Questions about Transferring Ownership of UAD products

Q: I am selling a used UAD card and want to transfer ownership. How do I do that?
A: To make a request for transfer, click the next button at the bottom of the page, fill out all the information in the form then click the "Submit Transfer Request" button
Note: The maximum UAD hardware one system can accommodate is (4) UAD-1 cards plus (4) UAD-2 cards. To prevent the fraudulent sale/misuse of UAD products, Universal Audio limits the UAD hardware transfer quantity out of one account to: (4) UAD-1 and (4) UAD-2 cards. The typical account configuration does not exceed these quantities. Special exceptions may be considered in areas of education and multi-room facilities, if approved in advance. If you have questions or are seeking an exception, please contact

Q: I am considering buying a UAD card (new or used) from a non-official reseller. What should I know before I buy?
A: Buyers of used card (or any non-official dealer transaction, new or used) are encouraged to ask the seller for the serial number(s) of the card(s) and contact UA customer service to see if the card is new/used, or in good standing to be transferred or re-sold by the seller. Remember you are buying from an unauthorized reseller, so there is a possibility that the seller may not be doing "honorable" business. All third party transactions or disputes are between the buyer and seller, and UA assumes no involvement in such issues. As with any purchase, let the buyer beware! Look for positive feedback on your seller, ask for references, and do your homework by requesting the serial numbers up front.

Q: What if I bought a used UAD card, the seller has not transfered it to my account, and I cannot contact the seller?
A: UA is not responsible for used UAD cards that have not been transferred from the seller account to the buyer account. It is the responsibility of the seller to request transfer of ownership. All third party transactions or disputes are between the buyer and seller. UA assumes no involvement in such related issues.

Q: I want to buy a UAD-2 and sell/transfer ownership of my UAD-1, what should I do?
A: If you want to run your UAD-1 plug-ins on your new UAD-2 make sure you upgrade your licenses to UAD-2 before you sell your UAD-1 card! If you decide to sell the UAD-1 after transferring your licenses to a UAD-2, the UAD-1, UAD-1e or Xpander will revert to Mix Essentials Only. Once a UAD-2 device is registered to your account group, you will have the option to "Upgrade to UAD-2" and all owned UAD-1 licenses in your account group will be converted to UAD-2 versions for free. To make a request for transfer, fill out all the information in the form then click the "Submit Transfer Request" button. Note: All UAD transfers must be validated by Universal Audio customer service. We must verify the correct seller and buyer details before we can re-allocate hardware and/or plug-ins. Once UA customer support has received the proper buyer and seller details with the transfer request form, we will make sure all the registered hardware and/or plug-ins are removed from your account and attributed to the new owner.

Q: I have several UAD cards and plug-in licenses, and want to sell one of the cards. Can I sell the card with my plug-in licenses?
A: UAD multicard setups, or single cards that have been split away from a system/group, can be re-sold and the licenses transferred, and we can facilitate a transfer. However, the license agreed to during installation can only exist between UA and a single user. Therefore the UAD transfer policy is ALL or NONE, meaning you can either sell a single card with all of your multicard plug-ins, or no plug-ins at all. Plug-in licenses/authorizations can't be shared or split among multiple users. Once again, before you deliver a second-hand UAD card, you (the seller) must submit the completed transfer request form. Buyers should make it clear to the seller that he or she must contact UA before you conclude your transaction.

Q: I want to sell one or more of my plug-in licenses without selling my UAD(s). Is that possible?
A: Unfortunately not. We are going the extra mile to help customers resell UAD cards and transfer their plug-ins, but we can't get tangled up in the second-hand plug-in business.

Q: If I transfer my UAD-1 plugs to UAD-2, can I use UAD-1 on one system and UAD-2 on another?
A: No, as this is a violation of the software end user license agreement. Your UAD-1 licenses can be transferred to the UAD-2 and can still be used on the UAD-1 as long as they are installed in the same system. Note: There is one exception. If you have a UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop, existing licenses from one desktop system can be linked to the UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop so they share licenses. The link option is presented during initial UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop registration.


About included plug-ins when transferring UAD ownership:

All UAD-1 and UAD-2 cards include either the "Mix Essentials" or the "Analog Classics" plug-ins bundle. These bundled plug-in licenses are always transferred to the new owner because they are pre-programmed on the UAD device itself. Therefore the bundled plug-ins do not need to be specifically requested to be transferred.

Note: Only UAD-2 devices manufactured after August 2010 include the “Analog Classics” bundle. Earlier UAD-2 devices, and all UAD-1 devices, included the "Mix Essentials" bundle.

The “Mix Essentials" plug-ins bundle for UAD-1 and earlier UAD-2 devices include: 1176SE, Pultec EQP-1A, RealVerb Pro, CS-1 suite, and Nigel suite (Nigel is not available for UAD-2).

The “Analog Classics" plug-ins bundle for later UAD-2 devices include: 1176LN, 1176SE, LA-2A, Pultec EQP-1A, RealVerb Pro, and CS-1 suite.

About UAD-1 “Mackie” card transfer of ownership:

The original UAD-1 PCI cards distributed by Mackie include the “Mix Essentials” bundle plus 1176LN and LA-2A. The included plug-ins always run on the Mackie cards because they are pre-programmed on the device itself. However, when transferring ownership of the Mackie card, the 1176LN and LA-2A licenses will ONLY be transferred to the new owner’s account if the seller elects to transfer "All" plug-ins registered to the group with the card.

Click here to proceed to the UAD Transfer Form (click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to see the form).

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