Legendary analog sound
on your desktop.

Apollo Twin is the first desktop interface to combine superior audio resolution with Realtime UAD Processing – letting you record through vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, and guitar amp plug-ins, with breathtaking professional results.




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Record and mix with stunning 24/192 kHz audio conversion

Get the best dynamic range and clarity of any desktop interface. Digitally controlled analog monitor outputs provide full resolution at all listening levels.

Mic preamp emulations, powered by Unison™ technology

Explore the character and color of classic mic preamp designs with breakthrough Unison mic preamp modeling.

Plug-in to a world of vintage tones

Record your music in real time through a full range of UAD plug-ins from Neve, Studer, Roland, Lexicon, Ampex, API, Ocean Way, MXR and more.

High-speed Thunderbolt connection to your Mac

Get blazing fast PCIe speed and rock-solid performance on the newest Macs.

Apollo Twin with Realtime UAD Processing and Thunderbolt

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Apollo Audio Interfaces with Realtime UAD Processing and Thunderbolt

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Apollo thunderbolt platform

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