Softube® Bass Amp Room

Softube® Bass Amp Room


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(32 reviews)

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Get authentic miked bass tones for any genre.

Developed by Softube, Bass Amp Room plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you authentic bass amp tones and slick features for crafting a wide range of sounds, from clean and beefy to distorted and aggressive.

Now You Can:

Track bass through your Apollo interface with zero latency, or re-amp existing bass tracks with any UAD hardware

Dial in tones with simple “click and drag” mic positioning

Choose from three distinctive speaker cabinets (Classic, Rocker, and Oddbird) with adjustable mic

Easily blend D.I. and miked signals

Key Features

Superior Softube-developed model of a classic, ultra-versatile 1970s bass amplifier
Thick, solid preamp tones and power amp distortion at extreme settings
Includes three distinctive speaker cabinets (Classic, Rocker, and Oddbird) with adjustable mic positioning
Separate DI controls allow for blending of direct vs. amped signal
Allows tracking bass tones with sub-2ms latency on the Apollo audio interface
Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Softube® Bass Amp Room


(32 reviews)

p. varney

December 12, 2015

Works for me

used this on 2 bass tracks now, haven't played around with the settings much but it's given me the best, easy to mix bass sound i've ever had, great tool

J. Segel

August 24, 2014

instant gratification

Amp emulators are fun, sometimes, I usually use them for effects on a duplicated track or something. But this, this amp PLUS room emulator makes for instant beauty on bass tracks. Ever since I first used it, it's become my instant go-to for every bass guitar track I have mixed ever since. It has a wide range of tone available, and seems to just create a warmth and space to the bass that sits perfectly in the mix. Incredible.
What did I ever do before this existed?

S. Burt

December 15, 2013

Great amp

The lack of choice in a world of amp sims with every one ever made is the strength here. They have focused on quality not quantity.

Also sounds stellar on synths and really brings them alive.

S. Belfiore

September 24, 2013

Soft tube amp

Works very well, and adds great bottom. Very easy to work, and has a lot of good sounds to chose from.

D. Ritthaler

July 21, 2013

Bass Amp Room Makes it Easy to Sound Great!

Recording the bass guitar direct has always presented the most challenges. I've tried all manner of front end devices such as high end pre-amps, crossovers, compressors, and processors, but I would usually wind up resorting to using virtual instruments or outboard synths. However, Bass Amp Room makes it super easy to dial it in and now my Fender Jazz Bass achieves lively responsiveness and punchiness. I no longer have to sacrifice feel and I can get that fat sound that I was always missing. I highly recommend this for any project studio.

M. Mckyes

June 19, 2013

softube bass amp room

love it, really fattens out a direct signal. easy to get sounds quickly.

T. Spielmacher

April 16, 2013


I LOVE THIS!!! I own no bass amp but UA's SOFTUBE BASS AMP ROOM has easily become the realistic answer, This plug maybe a 64 bit (Logic) masterpiece!!! Bass guitar can be SO reasonable and SO important but we have something that is easily pro, real but reasonable AND cheapin price... Put this on your credit card and ENJOY!!!!

Spang - Spang-aLang...


T. Spielmacher

April 16, 2013


I LOVE THIS!!! I own no bass amp but UA's SOFTUBE BASS AMP ROOM has easily become the realistic answer, This plug maybe a 64 bit (Logic) masterpiece!!! Bass guitar can be SO reasonable and SO important but we can have something that is easily pro, real but realisreasonable in price... Put this on your credit card and ENJOY!!!!

Spang - Spang-aLang...


D. Katkhanov

March 10, 2013

The plug-in is more, than its price.

Very much the useful plug-in! Now my neighbors can sleep peacefully!

S. Hurtow

February 26, 2013

Overcoming Those Tricky Bass Frequencies

Bass is always tough to mix. Put too much, you get mud. Take it away, the bottom-end falls out. Add more treble, you get unwanted clicking sounds. Reduce the treble and there's no definition. I ended up getting the Softube Bass Amp Room because I was mixing a bass track in a busy song where the instrument needed to have its own voice among big drums, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and a pair of analogue synths.

The fact that you have just one amp here does not limit what can be done tone-wise and bass is tricky since it has to fit in. The secret of getting there lies in Softube's clever way of allowing you to control and blend a combination of a carefully tailored direct tone and amp tone with three different speaker cab options.

D. Chamberlin

February 20, 2013

I like it!

While not being crazy about softube's guitar amp sims, I really like Bass Amp Room. I can get some nice growl and warmth that sounds very real and the DI section is just great. I'm already getting a good DI sound using an Adesign's Reddi so it's nice to be able to blend the two easily and naturally. Good job you guys!

J. York

December 13, 2014

bass amp room - merely ok

This plugin can be useful in adding some realism to your DI signal, and it's great that you can load it into console and track with it. However, compared to other bass sims like the lin6 series, it's pretty sad. The cabs are ok, and I love the graphical ability to move the mic around, but it should come with a variety of mics as well as the ability to use more than one mic, as you would in real life!!!! Also, pulling the mic back doesn't really add room ambiance the way it should - it isn't very realistic. Worst though, is the amp sim. While the cabinets are detailed and reasonable, the generic amp sucks. The drive sound is lame. This plug in should REALLY come with a variety of classic models!!! Don't buy...

B. Muehlemann

February 16, 2013

Limited but good sounding

While the vintage amp room doesn't convince me at all, this one sounds really nice. Although its a bit limited with just one amp (probably modeled on a hiwatt) and 3 cabs, its very easy to use, so the concept adds up. The DI section is great. Its much noisier compared to amplitube but also sounds much more alive. What i miss is a 15" cab and the possibility to combine multiple cabs. After all its the best sounding bass amp sim I've heard so far but i wish there was a bit more flexibility. I just don't know yet whether i will buy the UAD or the native version, i don't really see the point in recreating plugins that already exist.

M. Cole

March 10, 2013

Soft tube amp

I never got a chance to use it because I don't have a pci card. But I love the satellite.

C. Knox

February 15, 2013

Sheesh I'm liking these...

Yay! finally we get a new Nigel - but is it as good?

See I would like Nigel on UAD2 cause its HOt! - like most UA stuff...

Anyway I've been using these "Softies" all night and they are mean!

I jammed for about an hour on my strat - lost all sense of time - fun fun fun!

I also inserted some plugs into a project and improved the whole mix as well!!

The "softies require subtle adjustments to get significant variation but its all there

Thanks UA - appreciate version 6.5 its a big improvement running 64 bit- goodbye 32 bit bridge that always drops out now and again...

(Not UAS fault).

I'm a happy UA camper - now all we need is some cool compressors with side chains and we're even better off!

C. Kutschka

July 3, 2017

sounds great

sounds great for a plugin and its much more easier to record a virtual amp then micing and recording a real amp. :-)

T. Prilesky

December 23, 2016

Disappointing. Get the SVT instead.

Wish I had demoed it first. To be fair, I've made it work in a bunch of mixes, but in general I've been pretty disappointed with it for the following reasons.
-very muddy; almost impossible to get a bright tone out of this
-grit is not pleasing; the breakup doesn't sound like a clipping amp but more like a digital sim of 'distortion'

I've owned many bass amp sims over the years. You could do worse, but you could also do a lot better... like UAD's SVT-VR.

H. Hagenauer

December 14, 2016

Amazing Sounding Plugin!

really good sounding bass plug-in! love the softtube plug ins anyway and it works perfect for tracking bass without latency with the apollo!

T. Gol

November 17, 2016

Simple to use

I'm not a bass guitar player but I can get good bass guitar sounds with that plugin as a guitarist and bedroom producer. Very easy to use. Strongly recommended.

M. Clay

July 21, 2016

Reggae Bass

I am geting a nice bass sound with this for reggae and dub. It gives a lovely warm tone that is actually quite vintage. There are some great distortions to experiment with, too. Responds very well to later added compressors, equalisers and even Studer and Ampex.

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