Antares Auto‑Tune® Realtime

Antares Auto‑Tune® Realtime


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Instant Auto-Tune effects — exclusively for Apollo and UAD hardware.

Legendary for its vocal enhancing and creative applications, the Antares Auto-Tune effect revolutionized vocal production. From subtly tweaking a singer’s intonation to transforming a vocal into varying degrees of robot-speak, Auto-Tune is a powerful tool for a modern music producer’s toolkit.

A UA exclusive, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is the ultimate low-latency tuning solution — optimized for instant live vocal tracking in the studio or on stage.

Now You Can:

Apply Auto-Tune pitch-correction to a performance in real time when tracking with an Apollo interface

Correct vocals and other solo instruments transparently during mixdown, while preserving expressive nuance

Create the iconic Auto-Tune vocal effect immortalized by Cher, Daft Punk, Kanye West, Future, and more

Fine-tune using Auto-Tune's powerful Humanize, Vibrato, and Flex-Tune functions

Control target pitches or other Auto-Tune parameters in real time using MIDI input

Mix with Artist Presets from Mike Dean (Kanye West) Jess Jackson (Tyga, Chris Brown) and Dean Coleman

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Producer/songwriter Jess Jackson (Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj), shows you how to use the Antares Auto-Tune Realtime plug-in on vocals in real time with Apollo.

An Iconic Effect

An Iconic Effect

When it was introduced in 1997, Auto-Tune became an instant phenomenon. Employing state-of-the-art DSP algorithms, Auto-Tune continuously detects the pitch of a periodic input signal — typically a solo voice or instrument — and instantly, even seamlessly, changes it to a desired pitch. Soon, producers began using Auto-Tune’s unique features to creatively embellish vocal hooks, and eventually, entire performances with its unmistakable timbre.

Humanize Yourself

Humanize Yourself

Auto-Tune Realtime lets you correct the pitch of vocals and other solo instruments without distortion or artifacts. And with features like Humanize, Flex-Tune, and Natural vibrato control, Auto-Tune Realtime lets you craft the perfect amount of pitch-correction while still retaining a performer’s expressive, unique intonation and inflections.

Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Thanks to its ultra-low latency, Auto-Tune Realtime allows virtually instant response when tracking in the studio or on stage. And with its MIDI control capabilities, you can control all of Auto-Tune Realtime’s key performance parameters in real time, from any MIDI controller or pre-recorded MIDI track.

The Auto-Tune Realtime plug-in gives modern music creators iconic realtime pitch-correction that’s easy to use, whether you’re correcting minor issues, or sculpting outlandish effects. Simply place Auto-Tune Realtime in Apollo’s Console app, select the song’s key, and you’re on your way to crafting stunning vocal tracks.

Key Features

Realtime Auto-Tune® pitch correction for Apollo audio interfaces and UAD-2 hardware

Create the iconic Auto-Tune® Vocal Effect or fine tune a vocal performance

Ultra low-latency on stage or when tracking in the studio

Realtime MIDI control of target notes during performances

Vibrato, Humanize, and Flex-Tune controls offer pitch correction that is natural and realistic

Includes Artist Presets from Mike Dean (Kanye West), Jess Jackson (Tyga, Chris Brown), and Dean Coleman

Customer Reviews

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime


(46 reviews)

M. McDermott

August 29, 2017

Tracking Must Have

I've been using UADs Auto-Tune with the UAD La-2a behind it in UAD Monitor mode. This setup has given the artist confidence while tracking and has given me a great place to start while mixing.

J. Moore

August 20, 2017


This plugin sounds great!!! Very easy to use!!!

P. Stedt

August 18, 2017

Great work UA!

Been using this a lot on recent recordings with some local bands to tighten up the vocals and the fact that I can run it in realtime just makes it even better. From tiny adjustments to more effect like vocals it does the trick.

UAD User

August 18, 2017

A really useful tool.

I love this, not because I can make everything sound perfect, but every now and then you'll have an intonation issue on a bass, or that vocal take will be passionate but have some pitchy moments. This helps bring everything to a better place, and keeps the cringing at bay! The ability to use it in real time is pretty bonkers too!

E. Clare

August 7, 2017

Auto-Tune on steroids.

Most know the purpose of Auto-Tune by now, even if they've never used it, but if you have a Twin or Apollo interface, the usefulness goes up amazingly. The ability to use it live cranked on high for that unmistakeable hip-hop vibe is crowd pleasing to say the least.

Then dial it back for singers who might be having a bad performance day due to health, and it's a show saver. (Don't anyone lecture you about cheating, either. Sometimes millions of dollars are at stake and less and less people are caring about Auto-Tune at live shows if the style is appropriate and if you keep it transparent.)

In the mix: A perfect alternative to Melodyne if you don't need anything surgical.

Well worth the money, even without the use of coupons and such.

P. Santana

August 5, 2017

understanding key

stll learning it

N. Carnesi

July 26, 2017


Easy to use, great sound, is a perfect tool to increase writing potential.

UAD User

July 19, 2017

Great Time Saver!

Even good vocalist make mistakes. This is a great clean up tool. I do 4 company tracks and kick the vocalist out. Between this and melodyne that's all I need for additional doubles and harmonies. Need to add additional features though.


July 18, 2017


Very successful, good result

W. Khin

July 16, 2017

MUST HAVE Tool for music composers.

I had been using Auto-Tune (RTAS and AAX Native) for many years, using the processing power of CPU. Now I can off load the processing power needed for Auto-Tune plugins from Computer CPU to UAD-2 or Apollo. What a relief :-).

J. Liu

July 14, 2017

Gotta Love It

Got T-Pain up in my studio, plug works perfectly, zero latency, at a discount compared to the original version, what more could I want? Now I can finally sing like Britney

M. A

July 14, 2017

My long lost LOVE , mon AMOUR

Yes auto tune makes you more POETIC

f. jiji

July 13, 2017

its perfect but i have a problem when i put a 24 tone

when i put 24 tone i did not sea all of the keys plz i need help

R. Holder

July 5, 2017

It's works great but...

I wish it had more of the features that the native version has. With that said, the features it does have work great. I'm very happy with it!!

R. Holder

July 5, 2017

Great software but...

It would be better if it had more of the features as the native software. With that said it's still a great plug-in to have. The features it does include all work great. I'm happy that I have it!

D. Hartl

July 5, 2017

Auto-tune without latency

Excelent pluging, sounds great, no latency and no complex installation neccessary

K. Nielsen

July 5, 2017

Different from the normal autotune

Autotune without introducing latency that's about it. It doesn't include the normal transpose feature which is a bit disappointing.

P. Nortey

July 1, 2017

Great Tools

I have Bern producing Music fot some years now and I have to say that this tool is great


June 30, 2017

yes I can !!!!

very good soft, thanks

C. Golden

June 29, 2017



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