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A limitless mic locker using advanced microphone modeling.

When paired with the Sphere microphone (sold separately), the Townsend Labs Sphere Precision Microphone software plug-ins give you unprecedented access to the rich, three-dimensional sounds of the finest microphones in recording history.

The Townsend Labs Sphere Precision Microphone System is the first mic modeler to capture proximity effect and off-axis polar response — the essential elements to accurately capturing the rich detail of rare vintage microphones. So you can track instruments and vocals using hallowed microphone sounds from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, and more* — in real time using any Apollo interface.

Now You Can:

Track through your Apollo and easily audition and record through vintage microphone sounds with no latency

Change the proximity effect and polar pattern in real time or at mixdown

Reduce bleed, room coloration, and feedback — before or after tracking

Record in stereo with different mic models on the left and right channels

Take a Listen

Take a Listen

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the microphones modeled as part of the Townsend Labs Sphere L22™ Precision Microphone Software.

Key Features

Precision Sphere L22 microphone (sold separately) and the Sphere UAD plug-in model iconic large condenser microphones
Access to some of the most prized microphones of all time, including the U47 (with VF14 tube), U67, M49, and C12
Realtime UAD Processing with Apollo interfaces with extremely low latency (approx. 1.6 ms round trip at 96 kHz)
Polar Pattern Modeling emulates the three-dimensional response of target microphones
Select mic type, polar pattern, proximity effect, and other settings before or after tracking
Phase coherent mixing of multiple virtual mic models from the same physical microphone before or after tracking
Record in stereo using one Sphere L22 mic and even use different mic models on the left and right channels

Customer Reviews

Townsend Labs Sphere


S. Chahley

June 22, 2017


This mic/plugin completely exceeded my expectations. Wasn't particularly interested when Slate introduced VMS, cool idea but just didn't excite me. When this was announced, and I saw what could be done with polar patterns/rejection and tonal shaping....along with the UAD compatibility, I had to try it out. Well, it's even better than I had hoped! Mic models sound great, the tweakability is fantastic, and the mic is incredibly well built and packaged. Couple that with Townsend Labs' solid customer service, and I'm a happy guy. My clients love singing into this mic. They also love being able to come into the control room after recording and help choose their mic and vocal sound. If you're skeptical about mic modelling, you need to give this thing a try....that's coming from a former skeptic!!!

k. mcdowell

May 26, 2017

"One mic to rule them all"

Exceeds all expectations for my one high end boutique large condenser vocal mic!
As an engineer i want the very best sound quality as well as versatility but have had to maintain a large expensive collection of various mic's to pull that off. It was always a compromise. And never really having the money for that one " boutique" vocal mic! Enter the Sphere. The quality is uncompromised (sounds exactly like the mic's icould never afford) while being versatile ! And paying clients want a mic with gravitas and bling. Sphere has both!

J. Schwab

May 15, 2017

my new mic-locker

together with the sphere L22 it opens up a whole new world of recording: now I can experiment with different mics and even positioning after the recording has been done. And the mic by itself already sounds wonderful!

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