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Volume 1, Number 4, July 2003
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UA Universe - This Month at Universal Audio

Hi, welcome to the new "UA Universe" column in the WebZine. This is a monthly roundup of Universal Audio News including comments from reviews, forums, emails, and calls we receive from both our loyal UA users and people new to UA. You will also still find our Employee Feature here so you can get to know the folks at UA a little better. If you don't have time to keep on top of the media overload, this column is the fast track to what's being said on the street.

Rey Rivera: UA Employee #1

Rey Rivera, UA's First Employee
If you go way back to the 1998 Kind of Loud Software launch and the re-launch of Universal Audio, the origins of these new companies had their humble beginnings in the basement of Bill Putnam Jr.’s home right here in Santa Cruz, California. Bill’s very first hire was Rey Rivera. Rey was hired when he was fresh out of school from Santa Cruz’s own UCSC with a degree in computer engineering. Rey cut his teeth participating in the development of KOL’s software products such as Smart Pan Pro, RealVerb TDM, RealVerb 5.1, Woofie and Tweetie.

“Before I went back to school, I was an automobile mechanic specializing in electronic engine controls. At the time what I really wanted to do was design electronic engine controls”.

We here at UA are glad he took the path to audio.

It seems having the distinction of being the first employee has its hardships as well as its glories. Rey is the wearer of many a hat; Software Engineer, Project Leader, System Administrator, IT man, Tester, and most recently TDM coder. Rey plays as hard as he works. He enjoys surfing, (he was strapping his board to the roof of his surf-mobile at 2 in the afternoon as I tried to grab him for this interview) soccer, weightlifting and babe-watching.

Rey conducting market research
at the Gibson booth, NAMM 2002
Rey Rivera is the mastermind and workhorse that is making it possible to get the highly acclaimed UAD-1 plug-ins to fit and run on the TDM system. “The (UAD-1) Powered Plug-Ins are built to run on a 32-bit floating point chip design. It’s not an easy thing to get those plug-ins to run on a fixed point chip like the ones found in the TDM system”.
Rey is pulling it off though (with the help of the rest of the team, of course), and they still have the amazing character and incredible headroom of the Powered Plugs. The 1176 and LA-2A have just been released for TDM and they sound just like the UAD-1 versions, which in turn are dead ringers for the actual hardware pieces. Kudos, Rey! They sound awesome!

-- Interview with Rey by Will Shanks

Drop the Bomb!
We have received a number of letters and phone calls from other companies and customers thanking and congratulating us on clarifying the market confusion with compressor plug-ins. With the launch of our "Drop the Bomb" Compressor Rebate Program and the UA TDM Compressors we now provide the definitive sounding digital emulations of our analog products across most plug-in platforms. These plugs were designed, modeled, and developed exclusively by UA from scratch and the trademarks for LA-2A and 1176LN are solely owned by UA and no other company.

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