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Volume 1, Number 4, July 2003
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Dealer Focus: Primal Gear

Primal Gear, the leading pro audio dealer in Nashville, is located in the heart of Music Row. In business since 1998, Primal offers a full range of new and used pro audio products. In addition, Primal builds custom DAW systems for installation into everything from bedrooms to world-class studios. Their 3000 sq ft showroom includes a lower level to house the big consoles and several showrooms, which feature systems using Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software. Primal has started the first ever Nuendo Power users School and has joined forces with Belmont University to host the quarterly courses.

"we haven't sold a single Nuendo system without including a Mackie/Universal Audio UAD-1 card."

The Primal Gear Crew Packin' Heat
With all the big pro manufactures available to sell, Primal highly recommends Universal Audio, Owner Duncan Rowe says "we haven't sold a single Nuendo system without including a Mackie/Universal Audio UAD-1 card. The UAD plug-ins sound really close to the original hardware units." Primal's resident Nuendo specialist, Steve Mabee, has a home studio of his own and often raves about his UA personal favorites the 2108 micpre and 6176 micpre/EQ/ 1176 compressor. "Matt Ward, Erica McDaniel and the entire company have been very supportive of our dealership and see the value of our Nuendo School for up and coming recording engineers." says Rowe.

So if you find yourself down in Nashville, stop off at Primal Gear and say “howdy.” Or, just log onto primalgear.com or nuendoschool.com to learn more.

Primal Gear Nuendo School
Primal Gear will be holding their quarterly Nuendo School at Belmont for those wanting the master this technology and make it work for you. The Advanced Nuendo Techniques class will offer an overview of the differences between Nuendo workstations while preparing students for the diverse range of environments found in the industry. Advanced editing features and techniques, monitoring and latency discussion, Nuendo automation modes, practices and techniques will be covered as well as introduction into Nuendo 2.0 and some of its new implementation, control surfaces usage and mix down techniques. Instruction on virtual instruments and soft synths, synchronization basics, introduction to surround, and introduction to import and export features.
Nuendo School in Session

For a further look at the curriculum please check out nuendoschool.com. Although Primal just completed a Neundo School session in June stay tuned for their next class scheduled for later this fall!

1622 16th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
Toll Free: 877-LUV-GEAR
Phone: 615-269-0704

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