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Volume 1, Number 7, October 2003
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Dealer Focus: Wind Over the Earth

Mickey's Angels at Wind Over the Earth
Wind Over the Earth
3063 Sterling Circle #4
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303 443 9822
Wind Over the Earth, our unique Company, began with the passion of magician and co-founder Mickey Houlihan and is sustained by many individuals collectively known as Wind Over The Earth. We provide more than just fine gear. We work hard, understand the pressures and bring vast experience to problem solving. We are passionate about the creative process and value fun, honesty and respect in our relationships.

While Mickey is exploring the far reaches of the universe, his Angels run the office. They give advice, sell gear, beat up bad guys and can help you out in a jam. If Mickey is the soul, The Angels: Amber, Maxine and Barbara, are the heart. Our strength comes from the eternal, our nourishment comes from our relationships and our wisdom comes from our customers. They include the who’s who of professionals and the who’s new of beginners covering a wide spectrum of the audio community, from film and post production to the professional recording studios and musicians. It is this group, our friends and customers who continually inform our knowledge base.

We are happy to be working with the good folks at Universal Audio, their products and support are a joy to recommend.

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