Playback: You Send Us Your Music, and We Play it Back

Winner: Drew Blackard

Swallow My Pride

Stefan writes:

The track is called "Swallow My Pride" off my new EP "Right About Now I'd Like to Move to Austin and Buy a Purple House" which is available on iTunes and AmazonMP3. UAD plugs were heavily used on all tracks. Here's a run-through:

Acoustic Guitar: 1176LN, 88RS (Just for EQ)
Banjo: 88RS (Comp & EQ)
Main Rhodes Keys: 1176LN (in all button mode for some grit), 88RS (Just for EQ)
Other Keys/Organs: LA2A, Pultec
Vocals: LA2A, 88RS (Just for EQ)
Shakers/Tamborine: 88RS (Just for Comp), Pultec

Mastering Chain: Fairchild (1-2dB GR), Precision EQ (for high-pass and subtle adjustments), Precision Limiter (to get levels up)



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