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Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. IV: Joey Waronker & Other Lives' Jonathon Mooney

Joey Waronker & Jonathon Mooney

Title “Giants”
Writer Jonathon Mooney
Recorded and Mixed by Joey Waronker & Jonathon Mooney
Talent Joey Waronker, Jonathon Mooney, and Lael Neale

Session Notes

This short video features drummer/producer Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms for Peace), alongside multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Jonathon Mooney from Other Lives, recording and building the piece, "Giants" — layer-by-layer — exclusively through a first-generation Apollo High-Resolution Interface with Realtime UAD Processing.

Plug-Ins Used

UAD plug-ins used on the session include the 1176 Rev E from the 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, Brianworx bx-digital V2 EQ, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, EP-34 Tape Echo, Moog Multimode Filter, Neve® 1081® EQ, Ocean Way Studio plug-ins.


Microphones for the session included an AKG C 414 EB and D112, Beyer M-130 and M-160, Coles 4038, Neumann U67, a Shure SM57.

— Mason Hicks

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