New Apollo Audio Interface Features in UAD Software v7.0

Back to News May 29, 2013 10:24:38 PM PDT

Universal Audio’s latest UAD Software v7.0 provides some notable enhancements to Apollo’s workflow and expandability. Among these enhancements is multi-unit cascading, letting you combine two Apollo 16 interfaces (for 32 x 32 analog I/O) or two Apollo interfaces (for 16 x 16 analog I/O) into a single integrated system via FireWire or Thunderbolt.*

The boost in Apollo connectivity is navigated via a redesigned Console application, providing better visual feedback, a new PT Mode which simplifies outboard hardware integration with Pro Tools, and a new Virtual I/O feature that allows you to process DAW tracks and virtual instruments in real time with UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

New Apollo Audio Interface Features In Software v7.0

  • Multi-Unit Cascading of two Apollo units or two Apollo 16 units*
  • New Virtual I/O feature for Realtime UAD Processing of virtual instruments and DAW tracks
  • New PT Mode for easy insertion of outboard analog hardware in Pro Tools
  • Enhanced Apollo Console software with better visual feedback

  *Note: Combining Apollo with Apollo 16 is an unsupported configuration.

Watch the new Apollo features in action in the video below. Download UAD Software v7.0 here.

Musikmesse 2013 Video — Apollo Console Update Overview

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