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Get the iconic plexi tones that powered rock.

The UAFX Lion '68 Super Lead Amp pedal gives you the classic British amp sounds made famous by decades of legendary artists including Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and more.*

Lion '68 is the only pedal that delivers the dead-on tones of three distinct 100-watt plexi amplifiers. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and world-class UAD modeling, you get all the gorgeous cleans, aggressive breakup, and hot-rodded roar of the originals.

*Use of artist names does not constitute official endorsement of UAFX Lion '68 Super Lead Amp pedal.

Play the most authentic emulation of a 100-watt late-'60s plexi head ever placed in a stompbox

Rock out with three legendary plexi setups — Super Lead, Super Bass, and "Brown" — for decades of inspiring tones

Take a vintage fire-breathing amp anywhere, complete with legendary mic/speaker pairings, boosts, and amp mods

Download curated tones, customize features, explore presets, and more with UAFX Control mobile app


Experience Legit Tube Amp Tones, from Stage to Studio

Experience Legit Tube Amp Tones, from Stage to Studio

Whether it's replacing your amp rig and going direct to front-of-house, or recording tracks into your DAW, Lion '68 gives you the inspiring, album-ready tones of three expertly miked "golden unit" 100-watt plexi amp heads — with sonic realism far beyond other digital modelers.

Experience Authentic Super Lead Sound

Experience Authentic Super Lead Sound

Lion '68 is the only amp-in-a-box pedal that faithfully captures the bell-like cleans, aggressive kerrang, and soaring distortion of a vintage hand-picked Super Lead head, giving you tones that jump from your speakers and electrify your nervous system.

Get Classic Super Bass Tones for your Pedal Platform

Get Classic Super Bass Tones for your Pedal Platform

Looking for less aggression with a spongier attack and more clean headroom? Lion '68's Super Bass will get you there, with a jaw-dropping emulation of this classic plexi variant — perfect for pairing with overdrives, fuzzes, delays, and more.

Go Brown for Hot-Rodded Heaven

Go Brown for Hot-Rodded Heaven

The “brown sound” of Van Halen is ground zero for hot-rodded Super Lead tones. From the sag of a voltage-starved Super Lead amp to the mixed Celestion 25-watt "Greenback"/JBL D-120F 4x12 cabinet, you'll get the aggressive sizzle, softer midrange attack, and string-to-string definition that inspired generations of guitarists.**

Add Authentic Boosts

Add Authentic Boosts

Only Lion '68 lets you take your crunch and searing lead tones further with tried-and-true boost recipes — including a Maestro EP-III preamp, Boss GE-10 ten-band EQ — at the turn of a knob.**

Customize your Sound with the UAFX App

Customize your Sound with the UAFX App

Lion '68 gets even better with the UAFX Control mobile app. Add the onboard noise gate, download custom tones, recall and archive your presets, and dive deeper into the sound that spans generations.

Get the Nerdy Details on our "Golden Units"

Get the Nerdy Details on our "Golden Units"

To capture classic plexi sounds, we sought out prime specimens — a '68 Super Lead and '69 Super Bass — each bone stock with "laydown" transformers. For the "Brown" amp, we used a Variac to bring the wall power down to 90 volts and rebiased the amp extra hot, giving you the authentic sound and feel of the most famous hot-rodded sound ever recorded.

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      UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

      Note that Lion '68 Super Lead Amp requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately). Go here for power supply recommendations.

      ** Product names used herein are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way affiliated with Universal Audio Inc. These name(s) are used solely to identify products studied in the creation of the sound models found in Lion '68 Super Lead Amp.


      Powerful UAFX dual-engine delivers the most authentic late-'60s British 100-watt plexiever placed into a stompbox

      Authentic emulations of three legendary high-powered plexi amplifiers — Super Lead, Super Bass, and "Brown"

      Includes the world's best speaker cabinet, mic, and room tones derived from the award-winning OX Amp Top Box

      Features "hot rod" amp and speaker mods, plus free additional downloadable speaker cabinets and mics upon registration

      Bypass cabinet/mic emulations and use in front of your amp for added tonal flavor and overdrive sounds

      UAFX Control mobile app lets you customize footswitches, engage noise gate, recall and archive your presets, unlock additional features, download artist presets, and more

      Timeless UA design and craftsmanship, built to last decades

      Customer Reviews

      Lion '68 Super Lead Amp

      Overall Rating


      D. DelGaudio

      April 22, 2024


      In my opinion, UA is making the best amp modeling pedals, period! The Lion has truly captured the sound AND feel of the plexi Marshall amplifier. I’ve had no issues with Bluetooth connectivity. Bravo!

      D. González

      April 11, 2024

      Bluetooth inutilizable

      Solo valoro positivamente el sonido del pedal, es dinámico y puedes conseguir una amplia paleta de sonidos. Pero tiene muchos inconvenientes :
      La conectividad mediante App es lo peor que he visto en mi vida. No es estable y te hace perder un tiempo enorme para conectarse unos minutos o ni siquiera conectarse. Si se apaga la pantalla del movil se desvincila del pedal...
      Por otro lado, no tiene salida balanceada, ni dedicada para headphones.
      Ni siquiera poner velcro en la parte de abajo es sencillo. Tiene unas patitas de goma que no pueden retirarse.
      Después de 8 emails al equipo de soporte no me han dado ninguna solución mas allá de actualizar la aplicación o reiniciar el dispositivo.
      Inútil para un directo. En definitiva, un pisapapeles muy caro.

      C. Steele

      March 25, 2024

      Everything I'd hope it would be.

      I own the Dream, so I knew I was in for quality. I was, however, quite surprised by how inspiring the Lion is. It sounds amazing,,and feels great to play through.

      J. van Amerongen

      March 5, 2024

      Lion 68 & Delverb

      I bought them together. I'm an old timer, always wanted a Marshall, never owned one. Now I do.
      It' s simply stunning. I use it with the 4 cable method on a Quilter tone block 202. It is an extra channel and on the edge of break up the most beautiful sound I have period. Love it. The Delverb replaces my reverbs an delays, and I have some ( too many and not the cheapest!) it's simple and straightforward and has a crystal clear sound, just awesome. It' s that vintage sound that grabs me, as said I'm an old timer!

      J. Andrews

      February 21, 2024

      Almost perfect

      How can you get something so close to perfect and then screw up on the "pre set" displays - There is no way (that I can find) to see where your settings are actually set! frustrating. Other than that this Lion is exactly that!

      S. Eichinger

      February 17, 2024

      The mp3 of guitar mod

      We do have all the originals in our studios: all amps, cabinets, microphones and preamps. The pedal gives you a lot of sound for just 350€. The sound is digital. Not much, but it’s audible. In several double-blind-tests the pedal was always 2nd choice due to the slight digital sound. It is an unfair test. The analog chain is so expensive and high-maintenance and we do have a Kikusui power unit for optimized power on the amps. Therefore a real competition is unfair. I will keep the pedal for composing with the laptop. I will def not use it for recording. The app is ok, not great but it works. What I also don’t like is some of the hiss and artefacts the pedal creates. Anyhow…I appreciate all UAD work. Go on, make our world easier. Thanks and best.

      C. Albanesi

      February 8, 2024

      The name of the pedals say it all

      I have been a tube snob for my entire life. This is my second pedal of the serie I bought and I am more than happy. This pedal really reacts like a real amp under your finger and just withe the volume of my guitar I can move from incredible sweet clean to a dirty crunch sound to a distorted heavy sound. It bites, it's a wild animal to play with but if you are in love with that sound it's exactly into this Lion. If I was a tube amp producer I would be really worry because this pedals are a game changer in my fair opinion. Thanks UA team and thanks James Santiago

      T. Karamitros

      January 26, 2024

      Lion 68 (10 sound / 0 support)

      Very satisfied with the product (UAFX Lion 68), its capabilities. Problems connecting to Android. I have sent questions to your email as well as suggestions, but I never got a response. The product manual does not meet my needs. The "live" assistant on your site is just a comedian. I ask questions and he suggests irrelevant articles. I repeat, top product, mediocre to poor support.

      M. Bobus

      January 24, 2024

      Lion 68 and issues!

      Has potential to sound great you get the hint of a Marshall style of amp but ghost notes (almost sounds like a ring generator in the back ground), makes it pretty much unusuable for me. The firmware update potentially fixes this, and the only way to upgrade is through UA connect, however, UA Connect is buggy for this and doesn't let me add the hardware, it keeps asking to register everytime I plug in then nothing happens??? UAFX control app doesn't work with it, because firmware is not updated, it's a vicious cycle, what a mess! I did open a ticket but nothing yet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, otherwise I will have to return this.

      C. BOI

      January 13, 2024

      Lion 68

      the pedal is beautiful and sounds amazing but the Bluetooth connection problems, the App does not manage Android if it is lower than version 13 and to connect it to the Windows PC you must have at least Windows 10 otherwise nothing to do, it doesn't even start the software... too many problems for a high-end pedal of this kind... despite having had to update the latest firmware via a friend's PC, with Windows 11, the customer service I contacted by opening a ticket was inadeguate by not giving a solution and there is no way to solve...bad! ...Sin pedal: quality and sound rated 10 management: bluetooth, software, App and assistance rated 0


      December 28, 2023

      Lion and tech support

      I own a massive amount of UA gear. Sadly, Lion and UAFX app is not plug and play. The UAFX app is buggie and does not connect with new ios and iphone15+. And when you need tech support UA removed the link for a support ticket. No live humans just knowledge base and your issue may not be listed. You have to use the UA artist sales and good luck and fingers crossed. . I will be returning my Lion and selling my Ruby. UA does not have Pedals/uafx connectivity and user friendly down yet.

      H. Blumstein

      December 4, 2023

      This is the one!

      I own the other UA FX amp pedals and over the past few years have added a variety of drive pedals to help recreate the sound produced here — a classic and hard rock monster amp sound. I own quite a few outstanding tube amps (ie Friedman be100 deluxe, a few of the studio Marshall series amps). This pedal competes well with them. It is also as good as the axe fxiii I formerly owned in terms of easily (in fact much more easily) captures the classic plexi sound. Yes it doesn’t have a headphone amp and we all wish we could tweak the user presets more with visual information — but in terms of quickly getting a very useable and enjoyable sound this amp sim pedal rocks.

      R. Robertson

      November 29, 2023

      Lion '68 Super Lead Amp

      Purchased - took home - hooked it up and Marshall sounds came to life whether i went through single coil or humbucker guitars - I was able to find a good Marshall sound for all of them.

      C. Da Ponte

      November 11, 2023

      Another Hit From UAFX

      UA never cease to amaze with any of their amp in a box pedals and this one is no exception