LUNA Creator Bundle

LUNA Creator Bundle

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


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Take LUNA to the next level with a suite of inspiring analog sounds and instruments.

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System and Apollo interfaces, the LUNA Creator Bundle gives you genuine Neve® analog summing, integrated Studer multitrack tape, and two of Universal Audio's groundbreaking LUNA Instruments — Moog Minimoog and Ravel grand piano — with huge savings.

Now You Can:

Easily add width, depth, and character to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of Neve analog summing

Use the Studer A800 LUNA Extension to easily add tape warmth to your entire mix on a per-channel basis

Record classic, ultra-realistic and responsive Minimoog sounds and textures

Play and record Ravel, the most organic, responsive, and expressive software piano ever made

Neve Summing

Neve Summing

Developed in partnership with AMS Neve exclusively for LUNA Recording System, the Neve Summing Extension emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console — including its coveted 1272® bus amplifiers. Far beyond a simple “summing plug-in,” Neve Summing is an Extension built into LUNA's mixer, eliminating the need to manage multiple plug-in windows. — giving your LUNA mixes all the color of Neve's most cherished analog desk. Learn More ›

Studer<sup>®</sup> Analog Tape

Studer® Analog Tape

With LUNA Recording System, you can use the Studer A800 as a LUNA Extension, and easily get magnetic tape character on every audio and instrument track. The Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Extension lets you intuitively tweak settings across all channels. Going beyond any other tape plug-in, the Studer LUNA Extension is woven into the fabric of LUNA Recording System's mixer, giving Apollo interface users an analog inspired workflow with bona fide analog sonics to match. Learn More ›

Ravel<sup>™</sup> Grand Piano

Ravel Grand Piano

A breathtaking emulation of a Steinway Model B* grand piano based on UA's exclusive sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance™ technology, Ravel gives you all the sonic nuance of this studio classic. Captured at Ocean Way Studios, Ravel gives you an immaculately recorded studio piano that’s album-ready, with easy-to-use Tone, Dynamics, and Microphone controls, as well as an innovative Reverse feature for startlingly creative sounds and textures. Learn More ›

Moog<sup>®</sup> Minimoog

Moog® Minimoog

Developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Minimoog LUNA Instrument is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of Bob Moog's pioneering synthesizer. By perfectly capturing every nuance of the classic Moog oscillators and ladder filters and harnessing discrete transistor VCA modeling, the Minimoog LUNA Instrument faithfully captures every detail and anomaly of this classic instrument used by everyone from Parliament-Funkadelic to Kraftwerk, Dr. Dre, and more. Learn More ›

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of LUNA software.

Customer Reviews

LUNA Creator Bundle

Overall Rating

R. Denk

July 9, 2020

Only for Luna? :-(

Please make it available for other DAW's and I'll definitely buy it!

E. Janson

July 9, 2020

Amazing sound

This is by far the best minimoog plugin I used. Other plugins sound thin or artifical in comparison. I like the Arturia and Native instruments versions, but this is different.

C. Marce

July 8, 2020

Love it!

Using it everyday! It’s a must!

r. infante romero

July 7, 2020

no vincular a luna

el plugin es increible, pero necesitamos poder usarlo como plugin en nuestro daw para la plataforma uad-2, no como extensión de luna....

r. infante romero

July 7, 2020

buen sonido pero solo disponible con luna

compraría este plugin si estuviera disponible en uad-2, es un error vincularlo a luna... no es un daw util.

R. Paasche

July 6, 2020

Mini MoogD-plug for Luna-phishing?

Isn't Luna a good enough DAW to stand for its own?
So You think you can tempt us with (another) Mini Moog D plugin to sell Luna?
As an quite happy Nuendo 10 owner I'm not tempted to leave it for Luna cause of another Mini Moog D plug at an ridicolous prise. Synapse The Legend and Arturia Mini V7 also sounds similar to the real deal (compared with my two MMD's from 1973) as does Behringer Mod.D for ca. the same price as Your plug in. (not to mention Moog Musics own Mini Moog D app) So my advise is to give it UAD2/VSTi compatibility and turn down the price to something closer to Arturias Mini V7 and give Your well sounding Mini Moog D plug the justice it deserves!

M. Listopad

July 4, 2020

Seems overpriced

Lovely plugin, and I would definitely buy it, if it is more affordable. However, the price of this product forces me to look at Arturia;s version of Minimoog plugin.

N. DiMichele

July 4, 2020


No windows version?? Wtf. Stop feeding Apple. -your disappointed and loyal customer.

S. Hwang

July 3, 2020

I would give 5 stars...

Because of the pedal noise... this is too much.. and uncontrollable....

R. Castro

July 3, 2020

More Windows Format brush off.

I would easily buy this if it was available on Windows format and not tied to a DAW people don't really want.
UAD, stop treating your Windows customers like crap.

J. Hicks

June 30, 2020

Luna exclusivity kills it

Sounds lovely, but it doesn't work outside of Luna and that makes it virtually useless. Moog's own Minimoog iPad app is more flexible and easy to integrate with a DAW than this, and it sounds quite good as well.

M. Lambert

June 29, 2020

Sound fantastic!

The sound of this plugin is fantastic!... But Luna is a crap.

G. Polito

June 27, 2020

That sound!

I am really impressed. That's the sound! When you try it you will never leave it again. I've always used the real ones and that comes so close really! But without hours spent to calibrate them, no broken channels and no problems! Lot of flexibility too!

J. Gawlik

June 25, 2020

total tape meat, tape essence

total tape meat, tape essence

s. Pfeiffer

June 24, 2020

Takes everything out of the box and welds it to your forehead

The depth and girth Neve summing are what I expected; the width and depth were an added bonus. Worth it's weight in Platinum...

R. Mc Hard

June 23, 2020


Great to play great to record great to mix

W. Thomas

June 21, 2020

Great Moog Emulation but--

Compared to other Moog emulations, which I have used, this one is a step above in sound. For the price, however, I feel this synth should've been designed for use with other DAWs. Other Synth emulations provide this luxury and much more, at a reasonable price. LUNA is a great system, no doubt and getting better. It's a go to for mixing and getting that polished sound. But it would sure be nice if this Minimoog emulation were interchangeable with DAWs that one has gotten accustomed to when recording.

UAD User

June 19, 2020

The price is an insult

Compared to equally good plugins already out there, the price of this plugin is an insult to customers. Arturia has been in the game longer with great plugins. And yet their stuff is significantly cheaper. Now add the fact that this only works in Luna and this thing loses value significantly. I wish UAD would have some respect for its customers.

R. Graterol

June 18, 2020

Thick sound

This plugin makes everything sound punchy and thick. I own the oxide which is good, but this feels superior and fatter. Can’t believe I’ve been so long without it. Highly recommended.

G. Porrino

June 17, 2020

Studer A800

Very happy to have bought this (especially during the June sale). Lots of tones to play with in the presets, with a lot more tweakability besides. Still learning the ropes, but very happy so far. Adds that little bit of magic across the mix. .