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Welcome to Ocean Way Studios — the world’s first dynamic room modeling plug‑in.

Developed by Universal Audio and Allen Sides, the Ocean Way Studios plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces rewrites the book on what’s possible with acoustic space emulation.

By combining elements of room, microphone, and source modeling, Ocean Way Studios moves far beyond standard impulse response players and reverbs — giving you an authentic replication of one of the world’s most famous recording studios.

Now You Can:

Record live or mix through Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B

Use “best of the best” vintage microphones from Allen Sides’ world-renowned collection

Choose among Allen Sides’ favorite room positions with 8 source types, for stunningly accurate sound dispersion behaviors

Position, blend, and process three mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time

Retain mic bleed, proximity, and other naturally occurring behaviors for realism far beyond other reverb/ambience plug-ins

Re-mic loops and soft synths to bring them to life

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Ocean Way Studios plug-in

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

From the opening of Bill Putnam’s United Recording in 1957, to the annexing of neighboring Western Studio in 1961, to their reinvention as Ocean Way Recording under Allen Sides — the famed “Studio A” and “Studio B” at Ocean Way Studios have shaped the sound of countless classic records. From Ray Charles and the Beach Boys, to the Rolling Stones, and Radiohead, music creators have sought out the sound of these beautifully balanced rooms for more than five decades.

Dynamic Room Modeling

Dynamic Room Modeling

Ocean Way Studios reinvents ambience processing with UA’s proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology, an exclusive combination of signal processing and advanced measurement techniques. Whereas standard convolution reverbs only provide a sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling offers the full spectrum of a studio’s ambience possibilities. Specifically, Dynamic Room Modeling provides the unique dispersion properties of various sources, as recorded through various vintage microphones that can be positioned in each room — in real time — via a simple click-and-drag interface. This technology gives the Ocean Way Studios plug-in a shocking level of sonic realism.

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

With virtual access to $250,000 of hand-picked, vintage microphones, Ocean Way’s microphone setups and Distance controls are the centerpiece of the plug-in. The setups capture the ideal microphone selections and placements for each room and source type.

Up to three vintage microphones pairs (Near, Mid, Far) are available in each setup, allowing for creative sonic blending. Click-and-drag the microphones to position them in the room, then EQ and filter their sound as desired — complete with mic bleed and proximity effects.

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Ocean Way Studios offers two modes of operation: Reverb mode, using send/return paths to mix wet and dry signals; or Re-Mic mode, to fully immerse the original source audio within Ocean Way’s rooms. Re-Mic mode is by nature “fully wet,” and can be used to entirely replace your original room and microphone sounds with the fabled sound of Ocean Way.

Key Features

Breakthrough acoustic emulations of Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B
Dynamic Room Modeling combines room, microphone, and source models for unprecedented realism
Incorporates sonic profiles of vintage microphones from Allen Side’s world-renowned collection
Includes mic bleed and mic proximity effects for stunning accuracy
Choose from eight instrument / vocal source types with unique dispersion patterns
Position and blend between three vintage mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time
Use in “Reverb” mode, mixing wet and dry signal; or “Re-Mic” mode, replacing your original room and mic sounds altogether
Preset mic selections, placements and creative direction by Ocean Way’s Allen Sides
Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Ocean Way Studios

Overall Rating

L. Colan

October 5, 2017

Easily worth the price of the hardware to run it.

I attended a demo of the UAD kit and ended up buying a Satellite Octo JUST TO RUN OceanWay.
I haven't ever heard a product that does what this plugin does. Having taken delivery of it I'm even more astonished. The most processing fun I've ever had.
Congratualtions UAD.

R. Trevor

October 1, 2017

Love It !

I just finished an instrumental cue and I wanted the electric guitars to have that giant room sound and Ocean Way delivered. I tracked and printed with my Ocean Way on my send/axillary channel and was able to blend it later during mix down without compromising any additional DSP.
I'm glad I bought it !

M. Fuse

September 30, 2017

Real room, it's a great plug-in

By passing soft-synth through Re-Mic mode of OWS, it gives a realistic thickness as though the sound passed through the air.
it's a great plug-in

UAD User

September 30, 2017

The best reverb

I love remic this is awsome

A. White

September 28, 2017

Stunning room simulation

I really can’t say enough good things about this plugin. It is just so clever! The different tones that you’re able to create and the space that you can add is so authentic and really does sound like it has been recorded in a different (amazing) room!

I’ve never been to Ocean Way, so I can’t say if it sounds like it, but it does sound like an incredible recording room with all the benefits you’d hope for from varied mic positions in a very high end studio.

Amazing work UA!

S. Soares Baptista

September 27, 2017

Sounds incredible

This plugin simply does something I couldn't achieve with any other before. The Re mic function is unbelieveable, it adds a lot of depth and warmth. I'm using it in all my mixes, it works specially well on vst instruments. A must have.

S. Gruber

September 21, 2017

Much room for experimentation

I've noticed the biggest issue with many amp/cab simulations and software instruments is their lack of air and realistic room sound, which makes it hard for them to blend in with the rest of the mix or to sound like on commercial productions.

To me, UAD Ocean Way's re-micing feature represents a great and unique way of imparting a more pleasing, rewarding sound and a more natural quality to digital amp sims and software instruments alike, when used as an insert during tracking or mixing, and also really shines on OHs and room mics. The different mic selection and placement options (mono and stereo) are well thought-out and allow for endless hours of experimentation.

The reverb feature can help glue a mix or individual stems together when used as a send for individual instruments or busses. Using several busses for multiple room sizes (small, medium, large) can really help impart some dimension and depth to a mix. Like most newer UAD plugins, Ocean Way Studios is, due to its attention to detail, quite dsp-heavy which can be worked around by printing the effect to the DAW during tracking or bouncing tracks inside the DAW during mixing.

However, aside from its dsp-usage, UAD Ocean Way Studios turns out to be a unique, meticulously modelled plugin and a great, innovative product that may prove a powerful tool for ANY home studio, using software instruments/drum samples, as well as for smaller studios without fancy live rooms at their disposal.

T. Lanese

September 18, 2017

Music comes alive

It's impossible to not find the right ambient for every instrument with this plugin. In some occasions I found myself to substitute others reverbs on older project and the song changed face! Very versatile ambient generator.

d. Lee

September 17, 2017

it sound is real

perfectly embience

D. Kato

September 14, 2017

There aren't other functions of this product.

There is nothing which becomes the other with the effect of the Re-mic.
This product can add the sound of air.
That air belongs to an excellent recording studio.

慎. 高山

August 24, 2017


Nice realyty

J. Reed

July 29, 2017

Favorite Plug-In

This Plug-in is my Favorite and am Amazed at REAL differences it makes . After 26 years Audio Engineer That says it all !!

N. Karkour

July 17, 2017


Just finished my new CD Guitar Whisper and I used it on my guitars check it out http://nocymusic.com https://youtu.be/un5hFHom63M

D. Range

July 14, 2017

Sleeper plug in

I had demo this before and didnt get excited but when I need a 3rd plug in I said why not even though its a dsp hog its a nice plug in-I have a quad and I freeze tracks but I defiantly need an octo card

UAD User

July 14, 2017

classical guitar glamor

you have to be careful, using this plugin with subtle changes here and there, like you would move a real microphone in a real room, which sound's amazing. I use it for post production of classical guitar duo recordings which were done in a dry ambience. Then just give a tad ocean way to it and you have that "glue" and glossiness you need for a delicate classical sound. But beware of overdoing it, because you can get seduced by the sound ;-.) The EQ is a bit "frugal"...
Just my 2cents.

C. Lambros

July 14, 2017


Very nice sounding reverb! I can't say it replicates Ocean Way Studios cause I never been there but this sounds great and has various options. I use it on a bus because it can kill the cpu and you can't add to many of these at once. But that goes for many plugins today. Overall great for drums, vocals, fx and keys. If your looking for a a real sounding reverb this is classy.

S. Makarov

July 13, 2017

Ocean Way Studios

Спасибо большое! Всё отлично!

C. Domenico

July 10, 2017

Ocean Way Studios

this plugin makes me happy ... one hears immediately at the sound color that was invested here much time for the programming, thank you very much for this beauty :-)

w. valentine

July 8, 2017

Must Have!!!!!!!

Excellent plugin! A must have,you won't be disappointed!!!!

S. Orr

July 4, 2017


It's not a reverb. It's something different. It's incredible!

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