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Universal Audio Releases Ampex ATR‑102 LUNA Extension

Authentic Ampex mastering tape machine now available as an extension in LUNA v1.0.9  —

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • August 11, 2020 — Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is proud to release LUNA v1.0.9, featuring the Ampex ATR‑102 Mastering Tape Recorder as an extension for LUNA Recording System.

Ampex ATR‑102 LUNA Extension — $349


The Ampex ATR‑102 extension, sold via UA’s online store or the LUNA app and free to current owners of the UAD plug‑in, gives users genuine Ampex tape tones on master fader and bus channels in LUNA. Like its UAD counterpart, the extension models the entire circuit and tape path, and features multiple tape formulas, head stacks and calibration levels, as well as controls for Bias, Record EQ, Playback EQ, and more.

“The ATR‑102 expands on our deep LUNA integration efforts with Studer and Oxide tape extensions,” says Will Shanks, senior product designer at Universal Audio. “Now users can get reduced latency tape sound on bus and master faders in LUNA, with analog‑style post‑fader signal flow and streamlined control over tape speed, formula, head stacks, and much more.”

Fully endorsed by Ampex, and free for current owners of the UAD plug‑in, the Ampex ATR‑102 LUNA Extension offers the instant punch, saturation, and color of the most popular professional 2‑track tape machine ever made, without having to manage multiple plug‑in windows.

Ampex ATR‑102 LUNA Extension — Key Features

  • Ampex-authenticated ATR‑102 Mastering Tape Recorder Extension for LUNA
  • Provides the sound of the most popular professional 2‑track tape machine ever made
  • Built into LUNA's mixer for integrated tape sound on master fader and bus channels
  • Models entire Class A circuit and tape path, including transformers and amplifiers
  • Features multiple Tape Formulas, Heads, Speeds, and Calibration Levels for mix down
  • Controls for Bias, Record EQ, and Playback EQ
  • Reduced latency for responsive mixing and editing workflows
  • Requires LUNA (Mac only), which is included with every Apollo interface
  • Free to current owners of the Ampex ATR‑102 UAD plug‑in

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