Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Astonishingly accurate recreations
of the “must-have” classic EQs.

Building on a decade of the world’s most intensive modeling research, UA has recreated the famed Pultec EQ experience as plug-ins – ones that are nearly indistinguishable from the original analog hardware.

The Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo hardware includes the ultimate plug-in emulations of Pulse Techniques’ original passive EQs. With painstakingly modeled amplifier sections now onboard, the Pultec EQ Collection "breathes" like the original hardware.

now you can:

Use Pultec's three most popular studio EQs on individual tracks or busses

Provide the same Pultec analog “magic” for your tracks, making them sound better just by passing through

Push the Pultec's fully modeled transformer and tube-based amplifier sections

Make difficult-to-isolate instruments and vocals breathtakingly clear without affecting neighboring frequencies

Dial up extreme levels of EQ boost while staying natural and musical

Give that signature airy, smooth-as-silk vintage tone to your master channel

take a listen

take a listen
Artist Testimonials

Artist Testimonials

Featuring the UAD Pultec EQ Collection

The Pultec Story

The Pultec Story

When Ollie Summerland and Gene Shenk hand-crafted the first Pulse Techniques passive program equalizer in 1951, they had no idea they were transforming an industry. But like a Stradivarius, their little garage-built, made-to-order designs have been copied by nearly every EQ-maker for decades, and their early EQP-1A's still bring thousands on the used market — if you’re lucky enough to find one.

Legendary Pultec Depth and Clarity

Legendary Pultec Depth and Clarity

Going far beyond UA’s original standard-defining Pultec plug-ins, the EQP-1A faithfully models the overbuilt transformers and complex tube amplifiers of the original hardware. Simply running a full mix or single instrument through it imbues the track with the legendary Pultec analog magic. And, with these new plug-ins, you can actually hear the Pultec's amplifier overload effects — just as you would with the hardware — unleashing a bounty of sublime results.

The Signature Effect on Low End

The Signature Effect on Low End

The Pultec EQP-1A’s signature effect, unintended by its designers, is its ability to seemingly boost and cut the same frequency simultaneously. In reality, the filters actually alter adjacent frequencies, but the naturally interactive resonant dip has an amazing boosting and tightening effect — especially on bass guitar and kick drums.

Shaping Your Mids: The MEQ-5

Shaping Your Mids: The MEQ-5

The MEQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer is the richly colorful tube-amplified companion to the EQP-1A. With two bands of midrange boost and one band of midrange dip, the MEQ-5 gets the very best out of the ”power region” where guitars and vocals can make or break a mix. The unique band overlap and filter interaction unleash the vibrancy of these instruments in the track – without fighting your overall mix.

Tame The Highs: The HLF-3C

Tame The Highs: The HLF-3C

The never-before-available HLF-3C completes the Pultec Passive EQ Collection. This new plug-in adds 12 dB per octave low and high cut filters, for broad retro-tonal sculpting or bygone-era special effects. You can easily subtract the unnecessary frequencies in any instrument and sub-group so they stay wonderfully musical in the mix.

Key Features

Painstaking circuit reproduction of the most popular outboard studio equalizers ever made
Must-have studio staple Pultec Equalizers: EQP-1A Program EQ, MEQ-5 Mid-Range EQ, HLF-3C Filters
Models entire electronic path, including tube amplifiers and transformers, for musical distortion
Silky, vintage highs and tight, focused lows using combined boost/cut resonant shelf dip with EQP-1A
Broad, overlapping frequency selections for fine peak and dip midrange filter control with the MEQ-5
12 dB cut filter tonal sculpting or special effects with the HLF-3C
Includes Artist Presets from Neal Cappellino, Jacknife Lee, and John Paterno

Customer Reviews

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Overall Rating

s. kgr

June 30, 2015

Vintage feel Eq

Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection I liked it immediately. I insert myself into Drums and vocal track and use it. Analog charm is full of smooth curve by nature.
I'd like to try it out by more various musical instruments.

N. Nowottny

June 9, 2015

F%&king incredible!!

A twist here, a twist there, no harshness and everything starts sounding expensive in a human way. I was looking for a Pultec Style Hardware on ebay, now I'm looking for more dsp power. ;) Like it better than the Massive Passive. Thank you UA!! x ;)

I. Papagiannidis

June 2, 2015

warm /vintage sound!

great sound ! so warm and vintage! great tool! much better than the previous version!!

A. Dingley

April 16, 2015

Big knobs & bigger sound!

This sounds phenomenal! As an engineer who tries to use as little eq as possible in my projects, it's important to know that the ones I use give me great results without a ton of trial & error. So far, I'm really impressed with this... On bass, guitars, and kick drum.

T. Matuszak

April 15, 2015

Pro Stuff

Pultec Collection is like having analog gear in digital world !

J. Barber

April 5, 2015

Most Buy

This eq is songs so smooth. Its hard to mess up with it!

M. Sudhakar

April 3, 2015

Nice EQ - Pultec

Very smooth easy handling. With authentic Pultec overtones.

S. Cohen

March 14, 2015

So Good

Such an upgrade from the legacy version. Silky. Smooth. Shockingly close to the original in sound.

e. andersen

March 14, 2015


this eq is like butter, between this and millenia I am all set

B. Klukovic

March 12, 2015

Smooth and clear!!!

It´s just WOW when you turn on the highs on the EQ-P1A and THEN roll them off at the same time. This kind of coloration can be only made with this one without harshness and that "plastic" feeling of other kind of derivations of this EQ.
I heard also the hardware and must admit that the UAD version doesn´t lack the deepness of which everyone talks all the time, for me it´s sounds round, full and perfect. GOOD JOB UAD!! :)))

W. Frohwein

March 10, 2015

Can't work without it

This set is amazing. The eq alone is just bliss. I have so many other eq's that just don't compare. My current go to setting on the eq is 10K with 2-4db boost. I regret not buying it sooner and using it on my previous mix-downs.

I. Finlayson

March 9, 2015

Another five-star rating, and deservedly so.

This is a fantastic set of character EQs.
The EQ-P1A is quite simple: a low-shelf, a high-peak, and a low-pass. Its strokes are broad and it does glorious things to highs & lows.
The MEQ-5 is my favorite EQ for doing mid-scoops without being incredibly aggressive. The "Dip" section finds its way on a lot of my mixes, allowing me to arrive at a "modern" sound but with vintage vibe. The boosts are ridiculously smooth as well.
And the HLF-3C, while probably the least exciting of the three, is the one I use the most. The filters do their thing beautifully; nothing sounds "chopped off", but rather just natural and so slightly rounded.
Don't overlook the "old" Pultec Pro either! It's earned its status as a classic, for a fraction of the DSP.

J. Pierre

March 9, 2015

Worth your pennies

heard the Hardware ,used it ,this compares favorablly .while no expert I know what I like and I like this ....Alot!..get it.

C. Alati

March 6, 2015


great beatiful eq, it would be usefull in a single rack !

n. afflitto

March 3, 2015


Much better than the original Pultec collection. I really liked that one, but I would never use it on the mixbuss. This lives on it! The filter is so great for shaving off that digital high end. Love it x's infinity!

J. Goodman

February 12, 2015


This collection is a serious upgrade to their initial Pultec release. Having worked with the physical hardware units I was a bit disappointed by the Pultec-Pro and was hoping for a better emulation...luckily this refined version came out. I can say without a doubt this is the best Pultec emulation I've heard to date. You can push this EQ extremely hard and get that lovely, familiar hardware EQP-1A sound. Great job UA!

A. Kotelnikov

January 24, 2015

Pultec EQ Collection - best passive eq!!!

Filter HLF-3C, very gently and imperceptibly works and does not alter the sound, EQP-1 simply gorgeous, saturates the sound even without turning the knobs. Apply on vocals, mastering, and everything else!

J. Milldrum

January 21, 2015

Warm and Fat!

You can just Insert it on a track and it instantly sounds better. You can really fatten things up or smooth things out pretty easily. I highly recommend this collection.

L. Jakubczak

January 14, 2015

Just great

It's sounds great - I love it :). The best Pultec I've tried.

C. Jolley

January 14, 2015

Just add it to the mix buss and it warms everything up

It's true. I demo'd it, and bought it shortly after. GREAT Price - thanks for the December sale and coupons, UA!

Add the 1A with default settings and it imparts a very pleasing, saturated tone to the overall sound of a mix without disturbing EQ. Of course there are many other uses but I really like this so much, I use it on everything now.

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