UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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c. yeorae

December 13, 2015

i love uad

i love uadi love uadi love uadi love uadi love uad

a. desquiron maure

December 13, 2015

Uno de los mejores compresores de la historia

Es quiza el compresor mas utilizado en hardware hoy en dia , un clasico . de este pluggin de uad me gusta su tratamiento al comprimir las señales , siento que no es un proceso tan "lineal" como en otros compresores que haya probado, el color y la pegada que aporta son unicos . su combinacion con un LA2A en serie siempre funciona . es sin duda una de las compras mas acertadas que puedes hacer en este sitio.

Y. Shimowada

December 13, 2015

It is awesome

1176 modeling plugin is released much by the companies, but I think that UAD is the best.
This plug in reproduces a sound of the hardware faithfully.
It is splendid that this sound is got without a cable.

UAD User

December 12, 2015

So authentic

The best emulation out there .

UAD User

December 12, 2015

Great Compressor

This plugin works on everything. My go to compressor.
Thanks UAD

R. Saunders

December 11, 2015

Classics for a reason and a must have in your arsenal

Classic dynamics processing that literally works on anything and brings life and body in spades. Use this alongside the LA-2A or another softer compressor of your choice and be prepared to enjoy the sonic thickness!

T. Vines

December 11, 2015


My lack of a budget will never allow me to own the hardware version of an 1176. Thank God there is a company like UA that creates plugins that are 98% as good as the hardware! I'm happy with every product I get from UA! While emulations of hardware do not sound perfectly like the hardware, the plugin brings with it a quality that the hardware does not possess either so it's a good trade off.

J. Rostrup

December 11, 2015

Number one in my book

This is the foundation of UA's success

If I should start from fresh with UA plugs, this would be first on my list.

N. Devereaux

December 7, 2015

These are so good.

I have two hardware 1176's. I don't even bother using them when I mix now (only when tracking) because these plugins are so good that I can't be bothered to patch in the hardware. They sound amazing.

G. Halaweh

December 5, 2015

Cannot. Live. Without.

My favorite UAD Compressors, hands down. Nothing compares to that all-buttons-in mayhem that only these plugs can bring.

P. Keeling

December 3, 2015


Having never used the hardware, I did wonder why this was such a classic compressor. All other 1176 emulations had left me slightly disappointed. I have used UAD's Classic Limiter Collection for about a month now and I have to say it sounds fantastic. It gives you that extra something. It sounds great on everything and seems to give a presence and clarity even when I'm not compressing. Very happy.

I. Turner

November 25, 2015

Desert Island Compressor

These compressors are some of the best things UAD has ever made. they have changed the way I mix forever! the AE with slo attack is phenomenal for snare drum... the Rev A is amazing on vocals, electric keyboards, anything to which I want to add presence and true grit. The LN sounds awesome on drums, guitars, everything really.

Thanks UAD!

S. Harnell

November 25, 2015

My favorite compressors, ever.

These plugins are some of the only I've encountered that feel and work like the real thing in the box. My go to compressors. If you only buy one thing from UA, this is it.

Y. Dan

November 24, 2015

Before they underestimated his quality

I decided to buy his after using the demo,For the sound of "AE" very fascinating.


November 16, 2015


Amazing bundle, my favourite plugin compressors.

T. Kahl

November 8, 2015


As I wrote in Analog Classics bundle, these plugs are damn close to analog. Using it very often, Thanks for it, UA!

M. Grümmer

November 1, 2015

Class A Compressors

My favourite tools to Compress Vocals, Snares , Toms , Drum Busses and much more !
I had a few different emulations of this world class compressors but none of them sounded like the ones from UA.
The sound compares 95% to the Hardware and that speaks for itself...

D. Hensel

October 28, 2015

1176 Limiter

Simply, great. Is my first option with almost everything.
With my electric guitar, it push it with the right touch.
Excelente with my fender jazz bass. Both guitar and bass, are pre amplifier with an external preamp (similar neve 1073) and then i plug into the line of my apollo.
The performance is great! i am very happy with the result.
Great work

L. Parment

October 27, 2015

Get it

It does not sounds slightly "flat" compared to hardware 1176's i've used but its still good enough not only to make stuff sit in the mix but to actually improve sounds which is more than I can say for any other 1176 clone i've listened to. If you only do mixing and already own a few hardware originals and don't have any use for the flexibiliy of a plug-in you might get by without this one. But this is a awesome sounding tool and its so well rounded (equal quality but works for a lot more sources than la2a and fairchild imo) so for everyone else, get it!

C. Stilwell

October 27, 2015

Essential for all UAD users

Significant upgrade to the legacy versions. I have 3~4 other 1176 plugins including Waves, NI and BF, but the UAD versions are my favorite. I also get to use the actual hardware in various studios: I've compared the plugin to Purple's MC77, UA's 6176, and Warm Audio's WA76 (I've been able to use the classic Urei models a couple times, but haven't been able to compare them to the plugin). Half the time I can't even tell the difference once it's tucked into a mix instead of solo'd, and the rest of the time it at least responds like I'd have wanted the hardware to. Good job at making it sound and respond like the hardware, and good job at making this essential in my toolbox.

541-560 of 1130 Results