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Customer Reviews

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Overall Rating

801-820 of 1382 Results

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F. Castro

July 2, 2016

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection

perfect and real, I am satisfied

M. Ross

June 27, 2016


Love them !! Using a lot on Kick Room .. Vocals .. fab on acoustis guitar n Bass too .. can't go wrong ! Add these to your toolbox pronto ! Peace out !

D. Rosario

June 24, 2016

A definite must

I never did like the original 1176 on vocals, but the blue stripe works magic on vocals. I got the bundle just for the blue stripe (at $99, it's a no-brainer). Looking forward to finding uses for the other ones.

m. wilson

June 24, 2016

Nice set of tools

These compressor limiters are worth every penny when in a half yearly sale

B. Gábor

June 23, 2016


They are all amazing for the group channels, and sometimes for the master line as well. The best sound I ever heard in software. Really happy with this collection.
Best Regards

F. Charpentier

June 22, 2016

Useful Upgrade

I started using the legacy 1176 and I had been hesitating to upgrade to full collection
Well, I don't regret.
As I'm used to go to Rev A for drums, and like Blackface for anything, I recently re-discovered Slow Attack mode from AE revision. Working wiith a lead track which doesn't fluctuate dynamically too much , it will magically and smoothly sit the voice into the mix.

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

I no no longer use my 76 hardware !

This is simply stunning ! I already own 2 x 76 clones yet once I bought the 76 collection they never get used it's so easy to just load up across multiple tracks and get to working !
As much as it pains me to say I also think the software sounds better so my hardware 76 are now just rack spacers!

s. shu

June 21, 2016



M. Kozlov

June 21, 2016

glad to use it on drums

Really good tasty sound! I like it! Natural, best punch i've heard from software compressor!

S. Dickie

June 20, 2016

Can't Go Wrong

Can't go wrong owning the 1176 collection.

o. morris

June 18, 2016

Versatile compressors

I use them on vocals also drums its my go to plugs when I need a compressor with fast attack

S. M

June 15, 2016

1176 Classic Limiter Collection a Superb Plug in from Universal Audio

This Collection is a very good product from UA just like many others of theirs.
Think it ll be very difficult to find a better superior classic 1176 plugin from anywhere else.

Very Good on UA and keep up the great work with the Plug-ins and every audio product that you put out there.


June 13, 2016

excellent 1176 collection

This collection pack is a real step up from the 'legacy' version.
I hesitated, until the recent price drop, and took the plunge.
Huge on character, much crisper than the legacy version. more dynamic definition when pushed.
Really changes how a sound fits in a mix.
It can radically alter level for more control in mixdown.
Can't compare to hardware, but nor can 99% of punters....
Used on an apollo quad, with great monitors in the studio, this plug-in can spank your speaker-cones to their limits !


June 12, 2016

Great Compressor

Just great! For vocals, drum, bass, guitars and anything else! My favorite compressor in three different variants!

J. Raper

June 5, 2016

Couldn't have asked for better

Have been using the Rev A for tracking vocals this week and it has been incredible. I have loved every second using these and they add something I haven't gotten with other competitor's products.

R. Mehta

June 4, 2016


When i heard the Legacy version itself, i was blown away and i thought that i do not need to listen to the new collection version. But i was wrong. UAD has taken this forward to a whole new level. It sounds exactly like the hardware and my particular favourite is the 1176 LN Rev E. Strongly recommended.


June 4, 2016

Amazing Compressor!

This compressor is now one of my favourite compressors!
Works wonders on vocals

K. Miller

June 3, 2016

Great plugin - pissed I bought it before the sale

As everyone said great sound emulation works on just about everything .
Bought it on5/20 and used a 100.00 coupon from my Apollo 8 purchase .
Got the email about the half year sale and it feels like a slap on the cheek.
Oh well -

S. Simmons

May 30, 2016


The 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-in Collection is a like having the best wrench & screw driver set for your tool box. Are there others out there? Sure; but as far as quality, color, tone and sound no other software limiters come close. I was so impressed with the Legacy Versions of these that actually came with my UAD-1 & UAD-2 devices I had to go ahead & get them all. I haves uses for them on EVERYTHING! Listen to a vocal, snare, kick, bass, overhead, or guitar track with one of these units & you will literally hear the whole track come alive in ways you can't imagine! Universal Audio does it again, Thanks!

A. Booty

May 16, 2016

1176 is why I am still here!

I own the real UA 1176 & Urei 1178 hardware & its never fail to give that great feeling every time. And as long as I can remember, since the 1st time I was introduced to UAD1 back in the days, 1176 is the go-to compressor for me & its sounded almost perfect like the hardware. But then came the new 1176 upgrade & once again Uad blew my roof away! The blue version really glue my vocal tracks. Thanks Uad team!

801-820 of 1382 Results