4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

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G. Jackson

February 20, 2016

Simply Amazing!

This 4710d is a go to in the studio. From vox to drums this thing sound amazing, not only that it has all the optical connections that I needed, and it was no hassle adding it to our professional studio. Nice clean pres and the valve and solid state blend controls just add that need flexibility. We will be adding another in future for sure!

D. Stokoe

September 25, 2015

no tech info available to change tubes in studio

So disappointed that UA won't allow us the tech to set bias, to change tubes in studio forcing downtime to try different tubes not cool - I will be more selective with my purchases in the future!

d. saunders

September 24, 2015

4-710d and Apollo quad

G'day all , I picked this rack up a few weeks ago and have been blown away with it ! sounds beautiful and warm my guitars are punchy as anything I have heard - through my Apollo Quad the sound I get it my home studio recording drums and rock guitar are absolutely amazing !

Great build and both items up and running within minutes each time I step into my studio - Universal Audio absolutely rock - love the plugin's

Can I please have the Oceans reverb half price - after all the nice things I said please ha ha ! All jokes aside the plug in are worth their weight in gold !!!!!!!!!!!

So happy !!! Dave

r. adame

September 21, 2015

This unit is a modern classic !!!!!!!

These preamps are not trying to emulate anything they have a modern warm sound, I have several preamps classic ones and I would not say those are better than my 4-710 they just different and the thing I love the most is the punchy lush sound almost like they want to tell you to look into the future rather than look into the past . Also the compressor have a diferent sound than the 1176 the are very punchy lush sounding a big surprise really love the compressor is it limited? I do not thinks so is way better than those warm audio of 500 hundred series they just sound real of course universal audio knows how to make compressors and I am very satisfied by this wonderful product, now let's make some great music with it.

L. Mortimer

September 14, 2015

Versatile and smooth

Definitely the greatest quality is versatility. First of all good AD conversion enabling 8 outputs via ADAT. Second the blend circuitry enables two distinct timbre that is very useful to achieve the sound you want. The tube sound is very smooth and coloured. Third, the insert send/returns enables quick connections of external hardware. Fourth, the built in compressor (is not the greatest), helps to get the sound you want by the flick of a switch. As many have said, very good for the price!

S. Erdei

April 14, 2015


The 4 preamps are good, the 1176 style comps are very useful and easy to set up. I really like that it has 8 channels of analog to digital converter with optical adat connection, so I can send another 4 pres to my interface. I use it on drums and percussion, acoustic guitar, choir, some vocals. Superb!

J. Seabrook

April 3, 2015

I miss these converters!!

For 2 years I had this as my primary DAW front end & I LOVED it. The converters were much nicer than anything else I used prior & just as nice as anything since (MOTU, API, Antelope). The preamps were good, clean, useful on anything. I would be content using them on everything & often did. I didn't find the sonic difference between the SS and the Tube sides all that different (grains of sand, really) but it was nice to have that blend knob to find the perfect tone. I miss the limiter before the digital stage. I miss the 1176 clone compressor built in. I have 17 channels of pre's I wish were these units instead! I only sold this unit because someone offered me "New" value at a point I wanted to invest in some really nice Pres (la610 too).

J. Peña Espinoza

February 4, 2015

Accurate with character, incredible range of features.

The UA-4710D is not only incredibly flexible and feature packed but quality is top notch, no sacrifices made here. Clean gain available all the way to 10.

J. May

January 21, 2015

Nothing New to Report. It's Excellent

Sometimes the skies part, a beam of light comes down, and a great piece of gear lands at your feet. Or, you go to a website and order it. Either way, most will be thrilled with the 4-710d. You're just not going to find a group of four preamps that sound this good at this price. Beyond that, being able to blend between transistor and tube opens up creative possibilities that aren't readily available elsewhere. I like to go in direct with my Les Paul and then run it to my Apollo for effected guitar sounds that no one else can dial up on pretty much anything. I also route out of the Apollo into it to add tube warmth to software instruments and haven't even touched the surface of the ideas that started rolling in once I got to playing around.

W. Denison

December 10, 2014

Wow, what a great multifunctional unit!

Super great product!
1. Really nice sounding preamps, that can be driven really hard if desired, with both the solid state and tube sides emitting a really nice range of distortion.
2. Actually very functional compression on each channel, with the two important main choices available...smashed fast square edge as well as smooth soft knee 1176 styles. Wow, these really work!
3. Balanced line inputs...with resulting pretty great harmonic and compression options on mixdown(!) as well as pretty great translation of synth and other non hiZ instrumental signals.
4. Really sophisticated A/D conversion, with (!) four additional inputs for other sources, with optional pre converter limiting.
5. And it all really works well! Great job UA!

A. Santiago

December 6, 2014

Very good preamp

It's a very good preamp with many possibilities. I just love it !!!

F. Cadela

November 26, 2014

Work Horse

Buy it you wont regret ... F*** amazing!!! Use on everything ... The 1176 rocks ...

A. Catacoli

November 6, 2014

Awesome! Great Options at a great value!

I tried this for the 1st time after buying a friend the single unit. I was blown away with how vocals sound on it. For the money you can't go wrong. The converters sound good and it was a nice way to pair a great converter for my Apollo Twin. I can now use my custom gear with the awesomeness these two products hold. Thanks UA for the free Quad Card!

B. Rasmussen

September 24, 2014

Still waiting for the unit to return from warranty repair

One of the gain reduction meters were not calibrated correctly and therefore was not working. This was very disappointing. Support team did not even apologise for this oversight and directed the unit to an authorised repairer. I bought two pre amps and the one I do currently have works wonderfully

A. Bhatia

January 3, 2014

Welcome back Analog!

What a treat to hear such warm creamy or hot fuzzy textures from my modular synths or human vocalists and have them perfectly preserved in digital! This is now my go-to preamp. Thank you UAD!
Amin Bhatia

P. Oulster

December 24, 2013

True Hybrid

You really can't go wrong with this unit. Really well thought out for today's Analog/Digital world. The converters are totally usable, I have Lavry converters to compare them. I feel they have some color, work well coming off the 710 pre-digital out. I like it, very, Rockn'Roll. The 1176 chip on each channel just faten's things up even more, killer for vocal mics. Transparancy is also achievable by turning the blend knob to the far left and lowering the gain to minimum.
Making things simple, the channel strips are easy to use, very dumby proof. You don't need to know much to get a great sound. Read the manual, nice options for routing, really handy insert on/off switch, and a whole lot more!

S. Masarsky

December 23, 2013

Love It!

Perfect pair with an Apollo Quad for me. Even alone, it has so many options and is such great value. Well done UA

S. Masarsky

December 20, 2013

Fantastic pair to the Apollo!

While this unit indeed can easily stand on it's own, I've found it to be a dream when paired with an Apollo quad. Boom, this baby, the Apollo, a UAD satellite and a host of plugs have completely streamlined my workflow and enabled my set up to be as mobile as it needs to be.

the 4-710d is a bargain for the pre's alone and the palate that can be dialed in with them. Add in it's high end clocking and the compressor options and you get even more. The send/insert options as well as all the phase inversion options on each channel make this pre amazing, and a great value as well.

J. Koulousidis

October 13, 2013

Absolutely Brilliant!!!

I don't know why I waited so long to buy this unit... It is absolutely brilliant and a no-brainer to use... It just makes everything sound better...

K. Jeneson

October 11, 2013

4710 D

What can i say a truly awesome unit!

As with all UA equipment this thing oozes build quality and sturdiness. I use mine on the road and have no fears.....

The manual is really very helpful and thorough without needless technical jargon for those of us who are not robots.

The preamp / blend control is certainly the highlight of this unit , offering an array of coloration from ultra detailed clean to darker tones.

the input, output, gain reduction switching on the vu is very helpful and the 1176 style compression although perhaps a little limited has really worked for me on certain applications such as drums and acoustic guitar.

would i buy another ? WITHOUT A DOUBT


61-80 of 108 Results