4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp

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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics

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P. Oulster

December 24, 2013

True Hybrid

You really can't go wrong with this unit. Really well thought out for today's Analog/Digital world. The converters are totally usable, I have Lavry converters to compare them. I feel they have some color, work well coming off the 710 pre-digital out. I like it, very, Rockn'Roll. The 1176 chip on each channel just faten's things up even more, killer for vocal mics. Transparancy is also achievable by turning the blend knob to the far left and lowering the gain to minimum.
Making things simple, the channel strips are easy to use, very dumby proof. You don't need to know much to get a great sound. Read the manual, nice options for routing, really handy insert on/off switch, and a whole lot more!

S. Masarsky

December 23, 2013

Love It!

Perfect pair with an Apollo Quad for me. Even alone, it has so many options and is such great value. Well done UA

S. Masarsky

December 20, 2013

Fantastic pair to the Apollo!

While this unit indeed can easily stand on it's own, I've found it to be a dream when paired with an Apollo quad. Boom, this baby, the Apollo, a UAD satellite and a host of plugs have completely streamlined my workflow and enabled my set up to be as mobile as it needs to be.

the 4-710d is a bargain for the pre's alone and the palate that can be dialed in with them. Add in it's high end clocking and the compressor options and you get even more. The send/insert options as well as all the phase inversion options on each channel make this pre amazing, and a great value as well.

J. Koulousidis

October 13, 2013

Absolutely Brilliant!!!

I don't know why I waited so long to buy this unit... It is absolutely brilliant and a no-brainer to use... It just makes everything sound better...

K. Jeneson

October 11, 2013

4710 D

What can i say a truly awesome unit!

As with all UA equipment this thing oozes build quality and sturdiness. I use mine on the road and have no fears.....

The manual is really very helpful and thorough without needless technical jargon for those of us who are not robots.

The preamp / blend control is certainly the highlight of this unit , offering an array of coloration from ultra detailed clean to darker tones.

the input, output, gain reduction switching on the vu is very helpful and the 1176 style compression although perhaps a little limited has really worked for me on certain applications such as drums and acoustic guitar.

would i buy another ? WITHOUT A DOUBT


T. Hilliard

October 6, 2013

The workhorse of my studio!

We've tracked so much through this unit over the last year and a half and I can't begin to tell you how much we've loved it. I know that I have a great mic pre for bass, drums, guitar, and even vocals. The 1176 circuits are brilliant and super easy to use. Tons of functionality with input selection, metering, inserts, and preamp controls. Just a great smooth warm tone that's totally UA. It's been an essential piece for making that lush sound on a record!

G. Ventin

September 20, 2013

Best additions to my studio in years!

This 4 channel tube/transistor pre is my new secret weapon. Can't say enough good about it. Everything is bigger, warmer and all my microphones have truly come to life!

J. Ortega

July 31, 2013

Sonido espectacular!!!

Nada mejor que agregar este preamplificador a mi estudio, supero las expectativas y es muy facil hacer que cualquier micro suene bien o mejor que nunca. Funciona ademas muy bien con los microfonos Ribbon que tenemos, solo se le aproxima mi Focusrite Red 8!!!

El compresor es muy sencillo de usar y los VU son magnificos, el sonido de las agujas golpeando me dicen que estoy en el mundo analogo y disfrutandolo!!!

P. Hagberg

July 29, 2013

My best buy ever

I took the step and bought the 4-710d when it was a special deal , getting a UAD quad for free ! However the unit was so extremely good sounding that I in fact bought a second one just a couple of days later !
The mic preamp is great sounding , replacing my old Focusrite Red 7 with ease. Also the compressor with its fast setting is just perfectly for vocals. Another great thing is the insert and return jacks which are really flexible. I use one channels send and return feature to add gain to my Moog Voyager , the send signal goes to pre filter in the Voyager and then Voyager output comes back to the UA return jack. I use mostly the solid state setting in the pre-amp as I don´t like too much tube sound... :D

D. Dupire

July 3, 2013

Chaud et transparent

4 préamplis micros
8 convertiseurs de très haute qualité
Vraiment très bonne idée pour les solutions nomades !
Le son des préamplis est transparent, les instruments sont très bien reproduits avec un "punch" en plus sur les transitoires, excellent pour les instruments comme les percussions.
J'ai enregistré des voix, des guitares acoustiques, des percussions tout est bien reproduit et le son est chaud.
Les 4 entrées lignes (5,6,7,8) c'est génial quand on a des préamplis micros en stock et que l'on profite des convertisseurs intégré au 4-710d ça simplifie le systéme.
Maintenant il m'en faut un deuxiéme !!

J. Lissette

June 8, 2013


What a great preamp, as well as making all my mics better I have been running my 4 track reel to reel through this....stunning...

S. Hughes

March 22, 2013

A wicked surprise...

I ordered the 4-710d thinking I was getting 4 high end mike pres that I could add to the Apollo's on board 4. I had no idea I was getting an entire 8 channel front end to add to the Apollo for a total of 16 analogue inputs with 8 superb pres, and so much more.
This alone is exceptional value, not to mention extremely high quality overall.

But as it turns out, the pre's are gorgeous sounding and I've never had such power and quality at my disposal before. To say that I'm happy with this gear doesn't really cut it.

A superbly conceived unit that will be a daily workhorse.

D. Neillson

March 7, 2013


I'd heard a few people talk about this unit, just simply saying it was awesome and there was nothing to do - and I, of course was skeptical.... Now, Im admitting how unfounded my skepticism was. I had a singer come over to do a rough vocal, just plugged in a condenser mic, set the level, picked one of the two compression settings and hit the record button. And....... that was it! It sounded immediately awesome, without having to do anything. Even as her voice hit the compressor really hard, everything sounded natural, round, even, and just friggin good! It's now my go to unit for getting things to disk and for running soft synths, etc. - out to and then back into the box!

Thanks again UA!


P. Dalmolin

March 6, 2013

Fixed Overheads, Kick and Snare.

For years I thought these instruments should be captured as "uncolored" as possible. Well let me tell you, the 4-710d colors alright, and does a fine job of it too! This was exactly what the doctor ordered on fixing my sound. I had been chasing mics for years only to find it was my pre's all along!

C. Pasarell

February 27, 2013

Excellent versatility

What a great sounding front end to any DAW! The Solid State and Tube pre sections are very subtle, but noticeably different sounding, giving you a whole host of sounds to choose from. The compressor is easy to use and sounds great on top. I am very happy with this purchase!

F. Ramirez

February 2, 2013

Amazing Gear!

Beautiful Sound, Clean, Open, This Gear is Amazing.

D. Yates

February 2, 2013

Great mic preamp

This was a significant addition to the front end of my home studio. I was using the preamps in my Digi003 most of the time, the 4-710d blows that out of the water.
The compressors, while limited in their settings, are highly useful and musical and I'm finding myself tracking with just a touch of them in play.
Digital output metering is way too granular, it could use more than the 2 LED display, but once I got comfortable with it was fine.
Really nice piece of kit, glad to have it in my rack.
I'm a big UA fan, I have a large collection of the plugs.
Next purchase is the Apollo, which will replace my 003...

A. Stilson

January 24, 2013

4-710d by Adam Stilson

I used this on my new record "never then" I love the preamps on drum machines and stereo synth pads. You can get hi hats super dirty. For my next record the 4-710d will have a top secret BLA mod done to it. The converters in the 4-710d are thin and lacking in bottom end so I stick with my modded 002 converters from black lion. the preamps and the compressors as effects are great!

Thanks UA!

Adam Stilson

A. Stilson

January 24, 2013

4-710d by Adam Stilson

I used this on my new record "never then" I love the preamps on drum machines and stereo synth pads. You can get hi hats super dirty. For my next record the 4-710d will have a top secret BLA mod done to it. The converters in the 4-710d are thin and lacking in bottom end so I stick with my modded 002 converters from black lion. the preamps and the compressors as effects are great!

Thanks UA!

Adam Stilson

D. Hayes

January 18, 2013

Great purchase...just waiting for my UAD-2 card

For quite some time I was contemplating the purchasing of a 4-710d to become my "go-to" home studio pre-amp. However, when I learned of the UAD-2 promotion I just couldn't help myself and pulled the trigger. You won't be disappointed in this unit. Instantly it was apparent that this would be a huge upgrade over my interface pre-amps and my "budget" outboard mic-pre. I am still understanding the nuances of the 4-710d in order to dial in the right sound in different situations but it is clear that it is versatile enough to be everything you "need" in most situations. The fact that it has top-quality A/D conversion is a also a huge bonus, especially for those using lower end interfaces that have an optical input.

81-100 of 113 Results