UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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M. Bontemps

May 13, 2014

Great preamp

This one is very cool, it is like a timemachine taking you back to the good old times...

M. Sartini

May 11, 2014

Nice Pre

This one, along with the API, gives the apollo some nice flavors. The 610 A sounds a little cleaner and fatter when you drive it harder, as opposed to the 610 B.

R. Jacobi

May 1, 2014

Beauty on Tone and Coloration

The UA 610 Preamp Collection is another beauty on tone and coloration for any tracking and mixing applications. The two sonic flavors are distinct and detailled, smoothing the top end and making lows more defined and solid. The handling of the plug-ins is a little too close to the originals at least for DAW-focussed engineers. An automatic level compensation would be handy to be able to dial in the amount of drive without having to adjust the output level manually. Would be great to have this feature added as a user-definable option.

M. Carter

April 30, 2014


the 610 A is way better than the B. However, my LA-610 sounds better than them all. getting close though!

S. Berujanyan

April 29, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp

Nice job UA. A great emulation of a classic. The best sounding vocals and acoustic guitar recordings

W. Sync

April 28, 2014

Makes my guitars sound fantastic.

I just have the free 610B that came with the Apollo twin. It's magical. I have been trying for years to get the sounds this plugin gives me. I'm really happy with UA. When my RME Babyface died I decided to try the Twin and I'm glad I did. Now I have the warm, fat, brown sound coming out of my amp and my monitors. I don't know or care how they did it, I just glad they did. Without the 610 pre the Twin sound exactly like the RME, but with's pure warmth and sweetness. Nice job UA...5 stars.

B. Schulz

April 26, 2014

A Must Have Plugin

I use UAD Plugins quite a lot. If I could turn back time - THIS one would have been my first choice. Especially the UA 610 - A with the Apollo Interface offers a hole new Dimension of Sound.

C. King

April 25, 2014

75% There….

The issue with plugins that emulate hardware is…is they're not hardware. It's a snapshot of the character of hardware that fluctuates according to how it's been written. Plugins simply lacks being 'alive'.

So are these emulations crazy good which make me want to unload my hardware…ummm, no. But, do they help the sonic character? Well, yeah but it's like placing an emulated EQ on the source. If plugins would give me the harmonics and dimension of hardware I would give it 6 stars!

S. Cooley

April 24, 2014

610 preamp collection

Smooth and sweet, where tone and soul meet.
One of my new favorites for capturing the truth in a performance
with my Apollo. A great emulation of a classic.

D. Fagundo

April 17, 2014

Who needs the real thing anyway

The best sounding vocals and acoustic guitar recordings I've ever achieved are courtesy of UA's 610 Tube Preamp plugin.
Now I sound just like Elvis Presley ;)

Seriously!!! my recording always lacked character and warmth until this plugin came along. Cant record without it now.

L. Despain

April 17, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug In Collection

I give it a five star. GREAT!!! It's the Real Thing!!! It adds that true analog warm color do your recording, it totally changes the way a digital recorded vocal sounds to where it sounds like it was recorded on analog equipment. It takes the sharpness off of the digital recording and makes it smooth.

T. Munck

April 17, 2014

Another home run for UA!

The 610A is quickly becoming a must-have tool in my arsenal. The sound that the 610A imparts on a signal is nothing short of euphonic. The 610B might be more flexible and "modern" sounding but somehow I love the 610A more.

The gain structure on the 610A is a bit eccentric, harmonics build up nicely to a point after which serious clipping appears. Keeping input gains below this "clipping point" yields a very pleasing coloration of the signal.

Unison technology has me excited about UA plugins again! Looking forward to new upcoming unison plugins. But please UA, also include some less DSP intensive options in the future as well (perhaps solid-state based?) ;)

M. Friedmann

April 16, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection Plug-In

Are very good! Very pleasantly surprised me.Thank you very much!

S. Hlavsa

April 14, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection

I am very pleased with this plugin, amazing vintage tube sound. It brings a nice warmth to the bass, drums, guitars and vocal.

M. Al-ayash

April 14, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp

Ein gelungenes Plug In wie nicht anders zu erwarten von Universal Audio !
Einfach der Hammer!!

S. Casamento

April 13, 2014

UA 610's my favorite pre amps

These two companions, 610A/B make all the difference in the recording quality when used in Unison. The vocal warmth is second to a matter of fact there really isn't a fair comparison in the software world. Vocals, guitar amps and more benefit from these pre amps giving me a true professional studio sound!

Thanks UAD....again.

O. Gale

April 13, 2014

what i said just its really good at picking up all the nuances of my voice that my golden age doesn't. a must for anyone but especially apollo owners...buying the extra 610A was well worth it too.

R. Wydh

April 9, 2014

UA 610 I use almost all the time

UA 610
I use for many tracks like lead vocals backing acoustic guitars bass etc
It just gives me the sound I was looking for
Of course I am more a old school musician and looking for more of that tube sounding sound
It's mmy favourite plug in my collection
Great gear

R. Kunz

April 8, 2014

Instant vibe

Tried this out as a demo for a big band jazz recording. With the right mic and placement, this plug put the performance in a wonderful glow... especially vocals.

T. Munck

April 5, 2014

Another home run for UA!

I got the 610B with my Apollo twin, and was pretty impressed with the plugin. It seemed to add very nice qualities to any recorded signal. But then I demoed the 610A and I'm still blown away by the euphonic sound!

The 610A is quickly becoming a must-have tool for my music projects. I cannot A/B against a real 610 hardware but IMHO these emulations are yet again a "level up" in modelled nonlinear audio processing. The Unison technology has vast potential and no doubt UA will introduce more sonic goodness as Unison pre plugins in the near future.

My only gripe with this plugin is the intense DSP cost (justifiable because of the sound, but still!). Hopefully (solid state?) upcoming pre emus will be possible with a smaller DSP footprint?

381-400 of 453 Results