UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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E. Portugal

February 28, 2014

The right harmonics to every instrument

I was skeptical about it. I wanted to be skeptical about it! Then I tried it on a complex mix, where I was struggling a bit to make the kick drum stand out, the acoustic guitars weren't cutting like they should and all.
MY LORD!!! These pre-amps just did the job! Even leveling things to the same volume, everything found its way through! It's like they add the right harmonics to every instrument!
UAD made spend money again!!! :
At least it'll turn back in more jobs :)

T. Liljegren

February 27, 2014


This channel strip is such a big hype in the music business so I suspected it wouldn't impress on me all the way to heaven. I inserted it first in the chain in the master bus channel, and HOLY BIBLE how I was wrong. Just couldn't believe my ears. The 610 A and B is from now my first choice. It just sweeps the floor with the Helios 69 EQ which used to be my first choice among the Harrison 32. I'm more than satisfied. Definately a MUST buy!

H. Bendall

February 26, 2014

UAD have done it again!

So fantastic! What an incredible plug-in, like so many of the UAD plugs, this is incredible. I'll say it again, thank you UAD, you have revolutionised my Pro Tools mixing life!

A. Garcia

February 25, 2014


I have a 6176 Vintage Channel Strip hardware, and im in love with this plugin, too clean, and too close to hardware version, you have to try this.

J. Perno

February 23, 2014

Excellent emulation

I just A/B'ed the plugin extensively with my real 610b. I have to say this emulation is pretty spot on! Having said that I will say that the plugin version is a little noisier than my hardware. I am attributing that to the preamps on the hardware of the Apollo rather than the plugin itself.

In all, I would say that this is a highly usable plugin and dead accurate as far as sound goes. I would have no problem tracking loud sources with it. You may hear the slightly greater noise floor on quieter sources but I can't wait to try this emulation when I am tracking louder sources such as drums.

If the API is as every bit of good as the 610b emulation, It makes it easy to make the API channel strip my next purchase.

N. Hansen

February 23, 2014


I immediately got the full package after I got my eMail from Uaudio, thinking I couldn't do wrong with that. Installed the plugin, hooked up my guitar and tried to get some warm tube distortion going. But lo and behold.. Even with the normal preamp gain all the way down, when inserting the UA610 (A or B) and cranking up the input and master gain all the way, then pulling down the output volume.. I get the distortion of the normal Apollo preamp which I know quite well by now. This is nothing like banging a real 610.

So it seems the plugin controls the normal preamp too, which is kind of cool but should not result in too few headroom to really explore the distortion of the simulated preamp :(

So, mixed feelings, lets see how this goes on.

M. Rdz

February 22, 2014


i just did an A/B test hardware vs plugin ! I don't know if i'll ever turn on my hardware again. UA now just need to work on DPS consumption !

M. Mathieson

February 22, 2014

Great, again.

sounds fantastic. super creamy. the high shelves are extremely pleasant. It is really impressive to be able to emulate such sought after tube character, without the actual tube.

It's DSP hungry, but there aren't many variables you would fidget with, so once you get it how you want you can just print it, and take your DSP back. Or even better print on record through Apollo if you're using one

It also works as a great distortion when you push it. I'm going to buy it.

S. Hasan

February 21, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection

Great stuff, lots of color, tried in on an UAD Apollo, Its almost like have the 610 recording console

Must have for all Apollo owners.

D. Pichugin

February 21, 2014

UA- 610

Very good, that's what I've been wanting, thank you! Waiting for new preamp emulations!

J. Nash

February 21, 2014

Have a heart

My jaw dropped when I saw the complimentary 610 for Apollo owners email. This can't be true thought I, and then I realized there is no support for snow leopard. So, it actually isn't true for me. I have two machines running 10.6.8 and the Apollo works flawlessly with them but I find it appalling that I need to "upgrade" to notoriously unstable operating systems to continue using my UA hardware and plug-ins. I can't be the only customer who feels this way.

R. Jenkins

February 21, 2014


This Plug'In is SICK!!! Instant vibe... If You're looking for guts and all of that analog "fuzz", get this Plug-In. Amazing. This along with the Ampex gives me essentially what I've been hearing forever. Just wish it wasn't so DSP hungry.

E. Richter

February 20, 2014

This Plugin blows me away.

I tried this new plug in with my Neumann microphone an it blows me away. The warmth, the body and the super sweet high frequencies are amazing. It's like working with another microphone. The vocal now fits better in the mix. I LOVE IT.
Absolutly great from UA.

Q. Reed

February 20, 2014

I will use it

They are both usable. The A version is obviously better, hence the price. It's a step in the right direction. They sound better on soft signals. If you set it to mic and record loud signals, it distorts rather easily. I found it easier to keep it on line, no distortion that way.

N. Afflitto

February 20, 2014

Holy ************?!!!?!?!

Ok I'm the first review here. First of all, thank you UA for the free plug. It's like getting four free mic pre's with my Apollo Quad. I just spent the last hour flipping back and forth between this 610B emulation and my Heritage 73jr in my 500 rack. The Heritage was almost a grand. The 610 was free. They were so freaking close it was scary. Maybe the UAD was missing just a hint of that transformer weight, but that is seriously splitting hairs. It's incredible. Thank you. I know this platform has its share of internet debate. This should end it. Love the orange lights too.

J. Miguel

February 20, 2014

instance count a joke

As much as I have waited for this emulation ... to have an instance count of 8 stereo tracks with a QUAD is a very bad joke. Until UA comes up with a UAD card with the power of 32x QUADs there is no chance I am giving more of my money to UAD plugins.

J. Walker

February 20, 2014

Been waiting for the 610!

There's really nothing like the analog version. The first few hours with this plug-in have been impressive. That "clean to creamy" sound is there. I'm how using this with the Fairchild and VOG as a bass guitar preamp.

441-457 of 457 Results