UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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J. Sillanpää

September 29, 2017

Loads of flavor

The 610 is an awesome pre to compliment the UAD 1073. Just huge on bass and guitars! With those two your pretty much set.

E. Reyes

September 28, 2017


I love the big sound

J. Lind

September 26, 2017

Great preamp...:)

Great sounding preamp... especially the 610-A...

E. Soyland

September 13, 2017

Great plugin

If you want that smooth analog sound this plugin is a great tool to help you achieve your goal.

M. Sudhakar

September 11, 2017

Vocal Channel

The UA 610 Tube Preamp ist good for mixes that i become from different Artist, for get a nice saturations.

d. Lee

September 1, 2017

so easy and..

make my voice to so wonderful sonud

A. Campbell

August 14, 2017

UA modeling a UA piece of history... how could it go wrong?

I've used the modern LA-610 preamp/compressor/eq channel and honestly, I think the plugin sounds better, from what memory I have of the hardware. Especially the original A unit. If you have enough DSP, try this on every track in a mix. I'm talking about more vintage oriented projects, not 50 tracks. The plugin has a very unique sound to my ears. It really smooths things out but it isn't just a dark box. It's saturation is very nice. One of my favorite UA plugins. The EQ, while simple, is good sounding. This is the eq to use when you have the sound right going in and just need a little touch of something to make the mix pop.

T. Smabakk

August 11, 2017

Very helpful on mixes and tracking

It gives the warmth and analogue sound I'm looking for whilst mixing and tracking. It can be subtle, but that alone is enough to add that extra little something that creates results.

T. Sminge

July 30, 2017

This tube pre is great!

I have been using the hardware 610 for quite some time now. And it has been my goto for lead vocals for the same amount of time! Maybe i bought myself a contender!!!!

E. Sokolowski

July 27, 2017

A Mainstay on my Vocals

the 610 in line amp mode just sits on my vocal track every single mix. Driving the knob to the sweet spot just seems to enhance ANY vocal I throw at it, beautiful saturation that can enhance energy and clarity on a vocal.

its also brilliant on bass where it can enhance the lows nicely, and even drum rooms or a parallel bus.

M. Kim

July 16, 2017


not bad

B. Rico

July 13, 2017

Great for recording

I've been using the 610B since purchasing my first UA device. I took advantage of a summer sale to complete the 610 bundle, and I'm really happy that I did! Different flavors for different instruments and I really enjoy using the 610 collection for many of my recording needs.

R. Katuin

July 13, 2017

Another great weapon

I never worked with the hardware version so i can't compare it to that, but to me it sounds amazing. Is easy to use and instant results. This collection is certainly useful.

J. Bur

June 28, 2017

UA 610

These 2 preamp are great and so simple to use. It works with everything ! My favorite is the A but the B sounds great too.

K. Qafoku

June 27, 2017


Great and Warm Preamp designer

G. Hampton

June 24, 2017

Everything I expected

Completing my UA 610 Preamps have given me a new sonic palette to choose from.

B. Hölle

June 22, 2017

just great

It reacts just like the hardware.. really awesome .. i always loved to record with the real hardware because of the smooth texture it gives your material. now i can throw it on everything and just enjoy :-D great product indeed. worth every cent.

B. Krueger

June 20, 2017

Easy To Use Preamp

The 610-A is easy to use, and difficult to get a bad sound out of.

T. Wise

June 20, 2017

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

I really like the UA 610 preamp. It delivers great tone and allow me to dial in the right attitude for the vocals, I'm trying to record. I can cut the low end out and set the vocals so that they sit correctly in the mix for the song I am working on. I like the fact that one setting doesn't fit all. Changing the EQ allow for creating different textures.


June 16, 2017



181-200 of 444 Results