UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled


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Customer Reviews

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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W. Pikulthong

July 28, 2015

Works like a charm

The sound is very deep & warmth, a must have for UAD starter kits.

M. Kiholm

June 13, 2015

Love it!

Absolutely love the 610-B on vocals. This plugin was one of the reasons I feel in love with my Apollo soundcard - very recommendable!

J. Schmelzer

June 2, 2015

How did I live without the 610-A?

I got the 610-B plugin when I bought my Apollo. It's stunning. I actually ended up selling my 610 preamp because it sounded so good. But, I never tried the 610-A. I bought it and am absolutely loving it! I like to put it on a previously recorded track, dial it in, and then render the audio. It makes mixing so much easier and the tracks just come to life! I love it on bass, drums, and synths especially. Anything that needs character gets better with the 610-A. It's so simple but so great! The EQ is awesome for pushing your track in the right direction. It makes mixing so much easier down the line. I am excited to record through the 610-A as a unision pre as well. Just awesome!

G. McKinney

April 18, 2015


I have been a huge fan of 610-B MkII so when I saw that this plugs came with my Apollo purchase I was very excited.

J. Edwards

April 16, 2015


These plugins are great and are a must have! I am impressed by the warmth and character they bring to recordings. The unison technology is amazing and I am excited to see what other preamps UA will model in the future!

T. Subpleng

April 13, 2015

Cool Premic

I like unison tech. I could record lead vocal by ua 610B . I like , it sweet sound and warm .

UAD User

April 10, 2015

This is pure magic!

Using the 610 (a or b) is a no brainer. Whether tracking with it, or using it as the first insert on tracks while mixing, it literally is magic. I have been mixing lots of tracks from live recordings with tons of leakage to vocal mics. Somehow this plug in still adds air and clarity. Softens the tracks in just the right way. Bill Sr. sure knew what he wanted and this plug is on almost every track I use.

R. Ivanov

April 9, 2015

Great plug

Use this plugin with Apollo and very enjoyed how it works in insert!

M. Pereira

April 8, 2015


Amazing Preamp i have used

V. Kozhin

April 6, 2015

Best preamp

I use this preamp on everything. I don't need hardware preamp anymore. I get analog sound without hardware. I often make recording outside the studio, and I don't need to bring a lot of gears I need just Apollo with 610 preamp plugin.

B. Chylewski

April 6, 2015


I like uad plug ins, a little overpriced but they are good.

A. Johnson

April 4, 2015

Tube Up!

I've got a lot of tube gear, and I'm sick of turning it on to find out that one channel is a little weak because a tube is fading, or that some new noise has appeared and a unit has to go in for servicing.

The UAD hardware pres in the Apollo range, combined with the software modeling, is a huge win. How often will you get to try a 610A on your tracks?

The 610A may not be the right pre for every situation. But for those situations it IS for, it is simply GREATNESS. And you'd be surprised how often that is.

Bottom line, this thing is magic. Once you start using it, you'll find you can't live without it. It will level up your production in a BIG way.

What else matters? Don't waste time. Make more music, make better music, and quit whining!

M. Fudge

April 3, 2015

Realistic tube warmth and character

I own every unison preamp for apollo and they all shine in their own way. The 610A sounds absolutely brilliant on many sources and can add a harmonic distortion which ranges from barely a trace to huge fuzzy warmth. The EQ is also a great and very fast to operate.

UAD User

April 2, 2015


Read the reviews above & below... Need I say more?

F. Hansen

March 31, 2015

Excellent sound

Great companion for the Apollo Twin - digging the harmonics on bass and guitars:)
Another win win, UA:)

UAD User

March 31, 2015


I love the 610's! They really soften up the source and take the digital edge off. Very happy with my purchase!

B. Migliari

March 30, 2015

Simply Great!

Sounds great and is simple to use. Simplicity and excellence combined are unbeatable!

G. Marrero

March 20, 2015

Having never heard the real thing

I'm very happy with this preamp. I use it as a Unison insert and it makes everything sound open and natural, but with the ability to dial in all sorts of color. I'm glad it was included with the Apollo, I might never have discovered it.

UAD User

March 19, 2015


My go to on bass to fatten it up!

C. Shepherd

March 13, 2015

Great Pre!

From total saturation to a very clean and fat preamp, these are used every time I record!

181-200 of 303 Results