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Customer Reviews

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

Overall Rating

21-40 of 83 Results

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A. Naceta-Susic

January 11, 2018

Warm, pristine and very high resolution Pre-Amp

Just got my 6176 today, using it on my project for acoustic guitar/vocals and I was truly blown away. For me the best sound is without the 1176LN but it is great you can split or join as you like and I will use the 1176 later as insert. Sweet that we can do so!
The EQ section is just perfect for me, smart choice of frequencies.
I need to get a second one for sure!
Now I can hear so much more precise using my Focal Alpha 80 / Yamaha MSP 5 speaker combination. It is all about opinions, and for me that is my match!

F. Fiore

November 9, 2017

Great warm tube sound

Sounds flawless it's preamp and compressor in one machine really the right choice. It will be better If I could find still the LA 2 A Compressor not as plug in but the true device. Thanks uaudio

J. Harris

November 4, 2017


Adding the 6176 channel strip gave me a vibe I was missing in my studio. Big Ups UA! Thx

G. Justen

October 29, 2017

you have to like it

I like this channel very much because it brings a lot of possibilities to change the sound of voices (vocal, instruments) and it looks very good and makes joy. And it sounds great!


October 9, 2017

Love at First Sight.

When you need a tool that does it all...

B. Watts

October 7, 2017


The 6176 is an awesome front end and if need be, one stop solution for vocals, guitar and bass! The option to separate the sections and use them individually, gives you great flexibilty!

l. fiol

September 6, 2017


I love this Channel Strip... sound better than the Avalon

m. buchbinder

August 7, 2017

Peace of Mind In My Front End

Since I acquired the 6176 I have peace of mind that my front end is not gonna let me down. Whatever I put through it just shines. Hence I record more live vocals more live guitar, all analog gear, live percussion. I take pride in owning such a classic recording gear in today's modern technological playground, cause whatever madness I do to the sound inside the box I know I did my best in capturing it at the source. Thanks UA!

M. Grumeza

August 5, 2017

Best channel strip EVER!!!

EPIC! Use this for both recording and mixing. Absolutely love the "split" function and the ability to link another 1176 for stereo.

P. Karlsson

August 1, 2017

My best friend

With a warm and musical touch 6176 being my best friend for vocal and bass.

M. Menghi

July 29, 2017

Special Channel Strip

6176 has that certain Je Ne Sais quoi. I have a LA 610 MKII and didn't think I could justify the 6176 cost diff. given the pre-amp is the same. I don't think I'll be returning this to Guitar Center. The 1176 FET compressor provides a different sound with the Dr. Pepper Settings than the T4 Optical. Both are great. I'm going to have to keep both. You don't need plugs outside of some reverb or delay.

J. Higuera Del Moral

July 18, 2017


The sound is excellent. The preamp is hot and clean I use it now for everything! Vocals, guitar, bass. The compressor is very clean. I would like a second 6176!

M. Buracchi

June 25, 2017

My instrumental album Reborn

The preamplifier with the Universal Audio Limiter was definitely the touch that gave mastodontic sound to my rock guitar. I'm in love with what this machine can do in pre-amplification as an external hardware for both electric and acoustic guitar sounds, the kind that I play. Thank you guys MB

C. Bjorsell

April 26, 2017

Always amazing!

I've had this in the studio since day one and would never replace it with anything else.
No 1.
That's it.

R. Wheelock

April 11, 2017

it's my go channel strip for vocal takes

it's really great for many things, so it's my go to for kick drums, clean electric guitar sounds and vocals, all kinds of vocals just sound amazing thru the 6176, I also love using the 1176 side of it for clean compression duties...

K. Péter

April 8, 2017

Warm, Fat, heavy

Expensive but almost perfect gear.
Sometimes I use after Pultec eq and La2A on the channel i recorded with it and nothing else is need. Vocals, snare, guitar mic, even guitar line with some amp emulation (Softtube or others from UAD) it is just perfect!!!!! For bass record I use my Manley Core .
6176's eq is simple but effective, after the recording only a few cutting needs sometime for accuracy, but many times nothing - friends are wondering to see, there is no any plugin on my tracks and the sound is still fat, powerful, sensitive and detailed.
Also the compressor part: Usually I put the 1:4 but sometimes, for rocky vocals and guitars I put the allbutton mode. Uh - what this gear can make is an other world. :))) It would be better to have 4 or 8 pieces of this but unfortunately I have only one unit. Sometimes I sleep with her....

p. dwyer

April 2, 2017

Analog Heaven

This all in one channel strip is my first choice for Vox Or Anything that needs that Vintage Sounding Sprinkle Of Gold Dust - Amazing Flexibility and sounds to match - Perfect Front End For Digital Recording

M. Grzella

March 29, 2017


It's great I have been working on it for many years.

M. Kremer

March 24, 2017

Plug and play at its best

Although it's not the most inexpensive gear out there, I finally decided to get one. I can only say that this channel strip is worth every single penny, dime, or cent. I use it in combination with my Neumann TLM49 mic and without spending too much time tweaking knobs it get huge and excellent sounding results. I use it mainly on vocals and acoustic guitars. When dialing in the right EQ settings and compression with fast attack and release, I'll get the impression that the singer is right in front of my ear drums. This is, at least for the musical style that I mainly produce, probably THE best piece in my signal chain so far. Although, if you're searching for a perfectly clear and transparent channel strip, this preamp might not be the right choice for you. The 610B always adds some color and (more or less) tube distortion/harmonics to the signal - in my opinion, I'd better call it character.

S. Gregg

February 12, 2017


It's the best you can get and I love it. I'd recommend to anyone period. With my c12 and u47 it's a match made in Analogue heaven. Get one, or two :-)

21-40 of 83 Results