AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

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Customer Reviews

AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

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G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

A spring you can bounce on

Although it may not work in all applications, the BX 20 is a great choice for big, ambient reverb. The quality is very conducive to textural music where space and dimension are integral factors. I must admit, I did play about an hour of surf guitar through it upon bringing it up for the first time. A little heavy on the DSP usage, but it's character and features more than make up for it. There is a particular warmth with this plugin that doesn't seem to be present in the spring reverb offerings of popular competitors. Definitely a good buy!

R. Bowring

April 5, 2016

Dark Dense Sound

This reverb is dark and dense and has a relatively smooth character compared to other spring reverbs. Not an essential everyday reverb like the Lexicon 224 or EMTs but has a character those don't. Control is limited but what this does it does very well. Sounds very good on analogue synths, looking forward to using it on other sources when a darker character reverb is needed.

This reverb provides an option that other verbs don't, certainly a great addition to the reverb palette.

L. Lawrence

April 4, 2016

Smooth and beautiful

I love this reverb, my favourite one for slow to mid tempo songs, it really adds flavour and beauty to the dry source.
Needless to say, you must have this one for electric guitars if your thing is Blues or anything including melodic lead parts.

UAD User

April 4, 2016


Love it!

Full bodied spring reverb, never used the original but this is essential for adding that unique ambiance to a sound.

Hi-hats are a must for the AKG

M. Hernandez

April 3, 2016

Love it!

Been using this on every mix since I purchased it. Great on vocals, piano and guitar. Very flexible and rich.

J. Barry

April 1, 2016

Finally a VST SPRING reverb that is FANTASTIC!

This is a dark horse. You don't realize it but it's one of UAD's most accurate and precise plugins.

This sounds just like the reverb in my best guitar amps. I use this from everything from guitars to vocals. It's rich, dark, eerie and voluptuous. It does not sound cartoony or plastic. It sounds and feels like a spring/tank. Like a great one.

The only con is, and it's a big one, is it takes a lot of resources. This see's a lot of usage in my studio and I highly recommend it. I also recommend finding a sound you like, printing it and taking it out of the chain so you can use other plugins -- unless you have an insane amount of DSP resources.

L. Rollins

April 1, 2016

Classic effect

I have a hardware spring reverb in my modular synth and I use it a lot. I love having this spring available to bring out the classic ethereal noir type of sound in my keyboards and synths. I appreciate the stereo panning options, and love the flexibility of multiple tanks.

J. Tocket

March 31, 2016

Really great verb

Love this verb. Tons of character.

J. Reimer

March 18, 2016


Out of all the reverb plugs, this has the the nicest creamy verb to my ears. Not only a versatile option but the one I seem to be reaching for the most since adding it to the arsenal of addictive plug ins from UA.

B. Herle

March 14, 2016

Nothing else like it!

This is the only reverb I've found that you can put on any sound and it's like... you can actually SEE the beautiful space it's in. Gives your mix a crazy front to back depth you never thought possible. So accurate and articulate and beautiful. Doesn't garbage up your mix like so many other reverbs. I had the pleasure of using a hardware BX20 in the past and I have to say, I think I'm even more blown away by the plug-in version. Slightly cleaner sounding probably, so it keeps your mix clear, like you went from standard def TV to 4K. Thanks guys!

K. Rivlin

March 13, 2016

Perfect for live setup

I use virtual instruments that are recorded super dry. Was using before zero latency convolution reverb to add some realistic depth, but I didn't like how it clouded the sound and made it sound far and less punchy. This one adds depth and warmth, without killing any aspect of the sound and blends perfectly with acoustic instruments I n room. Also works great on saxophone, bass and piano recorded with microphones. Really quick to configure it for great results and I can't switch back to any other reverb for live setup. Would probably use it for mixing as well. I love the sound!

v. watson

February 24, 2016

must have reverb

i have a number of reverbs plugins but have never been a 100% happy with them on vocals until now. This reverb is lush warm and used in moderation on vocals just sounds right. On guitars for that distant far away feel its very nice indeed! Be warned if you demo it you'll want it.

S. Stoyle

February 23, 2016

BX20 spring

This thing is absolutely stellar. Quickly became a must have reverb for me. Big thanks to UAD for this one!

R. Graterol

February 21, 2016

Fantastic moody dark reverb

This is a very atmospheric and dark reverb, very moody and amazing for vocals, drums and anything you throw at it. It became my favourite reverb from Uad. It has some latency when used as an insert so not so Good for tracking but works fine in an aux. Highly recommended!

UAD User

February 19, 2016


lush and rich sounding reverb that adds so much control over depth, distance, and ambiance of instruments and voices. it's been on everything i've recorded since the day i bought it.

UAD User

February 15, 2016

Long Lush or Short Decay, both are great.

I really enjoy the depth with the long trails and rich harmonics that appear at the near-end of the decays on this unit. I feel lucky to even own a plugin version of this as it gives me access to something I would never have dreamed of using on my productions. Thanks UAD!

m. adragna

February 14, 2016

akg bx 20

being the owner of some spring reverb and some vintagetape and tube echo, including a wonderful great british spring reverb, I can say that the emulation is great and the plugin is proving very useful in my mix them where I need a dark reberber different than a plate

C. Regalado

February 6, 2016

AKG reverb is AMAZING!

I had this plugin referred to me from a friend and I have to say, it was one of the better, if not best, reverb I've used to enhance
vocals! Definitely as advertised!

J. Aymer

February 2, 2016

Damn, she's fine!

i thought I was set for verbs. This is my new fav. I used to like the EMT plates but this girl kills them all. I've been using her on everything these days. Bit of a dsp hog but it helps that PT 12 has track freezing.

A. Abernathy

January 28, 2016

Beautiful all around

I've been wanting a spring reverb from UAD, and this sounds wonderfully authentic to me. Feels/sounds like hardware. Exactly what I want from UAD - plugins that are totally different from what is already offered. Now... how about a Leslie speaker? And a looper... Pigtronix?

281-300 of 375 Results