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Customer Reviews

AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb

Overall Rating

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B. Dunn

May 16, 2016

AKG Sping Reverb

This is a great, lush verb that is perfect for guitars, keys, etc. Very versatile. Another winner from UA.

T. Vines

May 15, 2016

Very nice!

Like all of the UA reverbs the spring reverb is wonderful! I haven't used it a lot yet but it has already come in very handy!

D. Thum

May 13, 2016

Dustier than the skeleton in my closet

I really like having secrets, but this is not one of them. Really nice tone, easy to dial in. Perfect compliment to other classic UA verbs and Valhalla offerings.

J. Raper

May 10, 2016

MUST have plugin

This Reverb unit is absolutely stunning. A friend of mine showed me the beauty of it and I knew I had to pick it up straight away. It adds so much character to a guitar performance, even more so to a vocal line. Definitely pick this up or at least give it a demo, you wont be disappointed.

R. Nyhaug

May 4, 2016

Amazing reverb

The AKG BX 20
A fantastic quality big, dark reverb, that just wraps itself around the music recorded.

The Uad guys have done an amazing job.

d. biscan

May 4, 2016

The Beginning of a Love-Affair..

I just started using this reverb a few days ago, but i have the strong Feeling, that i´ll be using this on most Songs in the future ...


April 27, 2016


If you want a big, dark reverb, this is amazing.

So much vibe, I love it!

R. Rausch

April 18, 2016

Special Reverb Flavor

This spring reverb is perfect for that '60's guitar reverb tanks sound on an individual instrument. It is also versatile enough for a lot more interesting sonic affectations. With this, one more piece of hardware can be removed from my room.

M. Vaz

April 18, 2016

The "indie/Alternative Reverb I always asked for"

I have been asking for the Spring Reverb at every uad survey. Thanks good UA Team listened!!!!
Mixed with the Plate140/250, AMS or Lexicon I can get the vibe, the feeling and the energy on every song!
Great Job UA Team!

C. Alexander

April 15, 2016

Amazing - just amazing!

Wow! If you like thick and dark dreamy verbs - like me - you have to buy the BX20 right away! Nothing quite like it. Not springy, just beautiful!


April 14, 2016

Yes! Instant vibe

I love UA's EMT140 for a certain plate vibe on some tracks, and for spring reverb The BX20 is perfect. Immediately gives the whole song a cool, different feel.


April 14, 2016

so smooth and lush

I love spring verb; don't want the hassles of keeping a hardware one around. I've been using the Space Echo plugin for ITB spring, which has its own vibe. but the BX20 plug smokes it. super beautiful, lush, dense, and dark. pairs well
with EMT 140 to give the range of 70s studio verb sounds.

C. Eickhoff

April 11, 2016

Loving it!!

Always felt the EMT 140 plate would be my weapon of choice but this thing is just incredible especially on drums, guitars and vocals. The stereo parameter settings are fantastic and it's actually the first Reverb I prefer as insert over a send configuration because of its sweet characteristics. Loving it and again great job UAD!!

M. Cawthra

April 11, 2016

Indispensable I reckon.

Here's the thing, it has a big old footprint, but not as huge as some - Culture Vulture for example.. But then that's why is is so unlike any other of the reverbs out there. As such I'd be tempted to print it for a more complex mix when the steam is running out.. The depth and the body of it is incredible, and with the old Abbey Road filter trick (hi-pass @ 800, lo-pass @ 8k), vocal returns sit so nicely in a track without the space taking over.. Left as is eq-wise on a more sparse track, it rolls out everywhere like a carpet, just amazing. I use it in the cans when recording vocal, it will make so sing better, I promise. It's like tracking vocals in a warm bath. Unbelievably nice.

G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

A spring you can bounce on

Although it may not work in all applications, the BX 20 is a great choice for big, ambient reverb. The quality is very conducive to textural music where space and dimension are integral factors. I must admit, I did play about an hour of surf guitar through it upon bringing it up for the first time. A little heavy on the DSP usage, but it's character and features more than make up for it. There is a particular warmth with this plugin that doesn't seem to be present in the spring reverb offerings of popular competitors. Definitely a good buy!

R. Bowring

April 5, 2016

Dark Dense Sound

This reverb is dark and dense and has a relatively smooth character compared to other spring reverbs. Not an essential everyday reverb like the Lexicon 224 or EMTs but has a character those don't. Control is limited but what this does it does very well. Sounds very good on analogue synths, looking forward to using it on other sources when a darker character reverb is needed.

This reverb provides an option that other verbs don't, certainly a great addition to the reverb palette.

L. Lawrence

April 4, 2016

Smooth and beautiful

I love this reverb, my favourite one for slow to mid tempo songs, it really adds flavour and beauty to the dry source.
Needless to say, you must have this one for electric guitars if your thing is Blues or anything including melodic lead parts.


April 4, 2016


Love it!

Full bodied spring reverb, never used the original but this is essential for adding that unique ambiance to a sound.

Hi-hats are a must for the AKG

M. Hernandez

April 3, 2016

Love it!

Been using this on every mix since I purchased it. Great on vocals, piano and guitar. Very flexible and rich.

J. Barry

April 1, 2016

Finally a VST SPRING reverb that is FANTASTIC!

This is a dark horse. You don't realize it but it's one of UAD's most accurate and precise plugins.

This sounds just like the reverb in my best guitar amps. I use this from everything from guitars to vocals. It's rich, dark, eerie and voluptuous. It does not sound cartoony or plastic. It sounds and feels like a spring/tank. Like a great one.

The only con is, and it's a big one, is it takes a lot of resources. This see's a lot of usage in my studio and I highly recommend it. I also recommend finding a sound you like, printing it and taking it out of the chain so you can use other plugins -- unless you have an insane amount of DSP resources.

301-320 of 409 Results