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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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J. Kidd

March 8, 2018

Great tones

One of the best bass amp emulations I've heard. Round, fat and warm.

m. adragna

March 3, 2018


finally a plug for my bass

N. Tachizaki

March 1, 2018

Good plugin.

Good plugin.
Thank you for developing a good plugin.

m. łuczak

February 14, 2018


wspaniały głęboki bass

m. łuczak

February 14, 2018


wspaniały głęboki bass

D. Fa

February 12, 2018

Gritty and Smooth

I love the way it can go from smooth to really narly and gritty.

D. Fa

February 12, 2018

Gritty and Smooth

I love the way it can go from smooth to really narly and gritty.

UAD User

February 5, 2018

Full bass sound

Brings nice and rich harmonics to a simple DI line recorded bass, and its versatility gives you many choices of sound , all good. Really musical and helpful.

P. Holmertz

February 5, 2018

Great presence

Makes the bass sit right where I want it in the mix. Excellent sonic performance and amazing emulation.

T. Rosado

February 4, 2018

Super realistic.

Sounds very very good, I never tried an original hardware version but this plug in feels unbelievably real. A great investment for my recording studio.

R. Trevor

January 29, 2018

I should have bought this sooner !

I've been tracking bass through a preamp and compressor into my apollo ( fed into the SSL channel strip ) and I figured I didn't need this until I tracked some bass for a modern Metal instrumental.
I made the purchase and what a difference it made !
My bass has more depth, cuts beautifully and still sounds tight !
I use it on every track now, regardless of the genre and it always works !

L. Pickenpaugh

January 28, 2018

Great bass amp sim

I've tried a bunch of bass amp emulations. The best you could say about them is they were serviceable, often barely. This amp sim is heads above all of them. Line in through a quality DI, slap on this Ampeg plugin, easily tweak to taste, and make your bass sound like a record.

J. Appel

January 27, 2018

Ampeg Bundle

I got the B15 alone when I first got my Twin (couldn't get bundles with the package.) Good amp. Use it a lot. When things were on sale over the holidays I decided to try the rest of the Ampeg bundle again. The SVTR filled in a hole that I'd been struggling with.

A. Hollman

January 18, 2018

Exact Replica

Since purchasing this plugin I have used it almost exclusively on all my recordings because it sounds like an exact replica of the real amp it self. Once again, Universal Audio hitting it out of the park with another home run!

F. Biagetti

January 18, 2018

Really nice for THAT sound

If you're looking for a "vintage" 60ies sound that's the way to go. I guess you could use it for other purposes but that would require some tweaking
I'd say it's a great one trick poney

S. Long

January 16, 2018

Fantastic Emulation

Another great amp emulation from UAD. Gives 6o's punchy tone and quite versatile!

J. Guerrero

January 15, 2018

Great Sound

Easy to use and nice Ampeg emulation sound.

C. Mayr

January 15, 2018

Strong and Vintage

This AMPEG-SVT Plugin is the real thing, great !!!

C. Mayr

January 15, 2018


This is really an AMPEG SVT Sound !!!

u. labus

January 14, 2018

lt 's a real bass amp

Warm and sonic sounds , more Versitile than just plug into pre amp or channelstrip .
Höfner Artist185 sounds great
Punchy and emotional

461-480 of 954 Results